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  1. maybe that was the answer to the mtv unplugged thread... if judas priest can release a 42 cds boxset, gnr can release all the illusion tour in another boxset alao
  2. He made Rush fans heard YYZ in the original speed after long time a few years ago (but Rush fans never complained at the drummer)
  3. for me the key is the foo fighter drummer, with the original groove Gracias!! I also love UKJ and i could see them in Sweden Rock Festival about 10 years ago
  4. i saw think 'bouy you with Izzy in Spain 2006 (Almeria) Lucky me!
  5. https://www.ivoox.com/monografico-guns-n-roses-el-otro-spaguetti-incident-audios-mp3_rf_62358348_1.html
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