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  1. I was very annoyed that they were touring again this year but that turned into hype when they rehearsed Think About You, Pretty Tied Up and Hardschool with Axl in Mexico, plus So Fine as a Duff solo. They rehearsed not one but four damn new songs with Axl present (first time they did something like this since the reunion started), all of them were GNR songs instead of covers and one of them was a leaked unreleased never played song that basically confirmed that it would be on the next album! That must definitely mean that the new album is coming! However since we can't have nice things on
  2. Wasn't the re-recorded AFD in Zutaut's locker alongside the leaks from last year? What happened with it, Rick didn't get that one?
  3. I found the full episode on a certain not too well-known website but I don't know if I should give much information here...
  4. I don't know if it's been discussed before but I was listening to this year's Charlotte show yesterday and I as amazed when I listened to the performance of Shadow of Your Love, Axl sounded amazing. He sometimes sounded like in 2010 in that particular song. Maybe it was my low expectations but I was blown away.
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