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  1. The one with the special material (or who could turn material into special one) sits on his avocado farm. It takes all 3 of them to make gnr happen and a bit of Duff and add a half spoon of Stevie into that πŸ˜‰
  2. At this point I would even attend club gigs with social distancint measures. desperate πŸ˜‚πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  3. I would πŸ˜‚. I miss concerts so much I dont care. Would go with a negative covid 19 test, vaccine (as soon as I get one) , even ffp 2 mask if necessary- just give us live shows back please! But the general public could be a bit cautious and events maybe wont be sold out. But who cares. People should have the choice to attend the shows or stay at home.
  4. I don t see stadium gigs happening anywhere but Australia before fall/winter. But I truly hope we will get club shows back by May/June. As for GNR I think it will be only Aussie tour and New Zealand but who knows if this pays off shipping the stage etc for such a small amount of gigs ? 🀨
  5. It s not sure the virus really started there. Nobody knows. And if so its not china in its entirety to blame but the idiots that sell all kind of living and dead animals in markets there. Finally if we lernt something: better animal protection laws have to bekomme reality worldwide. the next virus can happen anywhere as long as people want to buy meat for 1 Eur...
  6. There are several things other bands did just to keep in touch with their fans. No money related things ! For example: Skid Rowβ€˜ s Scotti Hill always posted on Insta what he was doing during the pandemic, he interacted and responded to fans. Offspring did many reposts in their insta stories of videos fans sent them - it gives a fan a great feeling if a band reposts their post... bon jovi did Q & A sessions for his fans, Skid Row asked their fans what merch we would like to have and constantly kept wishing us all the best and so on. bands did jams , worked on albums.... GN
  7. I think "not good enough" is the right guess... gosh what this band has become... how can they look in the mirror...there s nothing left from the afd spirit... not the same band anymore
  8. this πŸ’―. I ll rather spend my money on bands that ARE bands and not pretend to be a band...
  9. unfortunately you are 100% right. I hate this uncertainty about next year. I want to be able to go again to concerts. I need to go!!! like Skid Row sing "I need a fix of Rock n Roll"
  10. but every other band I know has already announced wether they postpone or cancel their gigs. that s the difference. of course if the universe wants to show us the middle finger, all postponed gigs could get cancelled again.in 2021 due to covid 19 but at least I have received information... from guns you don t receive anything - only if they want you to buy a children s book from fernando..😑
  11. I was supposed to see Skid Row 4 times. 2 shows are already rescheduled to 2021, 1 show is cancelled and 1 is under work for rescheduling. Aerosmith/GNR/Rammstein: no information yet if cancelled or postponed Novarock festival is postponed but line up is not announced yet (was supposed to see Billy Talent and Offspring) I miss gigs so badly ..... I hope at least gigs in small venues will be safe by January 2021
  12. They could have insulted just him. now they are insulting and embarassing all people that survived corona or who lost their loved ones.
  13. what the shirt says is "live and let die" covid 45. That s not standing up for anything!!!! the shirt refers to covid and basically means some live some die. the trump thing is an inside joke. they present to the public a shirt with covid "live and let die" on it. a virus that killed hundreds thousands people. some were lucky enough to survive... and then they have to read a disgusting thing like that... come on... trump is an idiot but GNR as well aftee this. They could have released a shirt with "fuck trump" or "fuck 45..."
  14. I hope he does sue them. I am embarrassed too to be a fan. Disgusting what they have become
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