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  1. I wonder how many tickets they actually sold for this one. There are still a lot available
  2. Yeah. I gave in when the prices bottomed out yesterday
  3. The Bridge School could have been legendary if Axl was able to sing
  4. Just watched the Dr. Feelgood episode. I remember trying to sing along to this when I was 15 and getting winded. At the time I had no idea about line by line vocal recording. I just thought guys like him and Axl and Sebastian Bach were superhuman or something
  5. I received a proof of vaccination requirement for a concert that’s not until October. It’s so frustrating. It’s free to get the vaccine, we have more than enough supply here in the US, and yet there’s still a significant percentage of morons that refuse to get vaccinated because they don’t believe in science nor do they care who they are putting in danger.
  6. Well that’s the thing. None of AC/DC’s albums since For Those About To Rock have lived up to that quality outside of maybe a best of compilation of Rock or Bust and Black Ice, but they still put out quality music that their fans eat up. Me included. Slash wanted to release a rock n roll album in 95/96. And he had the music and a ton of lyrics done to do it. Add a song or two from Duff and it’s done. They could have released a new album every 2-3 years and continued to be at the top of the rock world
  7. True, but I don’t need another Number of the Beast or Somewhere in Time. Personally, I just think it’s amazing they’re still going strong after all these years. I really appreciate the effort they put into their shows.
  8. Was just coming here to talk about the Maiden release. Imagine a band actually releasing new music during these times. Very disrespectful
  9. That song is so close to being perfect but the solo is a bit too much. And I say that as a huge Rage fan.
  10. Axl was decent on it too, especially towards the end
  11. 5pm EST would be 2pm PST. Who runs this shit?
  12. The crowd goes nuts when they see him so I think there’s a lot of people that might disagree with you.
  13. Hopefully this includes a performance with Adler 🍿
  14. I hear you, and European festivals look amazing! Attending one like Download or Rock AM Ring is on my bucket list. Taking these festivals into account does change my perspective a bit
  15. At least you didn’t overpay for LnL like I did! I mean, I still enjoy it but if I have to hear one more time about someone getting an awesome turntable with their box….
  16. Maybe I’m thinking more about here in the US. I don’t recall NuGnR playing anything larger than an arena on their tours here.
  17. Yeah, Saleh was beloved by Niner fans and his players. The Jets finally made a good hire!
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