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  1. Exactly this! Oh, the very best of actors...indeed!!!
  2. Oh and my state, yeah us and Idaho are doing crisis of care. Yup. That's where we are at.
  3. Lonesome Dove is my all time favorite! A classic..
  4. Yeah it's looking that way....ugh, Carly is just too into Jason presently. We will see if those feelings dissipate or what. I am glad that Trina and Joss see that Nelle 2.0 is not miss innocent..she sure wants Ava gone. Geez! I am surprised too that Nina won't give Sonny more space....she doesn't seem to mind being yelled at by him lol. Girl can't take a hint! And on Bold, Sheila has some nerve just walking into Steffys house like that....crazy crazy lady. And now Justin has caught Quinn and Carter....but so what? They aren't doing anything that Eric didn't want, so not sure what Ridge will do with this. Butt out of your dad's life! ....
  5. Yeah no, there is a whole story to tell and I can not wait to see how it plays out. Especially when Carly finds out Nina fell in love with Sonny and purposely kept quiet- oh em gee!!! But I loved the reunion scenes between Sonny and his kids....especially the ones with Christina. That brought tears to my eyes. I have not seen my father in Mexico for 2 years now because of Covid and I miss him terribly. Ha! and yeah Katie is becoming quite the nosy Nelly. She will probably tell all her sisters of course. It is none of the family's damn business. Geez!
  6. Anna was once a spy? Well damn, she sure is rusty! How many times has Anna let Peter fool her? I mean, come on now! She should have at least shot him in the leg, so he couldn't run away as fast. Think lady think! But, at least GH did not make us wait till Friday for him to reveal himself. I will be interested to see what Carly, Sonny and Jason do. I don't see Sonny giving up his power to Carly now that he is back. and yeah the triangle between Carter, Eric and Quinn is a sticky one. Quinn can never keep a secret lol, so already too many people know!
  7. That's great but lets get those kiddos 0-5...which are in my school. Unvaxxed and unmasked. We need to protect them too. Hopefully soon!!!
  8. Oh my goodness, I was SO hoping that Sonny was going to walk in on Carly and Jason...I kept waiting and waiting and then the show ended. Man, was I disappointed lol. I know I am impatient and maybe today the reveal will happen. But I can't wait any longer.....this is killing me. I feel badly for Maxie, now she has to live in fear again. But I don't think she will shoot to kill like Valentin said he was going to do if he saw Peter first.
  9. Great Friday episode. Sonny's back!!! It's been an excruciatingly long 5 years, but he finally got his memory back. Thank God. And now with the car explosion. I mean, we all know that they won't kill off Carly and Jason, so then whose car got blown up? Hmmm. Ok, that Paris needs to give Finn and Steffy some space! Damn, she is all up in their business everywhere you turn. And now having daydreams about him. Oh girl, you got to go!!!! My weekend has started off rough. My cat Quinn got cystitis and spent many hours this morning at the ER. He just got discharged so hopefully he will feel better soon with some meds and rest. Poor thing. Hope you are having a good weekend!
  10. It's fuckin BAD here and our asshat of a governor and mayor of Anchorage, the largest city is doing absolutely NOTHING! Our headline below from yesterday. Alaska’s 1,095 new COVID-19 cases shatter daily record as overburdened hospitals struggle with capacity
  11. It took me awhile to get used to the new Jordan, but in the end, I really grew to like her and thought she did really well in that role! I wish her much luck in whatever she does...but she will be missed. She was very sly about that! Usually you hear rumors months before it happens, but not this time. Carly did look lovely, Joss too.....but I still do not like that this marriage is happening. Nope.
  12. I grew up watching him on SNL- hilarious guy!!! So sad. RIP funny man.
  13. Nina thought Peter was dead?! Nope Nina....this guy is like a cat and has nine lives. You just can't kill him it seems! and what is going on with Jordan and her transfer? Is she not on the show anymore? or just taking a vacation? I haven't read anything so thought that came out of the blue.... and yeah as far as Bold, the WHOLE conversation was hell awkward!!! I felt so badly for Quinn and Carter- Eric definitely should have talked to Quinn first before having that whole conversation with everyone. I get why he is doing it....but not sure how well that will work out. Oy!
