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  1. Listened to it recently and for me it's a forgettable album, the only banger is Beggars & Hangers On (which he should play live more often with The Conspirators). More than half the songs I already forgot how they went. The bluesy riffs are cool but not enough to save the album. Maybe he needed Axl to bring different vocal melodies and contribute to the songs to make them better, although other than the mentioned song I don't remember if there was a riff that was really memorable there.
  2. please do the 2012 02 arena show with izzy 

  3. ARGENTINA 1993 The show starts with an epic performance of Nightrain. While at the start of the Saskatoon 93 show (just a couple months earlier) Axl seemed less motivated than in previous shows probably because of the constant touring, here he is full of energy and in high spirits from the start probably because it's the last show of an endless tour. In fact Axl seems happy through the show, unlike other shows of this tour from 1992 onwards where he looks serious and even bored in between songs. It's the Skin N' Bones tour, Axl finally realized that in the age of grunge having backing sin
  4. I revisited Rock in Rio 1991 after a long time. It's a great show. It takes big balls to do such a big show playing mostly songs no one had heard. First show after sacking Adler and getting Matt and Dizzy (whom the camera continuely ignores lol). PTU is the song that officially kicks off the Illusions era and works great as an opener. Slash looks cool as fuck wearing a leather jacket and his trademark look, Axl has a white jacket with the band logo on its back. After it ends, Axl tells Rio he heard they like their "artifact ancient album AFD" so they play a very cool Mr. Brownstone, follo
  5. I recently listened to two pretty good bootlegs of the band and I wanted to post my amateurish reviews here, it's not like there's anything interesting going with GNR right now. CINCINNATI 2016 (Steven Adler returns!) Saying "Axl gets better as the tour progresses" has become a meme now but back in 2016 it's definitely true. Here Axl was vocally much better than in the april shows when he was sitting on the throne. Jungle is full rasp but Axl nailing that song in the early legs of the NITIL wasn't uncommon. To my surprise he even rasped the epic outro of Rocket Queen. YCBM was mostly Mi
  6. A demo of this song from the AFD era has never leaked, right? Would be cool as fuck
  7. Axl here was talking about the father that he would later say molested him? Or was that his step-father? I'm very confused.
  8. In the 2006 radio interview? I haven't heard that one in full so I may have missed that.
  9. Axl never gives interviews which is a rarity among old rock stars who usually at his age become "media whores" and appear everywhere they can to try to stay relevant. His small amount of interviews means that there are lots of interesting questions he has never been asked, these are the ones that come to mind for me: -Where did your classic vocal style come from? It's not a typical one and it's hard to imitate. How did you develop it? -There has been a lot said about the infamous fight with Nirvana at the MTV awards of 1992, can you give us your point of view about what exactly happe
  10. I disagree a lot with people that said that if it was good it would've been released so start fresh because imo Hardschool, Perhaps, Atlas and State of Grace are easily better than some songs that ended on CD (Riad, Scrapped and If the World got nothing on them) and those songs are just the tip of the iceberg. Also they rehearsed Hardschool in 2020 so Axl isn't intending to forget that song in particular. The ideal would be releasing both CD 2 songs and some newer songs together just like UYI was older than AFD songs and newer ones but I'm doubtful of that.
  11. How would a new album even work? CD was already a Frankenstein album (a collage made of diferent musicians recording separately trough the years piecing together different versiojs of songs), with the lineup changes since then an album would be a Frankenstein made of 4 other Frankensteins. I can't see Axl not using all the parts Buckethead, Robin, etc recorded, I'm sure he'd keep at least some of them (and me and others would like to hear them). Would Slash just re-record parts by previous guitarists and add some solos? I'm sure he'd agree to that 'cause it's better than nothing but I don't th
  12. 1. Right Next Door to Hell 2. 14 Years 3. Live and Let Die 4. Civil War 5. Yesterdays 6. Perfect Crime 7. Bad Obsession 8. Don't Cry 9. Pretty Tied Up 10. Locomotive 11. DTJ 12. November Rain 13. Don't Damn Me 14. Estranged 15. You Could Be Mine 16. Dead Horse 17. Coma -Singles: YCBM (B-sides: Dust N' Bones, Back Off Bitch) Don't Cry (B-sides: Don't Cry Alt, You Ain't the First) LALD (B-sides: Bad Apples, Garden of Eden) November Rain (B-sides: Breakdown, The Garden) Civil War (B-sides: Get in the Ring, Shotgun Blues) Yesterday
  13. I made this meme putting to use my knowledge of this band when I had nothing to do. There are more things I could've put I know. What do you think?
  14. They rehearsed Pretty Tied Up, Think About You and Hardschool in Mexico so hope they play them to "celebrate" their return. They rehearsing Hardschool in particular still seems surreal, it's the closest we've been to new music since the reunion started and then nothing happened.
  15. Atlas Shrugged, Perhaps, Hardschool and State of Grace are easily better than anything the other 80's bands that are still around are releasing nowadays, it's so frustrating.
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