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  1. This is the first album I’ve ever heard by these guys and it’s awesome! Modern power pop/rock with swagger, love it!
  2. JFC.. Step 1 - Write music Step 2 - Record music Step 3 (and this is where things get tricky so pay attention) - Release music. This “band” is so stupid. It makes me cringe that the reunion was 5 years ago now. Such good times and good energy squandered by doing nothing. If you can’t write and record music when that is literally the only thing you can do as an artist right now, than you’re not an artist. You’re just playing rockstar, waiting until the lights come on so you can regurgitate the same tired schtick over and over again. 5 years ago it was cool, when concerts happen again, it’ll just be sad
  3. Picked up the Abbey Road remaster of CCR’s Pendulum, love that series of remasters, they sound spectacular! Also went digging and found some excellent copies of Double Vision and 4 by Foreigner, and Don’t Say No by Billy Squier, which I never realized was such a good album outside of the big singles
  4. So weird how it’s obviously the in show video board footage, but anytime it’s a close up of Axl they switch to that weird long distance shot of the stage. You can see the Axl close up on the two small video boards, and then they switch to Slash or someone else, and that is the next shot the video switches to.. makes me feel bad that Axl is so insecure about how he looks..
  5. God this has me absolutely gutted. Had me crying on the floor at work.. I was fortunate enough to see VH twice in recent years, and have spent countless hours mesmerized by the Man.. RIP EVH, my favorite musician of all time This year can go fuck itself
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