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  1. You see things through a very small hole in the wall. Plenty of people outside of the forms and around the world give a shit as they are the ones actually turning up and paying to see the band. They don't pick apart the band, are objective and go there with the sole purpose of enjoyment. You forget people outside of the US (your small hole in the wall) have less opportunities or no opportunity to see this band in there own country. Some have to travel to a nearby country to see the band, as the band might not visit there own country. These people don't care about promotion, they are simply excited to see their favorite band or GNR up close and in person. I have travelled to the US, UK, South America and Australia to see this band from the other side of the world. It will be 6 years until December 2022 that i will be able to see this band up close along with about 70,000 people in Auckland, who like myself have waited 6 years to see this band again or will go and see the band to simply enjoy themselves.. Will i be paying to see the band because of a lack of promotion or a new album. I will purchase a ticket to see the band, because there may not be another opportunity to see the band live in my own country again without travelling or the expense that goes with it. Maybe when you make comments as this. You should be mindful that to some people, "GN'R is the biggest band in the world" and around the world they're packing stadiums. Being objective, the news the band is playing in Auckland, 2022 at Eden Park, the response has been positive and overwhelming. To these people GN'R is the biggest band in the world and Kiwis will pack the stadium.
  2. Some members like to use, the opinion card or other reasons(apparently trolling) because they cannot simply give credit were credit is due. This is a defensive mechanism. An opinion is based on actions or the situation at hand. In this case the actual performance being reviewed. Unfortunately some members cannot separate the issues they have with the band (past members no longer being in the band) and their opinion becomes biased. Yes, we all have OPINIONS, but when the same opinion is consistently raised after each show thread (the same talking points) then unfortunately the issue lies with the poster, not Axl, the band or other posters on this forum. These show threads more so with live streaming links are a means to enjoy the performance via a different means (watching from afar). Unfortunately this has created real time over analysing of everything the band does from set lists to vocals etc. The over analysing is via a distance, via sound quality from a mobile device and WiFi connection quality. That's not a true reflection on the situation at hand aka the preformence. When you are at the show in person, you are in the moment, and you simply enjoy that moment.
  3. The IEM issue looks more like the actual issue is with the receiver or the in ears themselves then the monitor engineer. The receiver pack operates off standard AA batteries (rechargeable). Often new batteries are placed in the receiver pack before a show or charged as the receiver batteries are rechargeable. These batteries can last up to 5 hours. Even though technology has advanced the receiver still needs power to accept the signal. Just like any battery operated device, if the power is low, the device provides less power output. This will cause the signal to drop out constantly and in your ears you will hear the audio come and go. Of course if the battery goes flat, the signal drops out completely. Also, just like standard earphones, the in ears plug into the receiver can short around the jacket (3.5mm) more so if there is no slack between the cord and receiver pack. You will often see a small bit of cord hanging down at the back or side of were the receiver is attached to the person. This is to relieve tension in the cord. The fact Tom M, went to help Axl points to an equipment issue as Tom M is in charge of looking after Axls personal IEM. Tom M is in a sense Axls tech. If you have an IEM technical issue, its often distracting because of the cutting in and out regularly, more so as IEM are noise cancelling and thats the only auto you can hear when in the ears directly. If it was an issue with volume, levels or the mix, then Axl would have been looking over at the monitor engineer or talking off PA directly to the engineer, then it would be something the engineer needs to do or is not doing, to work on it and get it sorted. IEM have changed since I started working with them as they are universally used. Often the issues are engineering related via the soundboard (monitor engineer) or a equipment issue. The thing that has changed is the quality of the audio dynamics via the drivers in the ear piece themselves. Also, the signal strength and distance has improved dramatically, with antenna distribution. In the old days you were operating the signal directly via the transmitor direct to the receiver. Today you can place antennas on stage to cover a wider area to cover signal blind spots. Signal would often cut out if the signal chain had interference like the lead singer walking on stage between the drum riser or amps, that's when I would get some confused looks from a lead singer, and some times a pissed off face. Nothing I could do via the soundboard, was may answer to lead singers after the show.
