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  1. Demon Fire sounds like an unreleased song from the Ballbreaker sessions and I love it
  2. Fair enough. Did you know that The Mats were one of Duff's favourite Bands back in the 80s?
  3. I don't know why you talk bad about Tommy. Probably because he's not "original". Having him in the Band was the best choice because of his punk background and his role as The General.
  4. I have the theory that Axl will return for the album after PWR/UP. Possible line-ups would be Angus/Stevie/Axl/Cliff Williams/Phil Rudd or Angus/Stevie/Axl/Mark Evans/Phil Rudd. ________ Can you give us your source?
  5. Halloween 3: Season of the Witch Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter Friday the 13th: A New Beginning Friday the 13th: Jason Lives
  6. Yeah, every artist and band should do that. They should never Release anything. Not In This Lifetime.
  7. I assume that Cliff was suffering from chronic stress. The loss of Mal and George, the problems with Brian and Phil. Not everyone is strong enough to handle those issues well enough.
  8. This album reminds me of Blow Up Your Video and I love it
  9. https://loudwire.com/acdc-interview-brian-johnson-hearing-chris-slade-power-up/
  10. I first thought that we would finally read the secret of Frank's bald head.
  11. "A lot of the ideas Malcolm and myself had through the years," Angus Young says of AC/DC's new album, which will be out next month. "They were ideas that the two of us together had worked on. At the time we always said, 'Oh yeah, we got to get to that'. We always put aside the songs that we always thought were good AC/DC style songs. "So, with this album, it was a case of, 'Alright, I'll go through and get a lot of those ideas the two of us worked on that we always believed should have gone out there as AC/DC tracks'." Power Up will feature a selection of songs put
  12. Trump wanted to put sanctions on Germany for Nord Stream 2. 1.) Germany doesn't want to buy fracking gas from the US. 2.) The relationships between Germany and Russia are none of his business.
  13. He was one of my guitar heroes Rest in Peace
  14. Angus could have ended AC/DC so many times. Bon's death, Phil's first departure, Malcolm's illness, Phil's second departure, etc. He always found a way to move on.
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