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  1. We can put it this way: Axl is a broken, wasted genius, but genius still. Myles Kennedy is biker gathering material.
  2. This is like comparing Nirvana to Foo Fighters. I would take Axl on a worst Disney Day than that singer from Walmart.
  3. Musically HS is more GnR, Ideologically AD is more GnR.
  4. I agree HS is a beautiful homage to old Guns, Absurd is so absurd that you wouldnt expect that even from a much more avantgarde band. And thats the point of rock and roll. Unpredictability. I am just glad that they are again discoghrapichally active. They were autotribute band for too long.
  5. New album should be called Democracy Lies For Absurd Illusions.
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