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  1. Yeah I would think checking for anything would be a given, but this is GH Land lol, where nothing is done normally. I really liked the scenes with Olivia and Ned and everyone else....the truth had to come out. I wonder if she will forgive Ned for sleeping with Alexis. She does not like to be lied to! Hope you have a good weekend too!
  2. I meant its not a huge deal to move it to another section if need be. That is all.
  3. This can easily be moved to the JUNGLE section...its not a huge deal to move it if needed. But yes, its very sad about Stephanie's son. May he RIP.
  4. Yes....we literally just voted on this and approved of the rank voting. Of course the Trumpers were in hysterics and said no way could that have passed and tried to blame faulty Dominion machines. Fuckin losers!
  5. Yeah I think Steffie is lying to herself and to Finn- she wans Liam to be the baby daddy. I know it. and Hope knows it too. Now that Thomas knows, he will have it out with Liam. Can't wait. Be ready to watch the sniffling baby cry again lol. Such a pathetic guy.
  6. I agree. They should, most countries should!....so a case of this mutated virus is now in Mexico. Brought by? You guessed it, a British traveler!! Oy!
  7. Omgl! I sometimes went to his IG to look at his pics....Stephanie is very very close to her family. She must be utterly devastated. So very sad.
  8. Yeah Steffie and Sam both have huge lips now....they probably go to the same doc lol. I wonder how long it.will be till we know who the baby daddy is. I do hope its Finns but I am sure it will be Liams so there is more drama. I really want Sonny back in PC too! I thought him acting all mob like would jog his memory, but nope And! And good for Joss for reminding Ava her role that she played in Morgans death. She has come a long way but we must not forget all that Ava has done. Hope you are having a good weekend. Just 2 more days till TRUMP is gone!!!
  9. That's cool. Not everyone is entertained by it! But not sure I have ever seen Turbulence and I do like Ray Liotta. Will have to check that out.
  10. As Good as it Gets...forgot how good this movie is. And I like Passenger 57. Just a pure fluffy entertaining movie.
  11. Oh man, loved what Finn said to Liam!!!! Everything he said to him was absolutely spot on. And Zoe? Ugh...damn girl should have never accepted Carters proposal. He is going to be devastated. And if Zoe and Zende start dating....hella awkward. And for Paris...they all work together! Good GH. Yeah, hope they don't drag this Sonny amnesia storyline out too far. I'm glad that Sam is talking to Alexis...one day at a time. But Ned will be so pissed to learn how Tracy set up Alexis. Ha! And yeah I heard about your cold front from my brother in San Antonio. Even though he was born in AK, he
  12. Really? Wow, Drew coming back? after the awful way they kind of ended his character??? Huh, I don't know about that one- he must really need work I guess. I just am not happy with them firing Lulu and Julian because of so called Budget but then they can bring him back. yeah, if this turns out to be true, that is very shitty of GH.
  13. Model and actress and also married to Astros pitcher Justin Verlander.
  14. I got the vaccine! I posted about it in here. I get my second shot on 2/1. My brother in San Antonio also got his and my other brother who works for the school district got his too...we are quite fortunate. But now I'm hoping my father in Mexico can get his soon and my mom in CO. The vaccine rollout under Trump has been very very slow and I feel it will improve under Bidens plan. Fingers crossed.
  15. Yeah he will be crying for awhile, especially TODAY when he tells Hope that Steffie is pregnant. OMG, she will lose her mind! I like Paris and super glad she took the job, if Zoe is not going to give anyone reasons why Paris should not work there, then she needs to keep her trap shut. Like for real.
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