  14. I live in Alaska. NO ONE comes up here lol....but! We did get a shock last month when the Foo Fighters came. The biggest name in awhile! For the most part though, yeah our state gets skipped.
  15. Hope everyone gets tested though because I know many people getting breakthrough infections. Delta is a beast. Fingers crossed everyone in your family stays well!
  16. I heard that rumor too about Esme....it could make sense since she went to see him that day. I don't like her though. When is her contract up lol?! Gosh, Portia sure likes to keep Trina in the dark. But seriously keeping her birth father a secret...even if it was the result of an affair is not right. Trina is old enough to hear the truth. If my mom kept something like that from me, I would be furious. Glad that Jax convinced Nina to tell the truth, but she is a liar and you can't trust liars...so let's see how long it will take her to come clean. And I know you like Carly and Jason together but that kiss was horrendous! No romantic chemistry at all. I would rather much see Willow and Michael kiss and you know how I feel about them!!!
  17. I LOVE that Jax knows now....I think he will tell Carly because Joss has been in more danger now since Carly took over the business than ever before and we all know how protective he is of Joss. But we will see, just damn glad that someone from PC knows the truth about Sonny being alive and will be interested to see how this all plays out. Really liked too how Trina confronted Nelle 2.0. I already want that wannabe off the show lol! and Bold, yeah....Steffy seriously can never be lucky in love. All this Shiela crap will definitely play havoc on her and Finn's marraige- it is pretty sad. I just hope that Sheila does not try to kill Steffy! I can see her mind leaning that way since it is mainly Steffy in the way of her getting to know Finn and her grandbaby.
  18. Yeah, Finn unfortunately has a heart of gold and is very easily trustful....so when you have a manipulative liar for a mother....that's gonna mean trouble! But she can't "fake" this whatever it is for too long cause she is in a hospital for crying out loud. Good grief! And yeah, I'm masking up indoors and outdoors now too. Also going grocery shopping hella early cause less people for one and unfortunately a lot of people don't mask up here. The Trumpers up here are still anti-mask and anti-vaxx. They are gross.
  19. Oh, I love Toni Collette! Will put that on my to watch list!
  20. Oh Jax totally is starting to suspect something and I'm glad because hopefully that will mean we are closer to the end of this stupid ass storyline. So speaking of Jax, Nancy tweeted a thank you to like Frank, Disney, etc.for making things safer so not sure if that means mandatory vaccinations or what. Wonder if Ingo and the rest will comply or quit. . The hospital I work for just made it mandatory....finally! I work with teachers who aren't vaxxed and yeah they mask up but the young children we work with are not masked or vaxxed. How can you not protect yourself and your students?!!! Well hope you have a nice relaxing long weekend.
  21. Yeah, I agree! I saw him at the Alamodome in 2017 (San Antonio) and that was the concert where it was almost 4 hours long and we got a 6 song encore. Axl told us to call our rides because we were gonna be late! Epic!
  22. Charles was on Days? Hmmm, I may have to try to find some clips of that!!! But yeah, am super excited to see his return. and you know who else I was not excited to see. Cyrus? Just like Peter, I thought he was gone for good too! Like what the heck. They can bring him and Peter back, but never show Robert or any of the other GH cast who don't get air time. Knowing that Ingo is not vaccinated, I kept watching his close scenes with Joss and wondering how she felt about it. Is she also unvaxxed? I mean being within 6 feet of one another and not being vaxxed and not masking up spells trouble. Yeah, you can test but it is not fool proof, especially if you don't do it in the right window. For Delta, we have our kids out and then test only once they hit the 5 to 7 window for the the utmost accuracy! Ok, so on Bold, I saw a pic of Finn and Paris together in each other's arms and I hope to God they don't have them sleep together. That will really break him and Steffy up for good. and I have a feeling Quinn and Carter will sleep together again. They can't help themselves, especially since Eric can't give it to her!
  23. Your state is lucky! Well in Alaska we just hit a record of the most hospitalizations due to Covid during this WHOLE pandemic. Like I keep saying it will be much much worse for us this winter since we are hitting peaks that we hit in the dead of winter last year. It is only 9/1. We are on a horrible trajectory, our healthcare system is literally about to collapse up here and our governor is doing SHIT because he doesn't want to anger his Trumper base. He can go fuck himself..
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