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  1. Tune down the songs is the most realistic option, we can't turn back time and Axl can't handle these songs written for a guy in his 20s with a lot of energy and anger and nothing to lose. And more slow, acoustic/semi-acoustic versions of as many songs as possible, would be a show a lot less energetic for GNR, but would be a very different more introspective and ''mature'' approach.
  2. If they're going to start a totally new tour design, i hope is on the same level of their contemporaries. The NITL stage inspired by the UYI tour was cool, even for me born ''kinda'' late to see that tour, but seeing a stage similar to the one from many videos was cool and nostalgic anyway. But we are now half a decade later, they need do something more modern and creative, even without new music. I know people like to talk shit about screens, but i don't pay to see ants from a distance and i don't have money to pay for better more expensive seats. So bigger the screens=better. They just
  3. If they do, i hope they are more prepared this time. That VR RnR HOF performance lmao. Why Slash? Why would you play Ain't Talking About Love like that? Just Why? Probably the easiest VH song, and the most iconic to me. So simple, so good. But i think Axl would do a great job in that song, it's not a hard song to sing, you just need attitude, very similar to some AFD songs in that way.
  4. Universal last year partnered with Youtube to remaster all their music videos themselves, instead of wait for the artists to make any movement. Some are just the SD tapes scanned in HD, just like happened with GNR videos some time ago. Some are legit 4K scans of original film negatives. Other labels and artists started doing it too. Just search ''4k 80s music videos'', ''4k 90s music videos'' to see a lot of them. And we know GnR do have some original negatives preserved, so i really hope we get something in the future. Unless GNR really w
  5. If only GnR was more like Metallica. Before the pandemic, we would get some nice songs from different shows all the time. And now you get one full show every week. But we will probably get an official upload of Tokyo 92 as if we coudn't already watch it on youtube on a thousand channels...
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