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  1. Same of you are so blind, that you need to take off the rose coloured sunglasses. Any attempt to force a group of people together, who for their own personal reasons, see no reason to, or have moved on in life, would not be beneficial for all involved. Some of you live in a fantasy world and believe past members would return to the past and be the same people as they were in their 20's in a past century. Time would have allowed this to occur naturally. Three people, have put the past behind them and are clearly different people and have put their issues to bed, have and are m
  2. From a person who is a New Zealander, currently posting this on a Tuesday morning, taking my daughter to school for the first school day of 2021, day to day life is normal.. The only visible signs of COVID are if you walk past a Managed isolation Hotel, with fencing around it, or take public transport were mask wearing is mandatory. Yes, our lockdown did have an effect on business even today. Some hospitality and retail business have struggled and many of these businesses have unfortunately not survived. Yes, for a period of 8 weeks our freedoms were restricted. That wa
  3. Some of you guys really need to step outside the world of this forum. To wish any person a happy birthday and then mention something for your own selfish reasons, is more of reflection on you as a person.. Cannot some of you just wish the man a happy birthday and leave it at that... How about being a decent human being, and in this case, leave your issues at the door... Happy birthday Axl
  4. You cannot control what the band members or their management do.. Does the band, its members or management control what you do in your daily life.. We are just fans.. We as fans can choose to listen to our favourite tracks, watch or listen to past line ups of the band based on your own preferences or buy a ticket to see the band live.. Or you can walk away.. That's your choice, not the bands or their management team.. Do you guys not understand, how petty some of your comments are..
  5. Does not take long for these threads to go completely off topic and we find ourselves back to bitching about the band or their management like we do, 5 pages into any new thread or topic. As my uncle would say, leave that shit at the door, when you come in... How about i get things back on topic. Social media reaction in New Zealand to the band returning has been positive. Really great to see a lot of fans planning road trips from the North Island to the South Island with most planning on seeing the band twice. Already sorted accommodation in Wellington and about 6
  6. Thank god the boarders are closed in New Zealand, and we dont have to deal with the bitching in person while attending the shows. Even if the boarders were open half of you bitching would not travel to see the band outside of your own shores. Plenty of Australians and New Zealanders have travelled far a field to see this band play.. Maybe because we don't expect them to return to this part of the world again so we are making the most of it.. The band will sell out the venues and people attending the shows will rook out and enjoy themselves. I am looking forward to November
  7. Welcome back to New Zealand Guns N Roses. No doubt 40,000 kiwis will role up and will enjoy an opportunity to see the band live, some since 2017 and others for the first time. The family and I don't need to travel the world to see the band. A simple flight from Auckland to Wellington and then down South. Rock on 2021.
  8. So you are saying its disrespectful of the band to treat the fans in a certain way, but then you tell the band, "or go the fuck away for good..." Yep, if thats being respectful, then you wounder why the band acts like it does towards certain fans, more so fans who are happy to tell people, whom they have never meet or have no involvement in their daily lives to go the F**k away for good...
  9. There are so many layers involved and lots of moving parts before you even reach the artists themselves in this case GNR. Promotors, venues, industry related business as sound, lighting, staging, transportation etc may not be able to survive financially to supply a service as a business. Even employee's associated with the artists themselves may not be able to survive as all involved will feel the affects of the financial crisis. The process starts at the bottom and works its way to the top. If a promotor can no longer supply a service, to a booking agent, than a booking
  10. We would he know whats going on. The bands management team aren't tour promotors or the bands booking agent. The promotor in each country would manage the refund process or in the case of the booking agent they would facilitate that process and be the link to the band via there management team. The bands management would pass any concern onto the booking agent, who would than contact the promotor in relation to a refund. Promotors often hold funds from the sale of tickets in a holding account and must wait for a period of time for those funds to be cleared and released into t
  11. Unfortunately some cannot resist the need to belittle current band members and their skills. Actually the only people who seem obsessed are those people in a thread who have chosen to focus on a song, who's rightfull owner can do as they please, with whom ever they choose to in relation to playing any instrument. What ever you guys think is irrelevant. If the topic of the interview had been about a particular song and Franks involvement in that song, than have at it, as Frank has opened the door for people to admire or for criticism.. That was not the case with this int
  12. Seems silly given the members themselves have all moved on and it's all water under the bridge for each of them as individuals. Even past members no longer involved have moved on and seem content in life..
  13. Some of you need to get a grip on reality. I always find reading these threads interesting as common sense tends to go out the door. So the fans are now controlling the cameraman, sound engineer, mixer and editor of the clips uploaded. Why not throw in controling the direction of wind and the moon at any given time while you are at it. Until some realise they cannot control what others do, or understand the concept of that's something out side of my control, they will never be content. Maybe all involved were simply doing there jobs and you as the fans had no involvement
  14. And the bands booking agent would be dealing with the local promotor, who would be waiting for official confirmation from the government, who would be taking directives from health agencies. The band, their management, their booking agent and local promotor cannot control what other countries governments implement around COVID-19 policies. They are all at the mercy of those who have the control over these matters. Why make an official announcement on somthing you cannot control. Australia and New Zealand have closed their borders to all international travellers and that
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