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  1. Hard school in concert soon and then out as a single, that song will get a lot of airplay especially with football starting up, marketing is very key part to getting these guys taken seriously again, ( they have the kickass music most importantly), but that machine is what helped them churn out ‘Dont cry’ in September ‘91 and a lot more hit singles up till June of ‘92 I believe, needless to say I was a senior and those songs are burned in me in a great way , each song had its own hit video to boot
  2. Hoping 2-3 singles by November , then Boom! Mid November , Album! Merry Christmas 🌲🥂
  3. Hoping we get 2 or 3 singles over next 4 months , I really don’t think Absurd is gonna get radio play cause of all the cussing ( too many bleeps)
  4. Sorry back on topic, I love the soft Axl voice on the breakdown , it goes from super hard and filthy to Angelic and it just works
  5. The Catcher demo is hands down my favorite song on ‘chinese’ , it had the most powerful and heartfelt magic and soul since Axl did November Rain, he has these songs in him that are beautifully constructed and with his voice and soul are pieces of art come to life, we all knew Axl was a different kind of performer and that’s why we love him 🤘
  6. Amen! Those chaps that took over after Slash/Duff were Also called GNR but we know who made it all possible to get those timeless songs on AFD and it was AFD only that mattered........ period!
  7. They want us to wait another full year ...............fuuuuuuuuck this band! What a joke, turned into fuckin motley crew
  8. And let the rumors and speculation begin( oh wait , this is 5 years after their last real opportunity to be relevant wth new music) yaaaaaaaawn!! No one will ever touch Zepplin’
  9. 🙄 this band has done everything to kill its fan base ( more leaks please, ASAP !) 🖕🏾
  10. Gnr official Instagram says “ stay ready”, probably nothing but one could hope 💽
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