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  1. Brooke is the Queen holier than though- most of the times she is ok but when she acts like that, I'm like girl, stop!!!! That scene between Finn and Vinnie in the lab was interesting...especially that look on Finn's face at the end. He was not too sure about something and he is right! That's right, that Vinnie probably changed your lab results Finn. Better watch him like a hawk cause the truth will come out. Oh and yeah I heard your governor was going to do that. Our stupid ass governor has COVID because he loves to go to fundraisers and parties NOT masked up and he did not exten
  2. You got to do a spoiler alert girl! I have not seen today's episode.
  3. Well gee, that didnt last long! Now Maxie is singing Peter's praises again- just when there was a glimmer of hope she saw him for what he is. Sad. I do not think they will not get married only because it is "sweeps" so GH wants the drama!
  4. The earthquake was a little scary...no lie. I may have ptsd from our 7.0 we had 2 years ago! And I guess the one we had yesterday was in the same place so it was an aftershock 2 years later! At first a little shake...no big deal but then it got very very loud and thats when the shaking really started and my cats bolted. Luckily it only lasted 10 seconds but since it was so close to Anchorage it felt much stronger.
  5. Yeah Flo was discovered to be a Logan last year but thsi is the first time they have brought it up in like months!! So I was surprised that Wyatt mentioned it. It was nice seeing Flo's mom again though....or aka Denise Richard's. Vinnie is trying to be all cool but shady....he so did something to those tests! Telling Thomas to take advantage of that situation to get close to Hope. Ugh...like I said, if it is true I hope Thomas does the right thing. And GH. So now that the wedding is like here, now Maxie is having doubts about Peter? I mean a bit late...but am not sure if she would r
  6. They are very lucky! Mine made me very sick but no regrets.
  7. Oooo, can't wait to watch...Scooby-Doo was my jam when I was a kid. Oh the memories!
  8. Man, I love me some Depeche Mode. This song is killer.
  9. This is most excellent!!! loved it...I agree with Ratam, seemed finished to me.
  10. Lana Del Ray was just up here in Anchorage, so been listening to her a lot lately!
  11. GH is a master of dragging out storylines unfortunately, but I am with you in that I am ready for Sonny to be found. Come on now! I wasn't a huge fan of Billy Miller so not too sad if he does not come back. and when they showed Lucas the other day I had totally forgotten about him! See, so GH has sooooo many people already in the show that they absolutely do not need any more because they already don't show enough of the ones they do have like Robert, Mac, Lucas and another character I had totally forgotten about- Brook Lynn!
  12. OK, so now Thomas is pretty certain that Vinnie fudged the paternity test- but now what will he do with this information? Is he the old Thomas or the new not so manipulative crazy Thomas? Hmmm. I love seeing Britt and Leisel together, they are a great tag team! I am soooo happy that Britt is back. Hope the contract she signed was a long one.
  13. I know right? I have had many surgeries and can not imagine being fully aware and feeling it. Awww hell NO!
  14. I loved the flirting between Britt and Jason when she asked him to help her deliver those V Day bags to the children...you could see him trying to hide a smile so cute! I do hope they get together. I agree with you about Sasha and Brando- those two have a spark while sadly the spark between her and Michael has completely fizzled out but I for sure think Chase and Willow have a shot! Liam will whine till the sun don't shine- it what he does best lol! I saw a clip of B&B for this week and it did show Vinnie messing with the results. bad boy!
  15. I just read her story too, just horrible! and I quote On top of everything, when she went into surgery on one of her legs, they forgot to numb the leg and cut into her leg while she was fully (conscious) with no numbing of the area!
  16. Yeah when Finn was still technically her doc, he said no to the 3rd refill of opiods Steffie asked for....and then along comes Vinnie who gives her some and that started it all down the dark path of addiction.
  17. About Vinnie....yeah lots of people are thinking he switched the tests. First he gets Steffy hooked on pills and now possibly this? He's a real piece of work! And Zoe's hair....I liked it! No one really mentions peoples appearances I notice in soapland. Its odd. Nina...she is on a mission to make sure Carly pays and when Nina is on a rampage watch out! Look how buggy she got when she found out Sasha wanst her daughter. Got cray cray there!
  18. I'm so glad you are ok!!! I have been sooooo worried about my brother being all alone in his freezing house with no power or water. But got great news from him this morning...the plumber was able to come in and his water is back, the boiler is ok and no busted pipes!!! A lot of other people aren't so lucky with that. I sent him some heated socks and a jigsaw puzzle because without internet he was bored mindless! How are you doing now? How is Dallas? Are you guys warming up like San Antonio?
  19. Thinking of my fellow soap/GNR fan @dontdamnmeuyi2015 who is in TX and has not been online for awhile most likely because her power is out. My brother is in San Antonio and its really tough down there. All of TX. :(  Hope she is safe and ok!

    1. lame ass security

      lame ass security

      They've had a terrible time down there, I certainly hope she's ok too.

  20. Oh man, its so odd not seeing you here! You and my brother must be in the the same situation...aka hardly any power!!! He had booked a hotel for tonight and tomorrow...which was already hard to get because many people in San Antonio are suffering in the cold, but he was like you know, it should go to an elderly person or a family before me. He is such a stand up guy. Thinking of you!!! My thoughts and prayers are with everyone suffering during this freak winter storm. *hugs*
  21. Watching my soaps was great!...ohhh, the drama of Nina overhearing Carly basically say what she did to Nelle. Oh the wrath she will face for killing her daughter. It was nice seeing Christina but wish she would stay for longer- wonder if she goes to college? So my poor brother's boiler went out Sunday night? He has drinking water for 3 days but no water to shower or wash dishes/toilets too....he forgot to let his faucets trickle and I feel awful for forgetting to remind him about that. The soonest a plumber can come is Friday and I am sure the bill will be hella expensive. His power
  22. My brother is not thrilled....he sent me a video clip late last night of light snow falling. and he said "other cities in TX get snow, but never in San Antonio. This is never supposed to happen in San Antonio!!!" But he said the mayor/governor shut down the highways so he his is able to work from home at least today and tomorrow thank goodness. I do not want him out there on the roads. No, no, no. He did turn his heat down too, also not happy about that. He likes his warmth lol- main reason he moved from AK to TX!
  23. Yeah San Antonio is under a winter advisory..even they may get ice. I told my brother to stay home this weekend if possible. Monday will be their coldest day....an expected low of 7* This is super crazy cold weather for TX!!! I wish Trump was convicted but alas he wasn't...but at least our soaps will be on. We need some happiness to look forward to in these crazy times.
  24. The Sinner season 3. I just started watching it. I love David Duchovny...only seen one episode so far though.
  25. That's what my brother said...that sadly the death count will go up. I sent the video to my mom and I was like treasure each day because you just never know. I can't imagine being a passerby on the other side of the highway and witnessing all of that. When I was in San Antonio once to visit my brother the car in front of us got hit. I was like omg, that could have been us. I was shook up for quite awhile after that! But it sounds like TX drivers are very bad, I mean not even stopping for stop signs?! I admit to doing California Rolls in my neighborhood, but never on main roads. Our problem up
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