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  1. I've seen them the two times they ever bothered to come to Greece: In 1993 (with Izzy) and NuGnR (also with Izzy) in 2006. I also saw Velvet Revolver in 2005.
  2. Or, since Slash talked about jams and demos, in the hypothetical scenario that they've written a couple of new tracks, Richard and the rest will be called only if/when the band enters a professional studio to record. They all have home studios (I think Slash's is not in his home, but he has his own studio) - even Fortus has one.
  3. This has been known since Slash's interview last June. Slash said that he had been jamming with Duff and Axl, but didn't mention anyone else: https://www.a-4-d.com/t5009-2020-06-27-sweetwater-gearfest-2020-online-interview-with-slash From that it could be easily concluded that whatever (if any) activity has been going on so far has been around Axl, Slash and Duff and no one else has been involved. There was another Richard interview last month https://www.a-4-d.com/t5036-2020-08-07-st-louis-post-dispatch-st-louisan-richard-fortus-calls-producing-new-psychedelic-furs-album-a
  4. I hadn't listened to this little gem from the 80s in ages and I hadn't realised that it sounds a little like Paradise City until I saw it mentioned somewhere. From 0:24: It was probably coincidental, although the Felt song was released in 1985.
  5. ^^^ See also here (and the following chapters): https://www.a-4-d.com/t4989-11-1990-moving-forward-with-a-new-lineup#19371 and here: https://www.a-4-d.com/t5007-17-august-november-1993-lawsuits-and-the-spaghetti-incident#19963
  6. Yeah (I posted the quotes on the previous page). The first part is accurate. Those were the terms of the probation: they expelled him from the partnership and made him an employee, and if he could pull it through within the probation period he would have gotten his partnership rights back, otherwise he would have been fired. The second part doesn't seem accurate. According to the reports at the time of the trial, which had Steven's lawyer as a source, the probation contract didn't touch his publishing royalties. What probably happened was that his royalties were withheld when he w
  7. The status has been disclosed in the recent brewery lawsuit and in the trademark office documents: GNR is a partnership of Axl, Slash and Duff.
  8. It may have to do with film producer Robert Evans, who died last year and Slash has worked with (he was the producer of the film Slash's studio version of the Godfather is on, and Slash was featured in Evans' animated series Kid Notorious) - probably a tribute or something.
  9. The reference in Kerrang, in 1991: "THE BAND had a rough demo of 'You Could Be Mine’ when they were holed up in Kensington on their first trip to the UK back in the Summer of ’87. Between those famous Marquee gigs, they played a song on a ghetto blaster and sang Axl’s lines in rough harmony. The band are now a little older and a lot richer, but this song is still the same hard bastard, only with cooler guitar breaks" [Paul Elliot, Kerrang! June 20, 1991]. * In 1988, Duff mentioned a song called "Cocaine Talking" which seemingly was You Could Be Mine. The funny thing is that he
  10. From "The History of Guns N' Roses as told by Guns N' Roses" at a-4-d.com, the last chapter on the UYI era: https://www.a-4-d.com/t5002p30-16-january-july-1993-the-skin-n-bones-tour-end-of-an-era Duff has also talked about the finances of the UYI tour in these interviews: Duff: I know we generated a lot of money on that 'Use Your Illusion' tour. Oh, crap, we generated a lot of dough. We were also… Our crew was a hundred and thirty people… A hundred and thirty! We had two stages going — we had an 'A' stage and a 'B' stage going — around the world a
  11. The forum banner I see on my screen now is different from the one before the update. Banner before the update: Now:
  12. It may very well be it. And there may be more, as Trump and Peter Brant, her husband, have been childhood friends and it also seems Trump had known her before through other channels: https://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-stat/graphics/politics/trump-archive/docs/peter-brant.pdf But later Stephanie didn't like Trump, according to Brant: And then Trump got involved in their marriage:
  13. Quotes: I started playing the piano when I was five, and I sang, alone or with my brother and sister, in a church outside the town. [...] It all started with gospel - I started getting interested in it in the ‘70s - and also with everything I heard on my famous radio. One night I discovered Queen. They had what rock 'n' roll wasn’t supposed to have: technique. They were a perfect combination of technique and rock 'n' roll. I read about them, and their tours, and their great success in Japan. I got piano sheet music of their songs, and, since my parents were clueless, when they forced me t
  14. Duff in September 1996, about Axl playing guitar: Duff: And Axl's playing rhythm guitar, it's fuckin' awesome. Who better? We solved our own problem. Who better knows what should be there than one of the guys in the band, so he's been playing. I mean, he plays guitar a little bit, and it's great because he plays so innocently! He doesn't even know -- he'll say, 'What note is this?' 'It's an A.' 'OK. So I go to the A and I go to the... what note is it?' 'F sharp.' '...and I go to the F sharp.' And it's cool! He knows what it should sound like, so it's real cool. It's a lot of hard work rig
  15. He took piano lessons for a few years but said he didn't pay much attention to them (because they were kind of imposed on him) and played his own thing, so he didn't perfect his technique. He has mentioned that he played on sheet music, so I suppose he can read music at least. He also said that a reason he used a fake orchestra for November Rain was that he wouldn't know how to work with a real orchestra. He probably, most of the time, has a general idea of what he wants in his head, but not a full concept from start to finish. So he lets it to others to come up with something and
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