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  1. God this has me absolutely gutted. Had me crying on the floor at work.. I was fortunate enough to see VH twice in recent years, and have spent countless hours mesmerized by the Man.. RIP EVH, my favorite musician of all time This year can go fuck itself
  2. Added a bunch of stuff of the last few weeks.. Pearl Jam - Ten Scorpions - Love at First Sting on white vinyl GNR - GNR Lies Green Day - Dookie on brown Vinyl The first two Def Leppard albums remastered Bon Jovi - Crossroads Jonas Brothers - Happiness Begins And today I picked my store’s last copy of Jason Isbell’s new album on orange vinyl. I had never heard much of his stuff but I’ve been meaning to check him out. Man this shit is really good, it’s definitely my album of the year so far
  3. Brian was 33 and had been releasing music since the early 70’s when he joined AC/DC, Axl was 31 in 93. Depending on my mood, Axl voice in the 90’s is either really grating or badass, I go back and forth
  4. IMO Brian’s performance on the Back in Black album was in a league of its own, not even prime Axl could match the pure energy and menace in that man’s voice. I mean listen to the notes he hits on songs like shoot to thrill and shake a leg. Just otherworldly
  5. -Chris Stapleton -Shinedown (twice) -Alice Cooper, Tesla, Lita Ford -Rival Sons (twice) -Sammy Hagar and Whitesnake -GNR -The Stones plus I saw Dirty Honey last month. It’s gonna be a good summer
  6. 2 and a half hours of my favorite music, 30 minutes from my house? Can’t pass that up! I have no expectations for new music or any of that but I know I’ll enjoy the show no matter what so count me in
  7. I saw Rival Sons 5 times this year and I think it only ended up being like $175 total for all those gigs. Last big show I saw was the Jonas Brothers with my fiancé and they were nosebleeds that I paid more than I did for 5 Rival Sons shows. I had to not tell my fiancé how much they were or otherwise she would’ve told me not to get them. It’s just too much!
  8. On vacation in Germany, I was perusing a place called Second Hand Records in Stuttgart and stumbled across a copy of Its Five O’Clock Somewhere for about $165 USD, so of course I had to pick it up. The record is near mint with absolutely no markings (only played once) and the sleeve is in very good condition I would say. So stoked to give this a spin when I get home!
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