  4. Hey Axl. Clearly it's you, as you are opening up in a very personal way including telling us all your inner thoughts and feelings over the last 20 years. Oh wait, its a fan forum, comprising of people who have no actual knowledge of what's goes on in my head, an artists head or any other persons head for that matter. Thats of course, unless you have superpowers to read people's minds. Some of you make me wonder if we are in fact living within the Matrix.
  5. You have taken your negative opinion and the issues you personally have with the band, and that's clouded your judgement. Fact. 4 years ago COVID-19 did not exist. People at the show have clearly stated the venue was at a much higher level of attendance then the writer of the article suggests. Lastly the writer of the article is comparing attendance between Harry Styles and Guns N Roses. This compression is Apples to Orange's. Any one with knowledge on the Harry Stylus fan base would understand, a large majority of the attendees would be teenagers accompanied by their parents. Guns N Rose and Live Nation would have no concerns at all, as previous shows on the tour with higher capacity and attendance, offset smaller capacity venues and attendance. This particular venues correct record capacity is just over 20,000 set in 2018 by Shania Twain. You clearly don't understand how promotors operate in terms of profit and loss. Live Nation as the promotor would have undertaken research and would have established what markets and shows in advance, would make a profit or a loss based on attendance. They would have factored this into their over all touring costs, and would have a break even figure, knowing that higher attendance shows and profit would offset lower attendance figures.
  6. Great response and explanation. Some seem to ignore the obvious. Slash and Duff have returned, all including Axl seem to have put the past behind them, Axl seems a very different person interms of being in a happy place, successful tours by the band have been completed and are continuing and the band have recently released Absurd. All of this has taken place under the current management team. Give credit, were credit is due.. Lastly, the housekeeper reference some use, shows ignorence. Its clear in these peoples minds, a housekeeper has no skills and nothing to offer in life. Unfortunately, it's more of a reflection on them as a person and how they view life. Any person who aspires to better themselves, to benefit their family should be admired, not put down.
  7. Its probably the band being smart around COVID-19 protocols and the people travelling with the band. The band have a smaller travelling crew this time around and are keeping there touring bubble small. In the past, they had pyro techs travelling with the band, setting up the pyro for each show. Meet one of the bands pyro technicians in Auckland in 2017. Probably decided under current times to not add any additional elements and people not required to travel with the band more so as the band will be travelling overseas. I am pretty sure, the band could afford the cost of pyro, unfortunately we live under different circumstances in this day and age.
  8. Love how everyone is over analysing things via a live stream, who actually aren't there in person. Some of you guys, have some real amazing superhero powers, to come up with some of these conclusions. So much complaining on this forum. Until some of you realise you are in the minority, the better you will take the personal disappointment. To many assumptions, based on no fact. OK, so the band sound checked a song, to check their sound quality. Isn't that what a sound check is actually for. And apparently because Slashs girlfriend, live streamed the sound check and then deleted the footage, it's all premeditated to upset a few fans on this fan forum. Take a step back, and take the time to understand how nuts some of this stuff sounds. Instead of blaming the band, maybe next time don't believe your own speculation over facts. I actually have doubts weather some of you would be happy, even if you got what you wanted and probably would still complain regardless.
  9. Did it ever occur to you, that the message may not have been directed at the fan base, but might have a significant meaning or milestone directed at someone or something... For instance, this show could have been special because the lead singer was playing in his home town. The rose emjoi placed at the end of the message kind of give it away. Don't overthink the situation. You then, start to look for things that don't exist. A simplistic approach, tends to be the better approach. The simple answer is, it was a special show for Axl Rose as he was playing in his hometown.
  10. You should probably get over it.The guy has been in the band for what 10 years now and is not going anywhere. I don't know why people cannot leave there issues at the door, and enter these show conversions open minded and focus on the here and now.. Thoes drummers were in the past and not in the present. No matter what Frank does, you aren't going to be happy or pleased. Again, most of the independent reviews for this particular show have been positive and they don't mention or care about the drummers sound or if he is dull and boring. This show was classic Guns in relation to the curfew. Yes, they could of finnished before the curfew time of 10pm and the promoters wishes and cut Paradise City completely. But they did not, and continued to the end no matter what, and finnished the set. They did it in a respectful manner and handeled the situation well to not piss off the promoter, but also giving the fans a conclusion to the show via Paradise City. Props to the band..
