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  1. Oh, I don't follow TikTok, but I think they have done pre-production (writing, arranging, demoing) but not actual recording/production yet. Maybe @MaskingApathy knows.
  2. I think that a CD type album featuring current and former "nu" members wouldn't have been possible even in 2016. Axl may have had that idea, but it wasn't realistic, because a reunion lineup - or, rather, a lineup with Slash - is not like any other lineup. Slash would never accept being just one of the guitarists on a GN'R album. I doubt that there had been any substantial discussions about new music at that point. Probably Axl just played Slash and Duff some stuff and maybe presented them with some ideas, they said something like, "Yeah, that's cool, we'll see," and that was all. That's
  3. I think the reason it fell apart wasn't just - or mainly - that Axl waited too long; it had also a lot to do with what Axl's intentions were in regards to the content of a new album. It seems that Axl wanted to release the second part of CD, meaning songs that were written in the early 2000s, with additional layers from Bumblefoot and Ashba, and didn't have much interest, at that point at least, on song ideas from the then current lineup. But they - Bumblefoot in particular - wanted to be on the new album not only as players, but as writers - in other words they wanted writing credits. Bumblef
  4. That was in 2016 though, in the beginning of the reunion. More than five years have passed since then, so we couldn't possibly know what he thinks now. But, regardless of what he thinks, with the reunion having become a permanent thing, an album featuring both Slash/Duff and former members from the Nu era is not a possibility, in my opinion. As much as Slash has been willing to compromise on other issues so far, I don't think he would ever agree on that - plus, it wouldn't go well with the public.
  5. Thanks. So that interview was in May 2014. As I understood it, he was just saying that they were going to do some jamming at DJ Ashba's home studio in Vegas while they would be there for the residency, not that they would be hitting a studio to record. I think that jam happened and, if I'm not mistaken, Bumblefoot later said that it was his last jam with the band - and also one of the very few times they actually did that as long as he was there. But nothing happened after that, at least as far as Bumblefoot and Tommy were concerned.
  6. Axl said in the spring of 2014 that they were going to start looking seriously on releasing a new album after the Vegas shows in June. Before that, he had been very vague about the follow-up to CD - a recurring theme in some of his interviews was "talking with the label." I can't find the Tommy Stinson interview from early 2014 that @Dean mentioned. But Tommy later said that they all "kind of left" at the last show of the Vegas residency in 2014. Going by this, as well as Bumblefoot's interviews after 2015 and the Fortus interview in late 2014, whatever was going on in regards to new mus
  7. The first written partnership agreement that we know of, which was linked to the renegotiated recording agreement, was signed in 1992. But the renegotiation had started earlier, when Alan Niven was still the manager. I assume @Beto 22 meant the threats to make Izzy a lesser partner in the not yet signed partnership agreement.
  8. She's been posting colour pictures lately. Maybe she heard you https://www.instagram.com/katbenzova_rockphoto/
  9. I don't think that Axl is incapable of taking responsibility. In the 80s and early 90s, as much as he tried to find excuses for himself, there were instances when he took part of the blame or tried to put himself in others' shoes. For example, he offered an explanation on why the other members might have felt that he had behaved as a dictator in Chicago in 1989, he understood that Izzy had a problem with him being late, admitted that sometimes Izzy was right and he was wrong, etc. And other members had mentioned that Axl would apologize to them later admitting that he had been an asshole.
  10. I agree that Slash made a conscious effort not to be spiteful in the book, both because he didn't want to upset Axl too much and because he didn't want to come off to the fans as bitter and resentful. However, I suspect that the problem with the book - Axl's problem - was not the tone, but the way stories about certain events/situations (especially regarding relationships with other band members) were told in it, where Slash subtly put the blame on Axl, and Axl had a different recollection. Like, for example, Adler's firing, or how the royalties from AFD were split: https://www.mygnrforu
  11. Curiously enough, in the book Slash didn't repeat the story of signing the name over to Axl under pressure before a show; he only made a general reference to Axl's "insistence" on litigating the band name - which, according to him, started after Steven was out of the band - but didn't get into specifics as to when exactly and how the rights to the name were signed over (although he did say that he and Duff were "forced"). Nor did he emphasize on their musical differences and their dispute over the Snakepit songs (but he went into more detail about Paul Tobias). So, basically, what Axl was resp
  12. I meant that it says "female" under my avatar (yes, the avatar is Patti Smith).
  13. Alright, thanks for the hint for what to look and what to watch, as I haven't heard of all of this or watched those videos before (I guess having transcribed them doesn't count )
  14. In the interview Slash mentions having been in Spain recently, which was in late March 1997, so the interview was conducted just a few days before it was published. From this and other interviews at least until the first half of 1997, it seems that the breakup wasn't seen as a permanent thing yet, at least on Slash's part. See here for more: https://www.a-4-d.com/t5024-20-november-1996-august-1997-robin-replaces-slash-but-matt-and-duff-quits#20307
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