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  1. Yeah, that marriage conversation between Ridge and Steffie was a bit out there...But I will like knowing more about Finn because honestly nothing about his family or his past has been told, so I am pretty curious! I don't think Finn would fall for Paris but he tends to be a flirty guy with that smile of his so I could see how she would think there may be something more. I don't mind Portia and Curtis....she is slow to open up, so it is hard to see how their relationship could be like, but maybe it could work? and Spencer being a little twerp, well the old Spencer was like that too....so m
  2. I am glad that Anna and Jason know for they are both two people that you can trust to help them and keep the secret between them all. I mean I hope Anna does the right thing by Finn! and Britt and Terry as co-COS's?! This will be interesting- I think Britt was upset at first but don't think she will turn down the job. and I read that Paris may try and break up Steffie and Finn because she develops a huge crush on him- I hope this is a rumor because I swear, they can never let Steffie have a happy relationship. Like ever! Stay cool!- Texas definitely needs to work on their powe
  3. Too hot for me. In Colorado where my mom lives, it is also extremely hot. No thanks! We are back to our cooler more normal AK temps, so at least while they were here, we had some hot but beautiful days. So I really like the new pool set that GH created. It's nice to have a change of scenery and also nice to film scenes outside like with Finn and Elizabeth. And I do think she will tell Jason. They are stuck in a crazy predicament and need all the help they can get!
  4. Wow, wow, wow...color me impressed! That fuckin rocked guys!!!! I could absolutely see my local rock radio station play a song like that. It deserves to be heard!
  5. Yeah I saw some of Maurice's words about the storyline- I don't care anymore! This storyline be dragging....man. I am over it. I want to see the real storyline of when he gets back to town and Carly finds out about Nina knowing he was alive and keeping it a secret. Now THAT is a story lol! Let's get to it ffs!
  6. What about Bob? My little brother had never seen it.
  7. Ha, yeah I don;t know most people can stand Brooke lol. So Quinn and Carter hooked up again? Hmmm, I know she said that was the last time, but who are they kidding? But when Eric finds out, he will be so angry with Carter...I am sure he will be fired then. Caught up on GH, kind of a boring episode...was interesting to see Britt and the new Spencer. I thought it was strange when he kept saying "father" I know the old Spencer called him that, but it doesn't suit this new older Spencer. Idk.
  8. The wedding was perfect, gorgeous weather but it was so hot. It happened to be the hottest day of the summer so far and hit 81* which up in Alaska feels more like 101* but it was all good! Very happy for my brother and new SIL who is just amazing. I did happen to catch Fridays GH. I feel so badly for Lenny, cancer is so sad. Sorry to hear that your uncle had it.
  9. So I was able to watch Bold yesterday but will be behind for a few days with GH because my baby brother is getting married this Saturday! My mom, step-dad and other brother from San Antonio just flew in yesterday so will be doing some major family time for the next 5 days. I did love the scene between Bill and Justin, he was angry but much more hurt. Powerful scenes for sure! I'm glad that Bill and Thomas are now on a clean slate. Thomas is the hero in all of this!
  10. Idk, there is still a rumor that Cameron will reprise the role of Drew Cain, but even I think that is crazy...so yeah. Will be interesting to see how this plays out... and Justin may do jail time? I think the actor is really leaving Bold, so that is one way to send him off. and yeah, Brooke was her royal bitchy self to Quinn....I don't how Quinn held it together like that. man!
  11. Say what?! Mark Hamill as Skeletor?? Ok, I'm in....totally watched this growing up!
  12. I saw that clip! Wow, how things change super fast! But I am so relieved that this part is over, Thomas is out of that damn cage and now let's see how they tie up this storyline with Justin. You ready to see some angry Bill again?? Cause it's COMING lol!!!! So with my brother's dog, I just went over to his house and stayed the night. I have 2 cats so at least they keep each other company and are ok if I am not there overnight. My cats have never ever seen a dog, so don't think that would bode well!
  13. The Tomorrow War with Chris Pratt. I am not a huge science-fiction buff, but it had pretty good graphics and action and for me would be a movie I just see once.
  14. That sounds just like Mexico...I talked to my dad last night (who lives there) and he said there are pockets where COVID is going up. Like at the beach cities of Mazatlan where a lot of young people go and where many are not vaccinated and that they are the ones in the hospital now and not the older folk like him who are vaccinated, still masking up etc .etc.
  15. Thanks! I am dogsitting for my brother but was able to catch up on GH this morning. I'm glad that Jordan stepped in to help Alexis and Shawn right in the nick of time. It is sad to see her so distraught and having panic attacks. And yeah Carly and what she said to Britt was downright awful and spiteful..I hated what she said to her. Hasn't Britt been hurt enough? My goodness!!
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