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  1. How long after? because it can take a few weeks *after* the shot to build immunity and it is still not 100% given that you are not going to get it.... what IS proven is that if you get COVID, you will not die or even get as sick. That for me is a BIG ASS WIN right there!!!
  2. For sure Brando and Sasha, they have lots of chemistry and Sasha and Michael did too, but it is gone. However I still feel that Willow and Chase have that chemistry. Willow and Michael to me seem more like brother and sister. I have heard mixed things about if Roger is coming back. Which stinks because they killed him off and now bring in Cameron Matheson, plus firing Julian too. Don't tell me it is salary related when you keep bringing in more new people. BS!!! Bill yelling yesterday is getting funny. He seriously needs to calm down because he will give himself a stroke!
  3. Brooklyn with Chase, ahhh no. He needs to be with Willow lol! I hate that she is back with Michael who reminds me of her brother- yuck. and yeah there was some type of promotion for GH on Facebook showing the Taggert replacement and people were like ummmm, what is that about??!! So I don't know- it is odd, but I do like the one and original Taggert. and then I heard too that Peter was the one who poisoned Chase...if it is true, I am not surprised. He wants to hurt anyone and everyone! For the love of god, someone STOP HIM!!!! and Liam, ha yeah boy can't handle secrets- look at his po
  4. I saw a scene from this weeks GH. So Valentin and Anna will tie him up only to be told basically that if they don't let him go, someone they love will die. Here we go again!!! and yeah you are right, PETER ALWAYS HAS THE UPPER HAND. I am glad Alexis will still be a character on GH, I would love to see her in her "lawyer role" to help women out who are in jail and can not get legal advice. I somehow missed when Cyrus mixed up the dna results! How did I miss that? Well that stinks for Chase, who has already gone through such an emotional roller coaster. Poor guy. Ha! and angry do
  5. Not here, I wish it were hotter! We are having a freakishly cold ass spring so really not spring, cause our temps are like 20* BELOW NORMAL. I want to scream!!!! I want it to be our normal April. Ugh! I liked yesterday's dramatic episode about Alexis going to jail, but unless she is leaving the show....which I don't think she is, then no one stays in jail more than a few weeks lol. Unless they are forgotten like poor deal old Brad! Alexis is more of a main character than he is, so I don't think that will happen. And yeah it is ridiculous that everyone has these accusations against P
  6. Peter and Cyrus, well and even Sonny back when he was Sonny! All they do is threaten, threaten, threaten. Its all they know what to do and its repetitive and tiring for sure. And I am not sure how I feel about this whole Brook Lynn fake pregnancy intertwining with Maxies dead baby plan. It's gonna get messy and lots of angry hurt people when the truth comes out. I dont think Peter will buy it, but guess we will see. I do feel awful for Maxie, I can't imagine being in her shoes, pregnant with a psychos baby!!! And oh my goodness poor Paris and her stomach. Her sis is a world class bi
  7. Ok, so Bill is gonna try and cover up Vinny's murder so his son doesn't have to pay....but um doesn't he know his whiny guilty as hell son will not be able to live with that secret?! This is Liam we are talking about here. Come on. Wyatt could keep it, Liam can not.
  8. Yeah, I have never heard of such a law in the US.
  9. Why did I get this feeling that Brook Lynn was faking her baby?! This storyline has been so over done. Ughhhhh. And I feel bad for Valentin because he seemed so excited and told Charlotte and everything. But like Olivia said, sneaky and manipulative just like her daddy Ned. and when you said that on Bold someone died, wow...so Vinny? He wasn't a great guy at all but never want to have someone killed. Welllll, Peter on GH, but normally no one lol!
  10. Here we go again....instead of GH utilizing the people they already have, they are bringing another actor into the mix. Cameron Mathison. This was posted on their facebook. General Hospital The rumors are true! #GeneralHospital
  11. I know Maurice likes this new different storyline but omg it is getting so boring!!! Fridays dancing scenes were like seriously GH?! Nina....get Sonny's ass back to PC. Did like seeing Joss stick up for Jason again....fans online saying how she is so much like her momma Carly. And speaking of Carly I am sure it is fun to do those intense scenes with Peter since they are a real life couple. Wonder if they have to do multiple takes to get through scenes. Its just insane that no one has enough proof to put Peter in prison while hardly any proof can get Jason in there?! Gimme a break!!!!
  12. Man, I get that Cam is very upset that Franco died but spouting off like that to both his brother Jake and Joss was not ok. So inappropriate and I am glad that Joss told him that. and speaking of Jake, he is so grown-up now. Crazy how fast they can change. I LOVE Leisel and Scott's friendship! I can see them growing closer and maybe becoming a couple. They both need love and stability in their lives. and I am glad that more and more people know that Peter killed Franco. Now, let's get some proof and bring that crazy MF down!!! Yeah Brooke is so high and mighty, I don't know how Thoma
  13. Wow....after reading these 2 pages, what an array of emotions that I felt. First reading that headline gave me so much joy...best news ever I thought. Then figured out it was an April Fools joke. Then read the rest of it and was like what the fuckety fuck?!!!!
  14. Very true on both fronts. 2017 was where I saw GNR at the Alamodome in San Antonio and where they treated us to an almost 4 hour show and 6 song encore. Before the encore started Axl told us to call our rides because we were gonna be late. He wanted to keep going and going....his energy at that show was amazing!!!
  15. I was talking about the show Aquarius which David is in...I was responding to the post someone made bout that show. I forgot who posted it...
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