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  1. Studio: 1. Appetite/Lies. 2. First UYI lineup (Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff, Matt, Dizzy). I don't count CD, because there wasn't a CD studio lineup/band but it was rather a long project that involved a revolving door of musicians. Live: 1. Appetite/Lies. 2. First UYI/1991 with Izzy (exciting shows, setlist variation). 3. Second UYI/Nov. 1991-1993 (some great shows in late '91/early '92 and NA '93 - the rest good, but I'm not the biggest fan of the '92 big band/production and the Euro '93 shows were a bit stale) . 4. Current (although Axl hasn't always sounded good). 5. NuGnR I/2001-2002 (Axl not in good form, but the "freak show" lineup was interesting) and NuGnR II/2006-2007 (Axl in great form, but less interesting band than in 2001-2002). 6. NuGnR III/2009-2014 (Axl sounded great in 2009-10, but that was the worst lineup ever).
  2. He has been talking to the crowd quite a bit on this tour, according to people who have attended the shows.
  3. Who knows if HS would have been played, but it explains why there was something "uneasy" about the show, as forum members who were watching the streams noticed. It wasn't just that Axl wasn't feeling well, there was concern that he might have gotten Covid. I'm on my laptop. I take a screenshot, upload it to a site similar to imgur and post the link here.
  4. Anniversaries don't seem to be important to him. I think he's just random; he may say something or tell a story on another random show, like the Don't Cry/Izzy one he told in Atlantic City, because he feels like it. Just like he may one time tweet about someone's birthday and another time he may not, or he may tweet generally randomly and then not tweet for months.
  5. Yes, Bad Apples had leaked in June 1991 and Geffen had accused a rival record company employee: "We have sworn testimony from radio station staffers saying the Guns N' Roses tape came from a Mercury Records national promotion staffer named Douglas Burton," explained Al Coury, general manager of Geffen Records. "It's bad enough that we had radio stations playing a rough mix of a song that wasn't finished--and was months away from release. But then to have the leak come from an employee at another record company, who tried to use it to get airplay for one of his acts, is just outrageous. It's like falling off a bridge--and then have someone run you over too!" According to Norman Beil, Geffen's general counsel, the label sent a letter Monday to Mercury Records, saying it had "definitively linked" Burton to the GNR tape leak. "We've asked Mercury to provide us with information explaining who he obtained the tape from and who he distributed copies to," Beil said. "We are also asking Mercury to reimburse us for legal fees and any expenses incurred in obtaining the cooperation of the radio stations." Asked what Geffen would do if Mercury refuses to cooperate, Beil responded: "We'd sue them--and we'd sue them very quickly." Mercury co-president Mike Bone refused to comment on the Geffen charges, except to say that as of Wednesday, he had not received any letter from Geffen about any Mercury links to the leak. https://www.a-4-d.com/t3155-1991-06-09-los-angeles-times-to-geffen-the-leak-of-bad-apple-has-a-rotten-core
  6. I didn't hear it. But there may be something having to do with Axl not feeling like singing it - not necessarily because of his voice, maybe he doesn't feel comfortable to sing it.
  7. Maybe a stretch, but I've thought it might have something to do with Izzy. They are both Izzy songs, and maybe it came close to Izzy turning up, but he didn't at the last minute.
  8. Maybe something like that. The first chorus is still there instrumentally and that wouldn't make much sense without vocals at all.
  9. If it's the same 1996 song that we've been speculating, it was summer of that year, so a little before Slash left - it could be said it was on the cusp.
  10. That was a cool setlist. Too bad it didn't materialize.
  11. There is sound if you watch it on TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@slash/video/7008627151993867525 It seems it doesn't work when embedded.
  12. Both Absurd and Hard School have been rehearsed at every show where there was someone outside to listen to soundcheck (at most shows there wasn't and we had clips only from Meegan or not at all). So I think it's safe to say that they've both been rehearsed at every show.
  13. If that rumour is true (about Axl saying that it would either be Frank and Steven or end of negotiations, and Matt was out of the question), I guess Slash and Duff could have equally said "it's either Matt or end of negotiations", if it was so crucial for them. But they didn't, so it seems that it wasn't such a big deal to them as it was for Axl to keep Frank.
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