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  1. There is a bit more here: https://www.a-4-d.com/t4989-11-1990-moving-forward-with-a-new-lineup#19370 Check also the full GN'R history chapter for 1990, for a comprehensive presentation of the situation with Steven: https://www.a-4-d.com/t4989-11-1990-moving-forward-with-a-new-lineup
  2. No, Bumblefoot had nothing to do with it. Fortus recommended Frank. They had played together in the Psychedelic Furs and Love Spit Love and they knew each other before that (I think actually Richard brought Frank in those two bands as well). They both had also crossed paths with Tommy Stinson.
  3. More on this: Besides Vicky Hamilton and Doug Goldstein, other people interviewed include Tom Zutaut, John Reese and Monica Gregory. And Mick Wall who was also in the "Breaking the band" episode (as an "expert" because of his shitty biography, I suppose) http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news/2020/12/16/january-2021-premieres-spotlight-gripping-new-stories-about-stars-of-the-screen-rock-music-legends-and-true-crime-villains-277401/20201216reelz01/
  4. His image fit with what GnR was looking for and that mattered a lot, too. It was also an urgent situation at that point. Slash had approached other guitarists first (or at least one). I don't think Richard would have been in Axl's radar in the mid-90s either. It was Tommy Stinson who recommended him as a good rock 'n' roll guitarist who could also play other stuff as well. Axl could have used his abilities more, I guess, since he also plays strings besides guitar.
  5. Even if they were, it just means they had some sources among/about hoarders, which is very different from having sources inside/near the band. And they have nothing of the latter, as has become evident multiple times when their supposed "inside information" have been proven to be total bullshit. At most, they may have "information" from "sources" whose "sources of sources" are people who are out of the loop now and don't know shit.
  6. Now it's been confirmed that everything in the OP (except for Frank's like on facebook which which we knew about already) is untrue. So maybe the thread should be locked?
  7. Maybe the app you use doesn't work well. Here is my screen. Everyone is still following him:
  8. Yes, this is the official account. But as you can see in my screenshots, they still follow him.
  9. Why don't you post the link to the instagram account you're talking about? No one has unfollowed his official account.
  10. And which one is that? He uses his official account. The band account is also still following him:
  11. Where are you getting all this? Fortus is following him. And Frank is still following everyone, including Fernando
  12. From what I see he's still following everyone in the GnR camp on instagram (Fernando, Slash, Duff, Meegan, Susan, etc.)
  13. This actually was first posted on this forum.
  14. At least they post cool stuff like this from time to time
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