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  1. Well he prescribed her only one refill while he was still her doctor so I was ok with that. He also said no more refills and did the right thing and said since he now has feelings for her she will find another doc to treat her. This Mike storyline is very sad....it should not be dragged but then again its nice that everyone gets to say their goodbyes. It will be a very heartbreaking moment when he passes. But I am doing well....nervous and excited for my trip this Sunday!
  2. How was Carol Baskin? I love that show but pissed they fired Tom/Erin so kind of protesting by not watching it
  3. Ha...Julian was less than thrilled when Britt started talking to him. But Felix overheard some stuff so that's trouble! Our weather has definitely cooled...some nights we were close to freezing temps. But during the day it warms up to the 50's. Super cold for you TX folks. But soon I will be enjoying 80* temps. Its been a year since I've flown anywhere...I canceled my Mexico trip to see my dad two times now and its still not safe to travel internationally so I was like...ok I will fly to CO to see my mom. Thankfully no one is by me on any of my flights and Delta blocks out the middle
  4. Sadly some of the fires in CA and OR were caused by humans @soon. We had horrible fires last year up here but thankfully none this summer. I feel so badly for everyone affected by these fires. And yeah we do have earthquakes and hopefully won't have another big one for some time. We had a 7.1 earthquake 2 years ago. Scary.
  5. Yup...sadly these covidiots are worldwide.
  6. This was really great man! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Nelle might be alive but I do believe the actress is done with GH, at least for now. I'm ok with that lol. The scenes with Mike and Joss were very sweet and it will be very sad when he does pass away. So great seeing the Britch again! I wish though that we could see her in scenes with her pal Brad or mom Leisel. And I dont like that they may be trying to break up Franco and Elizabeth. Boooo. Enjoy the weekend!
  8. Actually I heard that Kim Delaney is the new chief of staff and she is also Finn and Chase's mom....interesting! There was also a rumor that Britt was pregnant with Julian's baby and that is why she is back. Can't wait to see Julian's face if that is true lol. and yeah those pics of San Fran are sad and terrifying at the same time. That city is special to me....I went down there for the first time ever to see Guns N Roses (also for the 1st time!) in August 2016. I was only there for 2 days but really liked it. I hope to go back so I can explore it more one day. The hills were hard though
  9. There is also a very faint rumor about "Jerry Jacks" being Cyrus' boss and maybe coming back. I would do backflips if Sebastian Roche reprised his roles as Jerry Jacks!!!! In my eyes, best villain. oh yeah! I like Brick too...he has such good rapport with Sonny and Carly. and I have seen a few movies that Tyler Perry has made, but not many from the Madea series. You stay well too!
  10. Oh man I was like Dante!!! Your poor mother who flew miles to see you is right here. Open the f'in door!!! So sad and frustrating. How long are they gonna have Dante not be himself? Why bring him just to continue that? Come on now GH. So I read that Kim Delaney is joining GH. People were not happy with the news...they were like the cast is big enough! And show the veterans. I agree with the fans. Hope your daughter had a good first day. Schools are still closed here...our numbers are not consistently down yet so who knows when it will ever start in person. At least where I live....
  11. Actually CBS soaps were new!! They always have new episodes even on the holidays..a nice rarity indeed. Oh and I have wonderful news...the actress who plays Nelle says she is done with the role. At least for now so I think we are done seeing her for awhile. Woohoo!!!!
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