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  1. I think that, with the exception of the first three years of the Project/Velvet Revolver, Slash did always want back to GnR. And they were always offered money to reunite. In 2005 he made that mystery drunken visit to Axl's house and apologized for what he had said in the press when he was promoting VR (he didn't say if he wrote it in the note he left for Axl or if he told Beta). There was a lot of smoke about a reunion in early 2006, and most likely there was fire, too. Slash wouldn't do it unconditionally, of course. At first, his main condition - based on his public comments, at l
  2. Yes, we do https://www.a-4-d.com/t3397-2006-08-31-gq-the-final-comeback-of-axl-rose @janrichmond the story with Axl and Slash's snake is hilarious
  3. Quotes about the song: Tracii Guns: I remember, when we were doing that EP for L.A. Guns, like '83? Axl was playing "November Rain" -- and it was called "November Rain" ... you know, on piano. Way back then. It was the only thing he knew how to play, but it was his -- you know what I mean? He'd go: Someday this song is gonna be really cool. And I'd go: It's cool now, you know? But it's not done, you know, he used to say.And like anytime we'd be at a hotel or anywhere there'd be a piano, he'd just kinda play that music, you know? And I'd go: When are you gonna finish that already, you know
  4. Yes, John Lydon's picture with the MAGA t-shirt is old. I suppose, as it often happnes, someone on twitter remembered it, then the media picked it up and then tweeter picked it up back. The interviews are recent though. In this one he says he supports Trump because he himself was accused of racism so he stands by everyone else who is accused of it: https://www.nme.com/news/music/john-lydon-trump-biden-incapable-racism-bloc-party-kele-okereke-2779794 https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/oct/11/john-lydon-interview-i-could-be-wrong-book-nora-wife-carer-trump-brexit So, acco
  5. Video for the long version with on screen captions stating who plays which parts:
  6. "No sympathy for the devil"? Is it random or does Slash want to say something here?
  7. Yes! I just googled and found him as you posted it. On his Axl Rose obsession: Every collection I design has a little bit of Axl Rose; I sneak it in somewhere, because when i was younger these guys were larger than life to me. When they reunited in 2016, his team reached out and said that somehow Axl saw a bit of this brand and he really loved it and was wondering if I'd like to help style a couple pieces. I ended up styling his entire look for the entire tour, head to toe Amiri. I got to meet him and talk to him a few times about Hollywood and growing up in L.A. and his origins of style.
  8. They don't have designers on tour, but they get some of their clothes from certain brands. Some of Axl's stage attire (jeans, jackets) is by a certain designer (I've forgotten his name), but he doesn't take him on tour - at least I don't think so. Most of his t-shirts are from various other sources. Slash and Duff (as well as other rock musicians like Iggy Pop) got a lot of their clothes from late Jimmy Webb's store.
  9. It's a spontaneous reaction to point at Fernando (a result of fan PTSD ) about everything, but apparently this isn't his idea. Slash had mentioned he had started working on this two years ago: “I’m working on a Guns N’ Roses pinball machine, but I’m not a big collector. They take up too much space and the missus is always, like . . . ‘Really?’ ” https://www.a-4-d.com/t3100-2018-08-10-the-times-the-guns-n-roses-guitarist-slash-on-30-years-of-hell-raising-slash And then it was announced in 2019:
  10. https://www.a-4-d.com/t4557-1999-09-22-rolling-stone-axl-speaks-out-statement-on-oh-my-god
  11. I've seen them the two times they ever bothered to come to Greece: In 1993 (with Izzy) and NuGnR (also with Izzy) in 2006. I also saw Velvet Revolver in 2005.
  12. Or, since Slash talked about jams and demos, in the hypothetical scenario that they've written a couple of new tracks, Richard and the rest will be called only if/when the band enters a professional studio to record. They all have home studios (I think Slash's is not in his home, but he has his own studio) - even Fortus has one.
  13. This has been known since Slash's interview last June. Slash said that he had been jamming with Duff and Axl, but didn't mention anyone else: https://www.a-4-d.com/t5009-2020-06-27-sweetwater-gearfest-2020-online-interview-with-slash From that it could be easily concluded that whatever (if any) activity has been going on so far has been around Axl, Slash and Duff and no one else has been involved. There was another Richard interview last month https://www.a-4-d.com/t5036-2020-08-07-st-louis-post-dispatch-st-louisan-richard-fortus-calls-producing-new-psychedelic-furs-album-a
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