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  1. Eddie Vedder’s new album, his 4th solo and third since the last GnR album was released , is up for preorder now. Can we end this debate about who is or is not prolific with creating and sharing their art with the world? It’s tiresome
  2. She was really sweet and you could tell she just loves the heck outta Axl. When she got the whistle during PC, caught by her friend who handed it to her, she looked like she just won the lottery. I actually smiled just cause she was so happy. Such a shame that some folks took to trolling her post.
  3. Don’t know her name but she was in the middle front row at the San Jose concert. And yes, that’s an Axl tattoo on her left upper arm. Not sure what reason she would have to lie
  4. Any thoughts on what a 3 pack of the Bay Area concerts would fetch? Am I better off selling them in pieces? SF 2016 Oakland 2017 San Jose 2021
  5. Do you mean that you’ve gone to 3 on this years tour or you mean overall since NITL started?
  6. Yep. In November 2019 he was in the little dressing room every chance he got. Last week, he only went in to change his shirt and or hat and came right back out. He also looks like he’s having fun up there. He looks like he really enjoys playing DTJ
  7. The merch truck in San Jose did not have lithos for sale.
  8. 100% there are effects on his voice. I’m sure someone can correct me on the technicalities but there are delays, reverb and other things going on.
  9. I think it’s supposed to be some passages plus original music to accompany the book. It is an odd choice
  10. This was my 4th concert since the reunion and was the first time I saw Madagascar and You’re Crazy. Maybe Patience too I’d have to look that one up. Oh, and obviously Absurd.
  11. Dude, Slash was out of his mind playing DTJ last night! Please do not ever take this song out of the set list
  12. Something like, I know it’s assumed we would dedicate this song to Charlie but we’re gonna dedicate the whole show to him.
  13. Axl and the whole band looked good and they were on fire all night until Axl had problems with his IEM or something during Madagascar. He told the band to wrap it up with Paradise City at that point. I guess we only missed out on the Seeker and maybe Don’t Cry? Doesn’t matter though, it was a great show even with Axl’s voice issues. You can tell he’s trying his best. And Absurd is actually a lot of fun live! Repeating lyrics is lazy and all, but it got a good reaction from the crowd.
  14. I’m here but I don’t use my phone During the concert. Mammoth was way better than I expected
  15. I bought it just cause I have the rest from the concerts I’ve been to but I’m not sure this one goes up on the wall.
  16. Tell him to come out to the line and say hi to the fans
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