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  1. I didn't want to buy because it was a crazy price for a 7" but I'm a vinyl addict and knew if I didn't buy it for this crazy price the after market would be even worse so I pulled the trigger. And yes I as well will be a downloading motherfucker for the other tracks lol!
  2. I've Seen GNR enough times now first time was '93. So If there is no new music I'm hanging on to my money.
  3. This bad is such a dick tease but my Blue Balls are now turning Purple so I'm about to loosen my grip and move on. F this bRand! LOL!!
  4. Hahaha!! This thread is great! After seeing some of the juvenile shit that's posted on here it's no surprise to me some of you don't like Tool. Tool is a band for adults LoL!!
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