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  1. He kind of reconnected with them after the band was signed. It seems he made efforts to be "accepted" by his stepfather until about 1989-1990. Then his relationship with them broke up around late 1990-1991.
  2. There is also a small clip from the after-show party at Vicky Hamilton's place, where Slash is seen introducing Vicky and Tom Zutaut (?) to someone.
  3. That Axl is very talented has been attested by almost everyone who has ever worked him (including people who haven't had any reason, motive or need to kiss his ass). Apparently it's a flawed talent, as it seems that he has a big difficulty in finishing what he starts, and an even bigger difficulty in releasing it, which has been often attributed to perfectionism. I think it's mostly insecurity - and that's where "perfectionism" stems from - which became bigger and bigger over the years (especially after he was on his own) and he doesn't seem to have recovered from it even with the reunion
  4. It's in the following link. The data about the remortgages, though, are about the period before 2007. So if it was only a financial issue for Axl, he would have done the reunion much earlier.
  5. Covid may be a real reason for not hitting a professional studio yet in this case - I'm not saying it is, but it's a possibility - because recording in a studio involves the work of a lot of people (techs, engineers, etc.). I'm not sure if studios were even open for business, at least for the most part of 2020 after the pandemic started.
  6. There is no indication that they have been in a recording studio. By that I mean a professional recording studio, which is the final stage after the songs have been fully arranged (SMKC hasn't been at that stage yet either, I think). They have been in their own studios, though - at least Slash and Duff, and I assume Axl must have done a minimum something in his home studio during all this time.
  7. Well yeah, like I said, it doesn't mean that whatever they have "jammed" has resulted in completed songs (pre-production), let alone in recording, i.e. production. (I think he hasn't recorded with SMKC either yet, they just have finished pre-production). However, as far as working on existing songs, Slash's comments imply that he has done his part and it's on Axl now. Also Axl's comments in the China Exchange interview suggested that he was willing to write new material. He said that the felt more confident to write than he had last year. But, of course, five years have passed since he sa
  8. Slash mentioned "jamming" with Axl in one interview. The word "jamming" doesn't make much sense if all Slash has done is laying down guitar on existing songs. So they have probably at least tried to work on some brand new ideas - it doesn't mean that they have completed anything, though.
  9. Just finished watching it. That was a very interesting interview, @Gambit83 I'll be looking forward to part two, as there was a lot of intriguing stuff said in the interview that I'd like to hear being explored more. For example, the other Rolling Stone article that David had nothing to do with (and yet Axl wanted him to apologize for (!) ). That was a really damning piece on Axl, which seemingly completely soured his relationship with the magazine (he never did an interview with RS since then), and I wonder if David could share his thoughts on it and on how it came about (supposedly Axl had p
  10. He said it more than a couple of times, and even after Gilby was out of GnR. Apparently, reflecting back on it later, Slash appreciated how vital the interplay with Izzy was for the sound of the band.
  11. I guess the people who attribute it to the weight gain have never heard of Pavarotti (and many other overweight opera singers)? And I believe there is nothing more demanding than opera. Of course opera singers practice a lot and they don't have to move much when they perform. The weight doesn't affect the power of the voice. The only effect it may have, in the case of moving a lot while singing, is loss of breath. But that is not Axl's main problem, is it? Besides, the fact that he performs moving around for three hours suggests that he is in good physical shape, despite the weight.
  12. Update: Alan Niven has responded to Mark Kendall's comments, saying, again, that it's all lies (he also goes off on Ian Hunter for not liking Great White's version of his song):
  13. Some of her Guns N' Roses articles/interviews (one with Axl, three with Slash): https://www.a-4-d.com/t4224-1988-06-dd-metal-edge-smokin-guns-n-roses-interview-axl https://www.a-4-d.com/t1792-1995-04-dd-metal-edge-welcome-to-the-snakepit-slash https://www.a-4-d.com/t1605-1995-10-dd-metal-edge-magazine-slash-on-the-line-a-report-from-the-road-slash https://www.a-4-d.com/t4736-2000-12-11-getsigned-com-a-conversation-with-slash
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