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  1. on second thought, stage looks dark af. Is this an actual (hendrix) song playing on the PA? lol
  2. I certainly agree with you. Its not like you're more likely to get corona from listeaning to Axl's voice. Live performances can give you a bit of AIDS, but a studio realease wouldn't give you corona
  3. Even though I'm dont know @sofine11 or ever talked to him I have to say he's someone I see active on the new album discussion and constantly calls out Jarmos bs in htgth. I dont think he's fucking with us but its possible he's being fucked with
  4. I think that is also very relevante that Duff is very much in Axl's ear this days. Duff is eager to release shit and make money, like you cant tell from his shit merch and shit Tenderness
  5. You could also say "its Slash" who has been very prolific in releasing albums for years.
  6. https://cdn.ontourmedia.io/gunsnroses/site_v2/animations/gnr_loop_logo_05.mp4 This one guys
  7. Missing logo doesnt mean anything. Their SSL certificate expired, thats why it isnt loading Edit: Tbf its not gnr fault. The images are hosted in a tickemaster website that's fucked up atm
  8. The radio show is 2 hours long. It will probably take some time until Slash comes on
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