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  1. They are clearly fucking with us fans that want new music. We should start demanding more of this merch crap , maybe then they'll release the fucking album.
  2. if the money is good enough they'll fucking do it.
  3. you're thinking about the other night in rio when he messed up the 1st verse lyrics, the one i'm talking about is not that night.
  4. Rock in rio 91 They go from double talking jive to jungle A very long "you gonna dieeee" from Axl and in the last second Slash starts the riff ... Goosebumps
  5. Fuck All we want is new stuff from this band but hey! they realeased a fart that was recorded on '88 so let's give them some more money for the same shit we've hearing the last 30 fkn' years! I hope they are really working on something for this year besides a fkn re-released GH ...now on vinyl (wow) , with a wrong sided slash on the cover.
  6. I wonder if hitler ever sang this song to himself when he was a kid, this is called live and let die
  7. I think he tries to overcompensate , look when you have a guy like Richard in a band, who is more skilled technically than slash (i'm not saying Fortus is a better guitarrist then Slash, or more talented), i think that's the reason why Slash tries (wrongly) to put a lot more notes in his solos, like to just prove a point, HE is the lead guitar in Guns N' Roses. Ps: I'm very ... hungover right now and english is not my first language in case none of that makes sense haha.
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