  11. And you still haven't figured out that we on this fan forum are actually the manority and the causal fan base are the majority that attend the shows. You talk as if they think like we do, via picking apart everything the band does from Axls vocals, to his choice of shoes or boots he wears on stage, to the band choosing its set list, to people taking issue with the bands management. They simply don't have the knowledge or care . Their lifestyle does not revolve around a online fan forum. In fact these are the people better positioned to offer an unbiased opinion of the live performance. Those casual fans that attend the shows, often walk out having enjoyed the show and experience. They don't enter the show with any expectations or baggage in relation to Axls vocals, his level of rasp, lack of deep cuts from past albums not being played live or if they have heard Abusrd before. They don't over think things and enjoy themselves.
  12. You are out of touch with what the music industry is today and the fact the individuals involved aren't in their 20s and don't give a shit. It's called maturity and growing up. This is how the band and other artists make their money and all of them treat live shows as a travelling musical act, given the financial revenue created for the artist themselves. Do you actually believe the band is going to make a large amount of money out of a new album being released in the year 2021?. You do realise that in today's day and age, albums don't make money. Give them same credit. The have reunited and touring, there is a demand for their performances and that's a smart business play given the difference in the music industry today compared to the past (80s and 90s). There are a number of bands reforming and touring because it's financially beneficial to do so.. I cannot understand, what makes you think the band should cater to your needs and wants.. Did it cross your mind, that band themselves might enjoy playing those songs. If some of you have chosen to over think things and believed based on an assumption and putting 2 + 2 together that = 40, that a new song was going to be played at this show, then that's on you. At least put your hand up and own it. But I suspect, the band and their management will be the easy ones to blame.. for some people being gullable.
  13. Touring is were artists make the money these days. Not sure why the focus is on attendence in the US. The US has been and is continuing to be affected by COVID-19. A large percentage of the population would have been directly affected by COVID-19. Proof of vaccination will become a standard requirement in all of our life's. Live Nation don't seem to have an issue with shows not selling out, i would suggest they as the promoter would have accepted that risk and happy to take the financial loss on the chain. They will recover those costs from other country markets. The way Australian is going with a daily increase in community cases and unfortunately COVID-19 deaths, the Australian leg of the tour is looking unlikely to go ahead. These things are outside of the bands control. New Zealand is safe at the moment, with no COVID-19 cases in the community, but my hope is starting to fade, as its highly unlikely if the Australian tour does not go ahead, the band won't fly to New Zealand for two shows only in this part of the world. The cost of flying staging, crew etc would outway the financial return on two fully sold out shows. The band band is coming to Australia and New Zealand as they know there is a market that will pay to see the band play live. This market will attend these shows not because of new music, nor a change in a set list, or Axls vocals, but because it might be the last time they will get to see the band in their homeland. There are plenty of fans from different countries around the world in the same situation. You guys in the US don't understand how lucky you are,given you can travel within the US to see the band, not having to venture outside of your own country. I could be proactive in the event of the New Zealand tour being cancelled, and jump on a flight to the US in a week to see my favourite band live, pay the cost of travelling and tickets, no problem, but unfortunately in my personal circumstances, due to Covid-19, I would then spend 14 days in a managed isolation hotel, confined to my room, on my return to New Zealand, costing me an extra NZ$3,500. I might simply have to accept the situation, including the affect of COVID-19 on the world, and full back on memories of last seeing the band play live in Auckland back in 2017.
  14. Maybe some of us see it as just being a song..and there are more important things in life.. This song or any other song, you can choose to listen to or not, play as many times as you like or simply play it once and not again. it's just a song people, and if you don't like this song, then you can listen to your favourite song or songs from past albums at your own discretion. My personal opinion is simple. Its great to have a new song with Slash and Duff involved, looking forward to hearing this song live when the band tours NZ. Off to work to put food on the table and a roof over the head of my family..
  15. You are 100% correct in your summary. It shows how tight the band is musically and on the same wave length, including Slashs and Duffs involvement. The new album will have a vast array of different musical styles including some Slash and Duff influences in a different direction then Absurd.
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