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  1. Amen! Those chaps that took over after Slash/Duff were Also called GNR but we know who made it all possible to get those timeless songs on AFD and it was AFD only that mattered........ period!
  2. They want us to wait another full year ...............fuuuuuuuuck this band! What a joke, turned into fuckin motley crew
  3. And let the rumors and speculation begin( oh wait , this is 5 years after their last real opportunity to be relevant wth new music) yaaaaaaaawn!! No one will ever touch Zepplin’
  4. 🙄 this band has done everything to kill its fan base ( more leaks please, ASAP !) 🖕🏾
  5. Gnr official Instagram says “ stay ready”, probably nothing but one could hope 💽
  6. Most big bands do this in the sunset of their careers, but Gnr skipped the best part of their careers and went straight to ripping off loyal fans, and to tease new music after it has been teased for decades is bloody disgusting, to trade what they had for greed still blows my mind
  7. Look at any pics of Axl towards the end of the illusions tour, his stomach was ripped and didn’t have any fat on it , could be wrong but you sing from you’re gut Be well Axl
  8. Lose 30 ponds, if you still love what you do , and do it for yourself, no one else
  9. Agree, wouldn’t even be browsing here if it weren’t for that dude, thanks again sir, we have to fight to be fans of a band that makes their fans feel like assholes for even thinking about new music
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