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  1. So there are rumors that both Lulu and Julian are leaving GH. The actor who plays Julian is going to address whether the rumor is true soon. But I get the feeling by some of the things that he has posted that it is true. I can't imagine both him and Lulu leaving...I don't mind this Lulu too much. Although it did take awhile for her to grow on me...so what then, we will get yet another Lulu?! Ughhhh. We already have a new Brook Lynn!
  2. Oh Julian, I know he has done some awful things to Alexis, but he will always try to look out for her when he can. When she left the bar tearfully, that was a pretty emotional moment. So wow that convo between Dante and Maxie turned awkward super quick whe she mentioned that she was going to marry Peter! She has no idea how many people are still plotting to take him down- including her ex baby daddy Spinelli. Someone has to take him down...could be anyone at this point haha! Even Robert! and yeah wish Passions was on the air, I never watched it but have heard of it and it sounds lik
  3. Adele looked amazing and what a nice treat to hear her sing little snippets of all her hits. Loved that! However, as much as I have tried, I just can't get into Jim Carrey's rendition of Joe. I was watching clips on my lunch today of Woody and Jason playing Joe....just so much funnier! Wish one of them could come back as Joe. Sigh.
  4. Wow, that's awesome! I assume he likes Anchorage if he has lived here for 10 years?
  5. I was lucky enough to see them open for GNR in San Francisco 2016. Great band and yes the lead singer was just awesome.
  6. You gotta love Bruce Springsteen! But yeah I have never heard this and you definitely have a Bruce tone in your voice which is very nice. Great cover!
  7. Oh and did you notice how Britt mentioned to Jax about his brother Jerry?!!! I was like omg, I hope Jerry Jax comes back...maybe the money Cyrus needs is for him? I would LOVE if Sebastian Roche came back to do a little GH stint. The hand coming out of the grave was definitely a cool scene but yeah, dont want Carly to go crazy again. Btdt! As far as the necklace....I dont know if Sonny would notice it on Avery. A girl we rarely see. We don't even see baby Donna. Wtf. Just like Sam's kids. GH love to have their female characters have babies like never to be seen again. As far as B&am
  8. Enjoy your cold snap! I wish we were in the 50's! We have left fall and even though there is no snow on the ground, it's like 30* during the day so we are now putting the kiddos in snowsuits. It's sooo cold!
  9. Haha, yeah and the creepy music playing in the background. I got a total Halloween vibe- tis the season! They have never though had a weird ass storyline as that though- this one tops the cake!
  10. Our last big earthquake in Anchorage 2 years ago a 7.1 didn't damage buildings too much (stuff fell off shelves, walls cracked, water damage, etc.- but no homes collapsed) What did collapse and buckle was some of our roads though....
  11. Ha! Well our buildings up here are built incredibly well because we are in Earthquake country, so yeah...a landline would still be accessible to order that pizza.
  12. And I pay my phone company to have an unlisted number too! What a crock...I want to stop that service but then am afraid I will get 10 calls a day. Ugh!
  13. Press conference today....we haven't heard our hopeless Trumpster governor talk about COVID in like a month. Found out from someone calling in that we don't have sufficient PPE in some parts of AK. They are having to reuse gloves and put sanitizer on them. WTF?! The US still doesn't have enough PPE? And even though we are in the red, he is still downplaying the virus and won't do a state mask mandate. I.just.cant.
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