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  1. Universal last year partnered with Youtube to remaster all their music videos themselves, instead of wait for the artists to make any movement. Some are just the SD tapes scanned in HD, just like happened with GNR videos some time ago. Some are legit 4K scans of original film negatives. Other labels and artists started doing it too. Just search ''4k 80s music videos'', ''4k 90s music videos'' to see a lot of them. And we know GnR do have some original negatives preserved, so i really hope we get something in the future. Unless GNR really w
  2. If only GnR was more like Metallica. Before the pandemic, we would get some nice songs from different shows all the time. And now you get one full show every week. But we will probably get an official upload of Tokyo 92 as if we coudn't already watch it on youtube on a thousand channels...
  3. Shit, thats lame. All i can think is the movie Parasite.
  4. What about Axl's siblings? Woudn't be more plausible if in his will most things are left for them? And even if he doesn't have his siblings on his will, neither their children and his siblings aren't alive anymore. Even with a will with everything left to TB, woudn't the children have some chance to legally fight for some of it?
  5. So they're going to tour a new album with Axl's voice totally tired and shot after 5 years of touring? I dont even know if i would want new music like this, all the hype, nice studio vocals and then you see them live... 2016 was so long ago now, this tour should have ended in 17-18, so they could rest pretty well before touring again. Makes no sense to tour so much, release a new album and go back on the road so fast. Dont want to imagine what Axl would sound like after like 8 years touring non stop.
  6. They always say ''the tour'' is over when the last leg of a year is over, it means nothing. NITL is not ending in this lifetime.
  7. Why release a double album if you gonna ignore half of the songs in them. And GnR discography is already tiny as it is.
  8. Are you sure the broadcast isn't part of Lolla's contract too? I remember Robert Plant and Metallica were broadcasted, don't know about other years or artists.
  9. Nice they are playing here again, i guess they woudn't be otherwise. But a shame it's a festival, and especially a rich posers one where they are more worried about being pictured because of the clothes they wear and what's trendy and not really insterested in the music. For them eletronic music and live music is the same shit, just background music to listen while you get high. Its like our version of Coachella. lol I saw them in 2017 at the São Paulo Trip ''festival'' with Alice Cooper and Tyler Bryant in a nice modern stadium and it was totally worth the money. If it was there aga
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