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  1. And I would add that many people from SMKC are cool with current and past GNR members. Todd played with Stevens band Adler last week I think cause his bass player was involved in another project. Dj Ashba s wife posted on ig some ❤️ to Meeghan (if I remember well) and Meegan responded with ❤️ - so I think there are many cool relationships between several new and old GNR members and SMCK also
  2. 1993 Vienna from 2006 to 2012 - Nova Rock festival, Austria - Stadthalle Vienna, Austria - Schwarzlsee, Austria -5 times Nitl (Vienna, Prague, Munich, Leipzig, Poland) - 3 NiTL shows to come in 2022
  3. Well I hope they will check if people are tested or vaccinated. If not that would be irresponsible!! Live shows cant come back if people can catch covid at gigs… Why don t people get that?? Not referring to your post , but in general it seems that in Usa still a lot of people don’t understand the situation and the importance of getting vaccinated and tested… In europe it would not be possible to attend a gig without proof of vax or test. do you think artists will continue to tour if they catch covid touring cause staff/crew and so on isn t tested or vaccinated? Nope
  4. That s what I think too. The song is terrible, doesn t sound like hardrock or gnr at all. I listened to it and thought „are you serious?“ thank you, but if that s the future direction I dont need new music. Can t imagine that song having any success. But who knows.. some people just buy it cause it says GNR 🤷‍♀️
  5. This vip merch is so ugly - omg I can t believe they didn t create one decent article. If early entrance tix next year will include these items I am not gonna keep a single one 🤮
  6. He was not fired due to addiction problems. They stated that he didn’t give all 100% for Skid Row anymore and that he had other priorities. They meant his solo work, he did want to do country albums. For Rachel, Snake and Scotti Skid Row means everything, so when they get the feeling someone doesnt put the same effort in it as they do they begin to think if its the right fit. johnny was the right fit for a long long time but in the end he wanted to do other kind of music which is ok. Bless him As about his liver problem: don t want to speculate or spread rumors. There are two options why someone suffers from liver failure.. Rest in peace Johnny ⭐️
  7. RIP Johnny 💔😢, this is very sad. You will be missed by many! I was hoping that he could make it to the liver transplantation but unfortunately his body was already to weak. This hits me hard. I love Skid Row and Johnny did a great job in the band. Many fans didn’t give him the chance but those who did loved his contribution to the band. Thickskin and the United World Rebellion EP s are awesome albums! He was a good guy, always talked to fans and had a smile for us. this is all very very sad…
  8. There are several options how one can catch covid outside. Need examples: someone who has covid is singing or shouting in your face (aerosoles transmission).. uneducated sneezing in your direction... just some examples
  9. I am European, I am not xenophobic, I like people from Brasil but I don t like Fernando!! I wouldnt like him if he was Austrian, Japanese, New Zealand, French, Haiti, from uruguay or from any country in the world. It‘s the person and the job he does we don t like! He has not done one good thing a band manager does. Instead he acts like the biggest leech ever. you are accusing people of being xenophobic but thats not true! why do you feel offended cause someone offends Fernando? Only because you re both from Brazil!??? Cmon, I dont feel offended if someone offends someone from my country. If someone is a douche he is a douche , independent from nation and skin colour. Which achievements does he have to show? The most stupid merch ever? Having done everything to keep Slash away from Axl? Saying always yes to Axl so he is not capable anymore to hear criticism? He doesn’t deserve to be a band manager , he was just there at the right place and time.
  10. There is no way to hurt them and they know. They just don t care to give us any information. Only way to hurt them is not buying tickets any more onc covid shit is over .. but majority of us of course wants to see them again live.
  11. 🙁 I do feel safe. I would go immediately to a show! Afterwards I would wear an ffp 2 mask or not meet anyone for 2 days... and do a covid test 2 days after the gig to see if I am ok. if anything we have huge possibilities of covid tests for free here in Austria , so everyone who wants to be tested regularly can be tested regularly
  12. Which band and which promoter would do a concert with only 10% of the allowed capacity? It doesnt pay off for anyone. Would be just for fun and for the sake of music
  13. You might be right. I consider bon jovi s voice worse than Axl s though. it a terrible what covid does to our favorite bands - this generation of hardrock bands doesn’t have more than 5-10 years left and almost 2 years will be stolen by a fucking pandemic
  14. I hope so. I really hope we will get club gigs back by summer. But the rollout and availability of the vaccine in Austria is really slow. So I don t know. I am so hungry for rock shows😔
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