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  1. When the Foo Fighters had their show here, they had this same rule and it was enforced...
  2. Now with Britt and Jason going to Greece, half of Port Charles is there lol. and I am confused about Peter and Drew working together now? What? Is Drew playing Peter? What is this mess I am seeing??? I was really annoyed with Katie when she stormed into Carter's place, but after their honest and emotional conversation, I did feel better about it. But still, girl needs to stop infringing herself upon others! I have never seen Days but have heard of some of their storylines. Can you imagine GH doing a demonic posession storyline?? lmao! never.
  3. Poor Carter! How many times is Quinn going to leave him, this is crazy! I don't know how he can take it. I know she loves them both, but man I just don't know! Ok and that ending on GH. WTF was that? Not only did Peter convince Victor's goons to take his side, but then he shoots BOTH Valentin and Drew?!!! Are you kidding me here? I am so over Peter getting away with everything.
  4. Whenever I need a good cry, My Girl is my go to. Man, that movie gets me every time, sooooo sad!!!
  5. Sonny and Carly are both being annoying. I just don't feel any chemistry between them at all and not sure if they can get it back. She says that she loves him....but I ain't feeling it. But! I am excited to see Jason and Britt talking again and possibly going together to St. Lucia to help save Leisel. I do see chemistry between Thomas and Paris though, with Zende....it is isn't there. It just isn't. And yeah, goodness....you think Katie spends enough time at Eric and Quinn's house? That whole family needs to give them space. Hope your weekend is going well. I saw Halloween Kills..not too bad. Very gory and bloody, but the flashback scenes were cool!
  6. Yeah, I honestly don't know how Quinn deals so well with those damn "always in your business" Forrester's....I could never be able to deal with that. Like everyone knows the secret and is giving her crap about it. Poor woman! Sonny is acting a bit odd, but so is Carly! Did you notice her face in that very last 5 seconds of GH where she tells Sonny "howdy cowboy" while holding his cowboy hat and she had this look on her face of like disgust and anger mixed all together. Weird ass vibes!!! And about the actors...well Nancy did state on Twitter how GH is the only soap mandating vaccines so maybe some actors are pissed about it. I mean, they don't need to get into a hiss fit, there is the door once their contract is up!
  7. Yeah, I don't think Deacon has any idea about who Sheila really is. I hope he prepares himself! and Liam is so full of it! How soon we forget how literally just a few months ago, his father covering up his accidental murder. Come on now! So there is a rumor that the actress who plays Esme was just put on contract. Nooooooooo!
  8. Yeah, I wonder how long the Sheila will be on...not sure how long the contract is. Deacon too....not sure if this is like a 3 month stint or something longer. Guess we will see! and about Sonny, idk....I think he does still have feelings for Nina that he is trying to suppress and that is why he didn't mention this to Carly. He is still protecting Nina. oh! and loved that scene between Ava and Nicholas....he has seen her don't fuck with me side. He better stop while he is ahead.
  9. Yeah, I think San Antonio is abnormally hot too....it just better cool down to the 70's when I come for Thanksgiving lol. That last scene in B&B cracked me up...where Sheila and Deacon are at the bar and she starts with her crazy ass laugh and his expression was priceless. Yeah, she is a crazy lady buddy.
  10. I just read that Deacon was going to be =back and then boom, he was in yesterday's episode! I was like, well dang that was fast. And of course once again, the most holiest than thou couple tells Hope that she cannot see her own father. Ridge and Brooke need to STOP. Ha and yeah, Robert's hair looked like it had been cut by a child. Poor Tristan lol. And Victor is Valentin's dad???! Wowser.
  11. So nice to see Robert, really wish they would utilize him more than once every 6 months! and as far as Peter, as least Victor seems to be done with him and I could see him and Valentin at least trying to kill him...but I have given up on him dying for real! So yeah, Thomas did seem interested in Paris....I never really thought of them together. Hmmmm. But I wonder if Paris would just think it was too weird, especially because how he treated her sister in the past.
  12. Damn, Ridge just does not let up....I can't believe he has the gall to tell Quinn to get out of the house. Who does he think he is? He has a lot of nerve! But glad he was the one who ended up leaving. Good!!! and Sheila will not give up, nope not ever. Hope Finn is prepared for this.... and Carly seemed more hurt than angry when she confronted Sonny about Nina. Sonny definitely seems to be protecting Nina and it is probably because he remembers that part of Mike that loved her. What a mess! and Esme?? Ok, girl has got to go....I so don't like her!!!!
  13. They do work. When we had a democratic mayor last year who implemented a mask mandate, we slowed down our surge and flattened the curve. Cue to to this year where we have a Trumper GQP mayor who refuses to implement a mask mandate and we have WORSE numbers than ever and like I stated above a healthcare crisis. Just because you haven't seen a study sure af does not mean that masks don't work. Fuck that. They do.
  14. I wear a mask, but if most people don't then your protection against Covid goes down..everyone needs to wear one..so yeah I limit where I go. And I just do the best that I can. Our whole state is bad....a press release came out yesterday stating that we now have 20 Alaskan hospitals doing "crisis standards of care"...where doctors have to decide who lives or dies. 20!!! Our healthcare system has officially collapsed.
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