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  1. You basically confirmed his words because Bumble joined SoA and Asia after he left GN'R. What does that say about his band experiences before 2006? Also, you know Bucket better than anyone else here. I wouldn't compare "nerdy" bands like Primus to big bands like GN'R.
  2. "Bucket is very musical, but I think a lot of guys like that — phenomenal, prodigious talent — they're not necessarily… I think Bucket's music is great," Fortus said (see video below). "What he does on his own, he's out there, but he did understand how to make three guitars work, and that's a very difficult thing. And he would lay out and just stand there and be weird and Bucket-y, and then he would come in on the choruses, and it would be huge. He got that; he understood that. [He's] a phenomenal talent. But the thing is, socially, guys like Bucket spend so much time in their bedroom practici
  3. Great concert with an ambitious line-up. 2001 > 2006 > 2016
  4. Complete video and audio from March 26, 1985 would be much more intestesting for me. They basically played the same show on June 6 but with Mama Kin instead of Sweet Emotion.
  5. I've heard that he has outsourced the distribution and accounting to an external company. The bad customer service is not his fault.
  6. I wonder how a micro wedding night would look like.
  7. Merry Christmas to everyone in this community!
  8. Socialists and Liberals are like fire and water in Europe. Two separate movements with different goals.
  9. Three movements have dominated the political landscape since the 19th century: Conservatism, Liberalism, Socialism. Most, if not all, political conflicts go back to those three philosophies.
  10. That's because the republicans are so far-right that even the strongest anti-communist democrat seems like a "left winger" to them
  11. The last Eminem album that I've listened to was Encore. Should I give the new album a listen?
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