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  1. This segment must be from that interview, right? https://www.a-4-d.com/t3601-1990-01-21-mtv-short-interview-with-steven EDIT: I guess not, since the interviewer is a man. But it must have been at the same event.
  2. It seems Axl likes voicing-over himself as a cartoon character. I'd like it if he did his own surreal cartoon series, in the vein of the one he had done in 2001: https://streamable.com/dh9z0j
  3. It looks like someone had thought of that - I don't know how long ago - and wrote Scooby Doo-GN'R fan fiction with Axl, Slash and Duff on Slash's old fan site http://www.snakepit.org/scooby.html
  4. The "P.R.L" title was supposedly mentioned in an article in Portuguese, which is yet to be located. It was never mentioned in an interview. In 2001 a tentative date for June of that year was given by management (not Axl). Axl talked about new music in the interviews he did at the time of Rock in Rio, and then again (according to people who were there) at the Joint shows at the end of 2001 but didn't give a date. Then in 2002 he said what I quoted in the other thread.
  5. Just after the 1992 election, right-wing TV/radio personality Rush Limbaugh goes off on nudists and Axl as the definitive examples of the "degenerate" Bill Clinton generation - and Axl one of its "leaders", too: This article is from last summer: One of the most memorable commentaries by Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh occurred in the 1990s when the rock band Guns N’ Roses was living up to their reputation of do what you want when you want hard partying bad boys. The band, having missed several concert dates due to front man Axl Rose being missing in action for a variet
  6. Yeah, this is Slash at L'Amour: https://www.gettyimages.no/detail/news-photo/slash-of-guns-n-roses-performs-at-lamour-on-october-29-1987-news-photo/144017627
  7. You can read about it here: https://www.a-4-d.com/t5018-19-december-1994-october-1996-axl-and-slash-fights-slash-quits#20208
  8. He is both a guitarist and a singer. He had played with Curve and some other bands. Then he formed a band/duo called Sulpher. In this interview (Metal Hammer, 2001) found in a German (official?) Sulpher website, he talked about GN'R: Before Sulpher, both Rob and his skins-pounding partner-in-crime Monti were involved with some fairly high profile acts, and between them have played with Curve (an influence you can detect in Sulpher), The Creatures, The Jesus And Mary Chain, and they produced Gary Numan's stunning comeback album. Rob was even one of the selected few dozen to have worked on
  9. @SoulMonsterhad a conversation with Mike Staggs a while ago. There's a quote here: https://www.a-4-d.com/t4997-14-november-1991-april-1992-the-biggest-band-in-the-world#19633 So he might be willing to be interviewed on your podcast. And that guitar tech, Sean Paden, that I've mentioned before could make a good interview (he probably can't talk about the "juicy/dirty" stuff, but he would definitely have interesting stories to tell.
  10. Thanks. I found a source, too: https://www.cafe.se/dregen-avslojar-jag-provspelade-for-guns-n-roses/
  11. Izzy: Axl called me when he had the plan to play Rock In Rio. I don't believe that he hoped to reform the group as a whole because I am the only one that he called, but, in any event, I declined the offer. Maybe he estimated that his group was not good enough, all the same they had rather positive reviews on the whole. Axl is really a special type, he's too hard to manage. […] I already had this album in preparation and I prefer to leave on the road with my group, I find everything I need there without problems that occur when you're with Axl... https://www.a-4-d.com/t4708-2001-06-dd-gui
  12. - Considered for replacing Izzy in 1991, but didn't audition: Dave Navarro, Marc Ford, Mick Cocks (Rose Tattoo), Mike Staggs (Axl's friend and bandmate in Indiana who played additional guitar on Ain't It Fun) - Gilby, 1991-1994, toured and played on the Spaghetti Incident. - Paul Huge/Tobias: 1994-1997 undefined official status - played on Sympathy for the Devil. 1997-2002: member, played on CD and at four shows. - Zakk Wylde: Did tryout sessions with the whole band in January 1995. Probably stayed on hold for a few months until he got a fax (from Slash) that he wasn't needed.
  13. I found this gossip article about it https://metropolitanmagazine.it/chi-e-slash-il-chitarrista-dei-guns-n-roses-e-lamore-con-antonella-elia/ "Many people were convinced that Slash's great love was Axl Rose"
  14. With all due respect to Doug, his explanation about how what he said about the band name came out the way it did in the doc didn't sound convincing. But who knows what the truth is about those events.
  15. Maybe he started saying it later, because I found it five times in his forum chats.
  16. I think Axl also says "in my [our, your, etc.] world" a lot. Fernando uses the "in our world" expression often, too. He must have gotten it from Axl.
  17. I checked Slash's autobiography. "All this considered": 28 times. (edit: I meant to write "all things considered", of course) "this, that, and the other": 1 time.
  18. "We're (just) a rock 'n' roll band" was mostly Duff, and then Slash. Also: "(X) can suck my dick" (Axl). "... and this, and that, and the other," "and so on and so forth" (Slash).
  19. Just for the record, Axl didn't say that an album would be released within the year in 2002. Of course what he said generated reasonable expectations that a release wouldn't be too far ahead; however, he didn't give a specific time: Axl: Now, there's been some concern that if we play 5 or 6 new songs, then there can't be that many more on the album. Au contraire, mon frère! We're just playin' the songs we're not considering putting out as singles or anything. So you'll get 18 songs and about 10 extra tracks. And when that - when the record company feels that has run [its] course, then you
  20. "I wanna say that I learned that I'm as big as a house! So I think I'm owed some rent money! I think that there’s a little pussy-ass writer over at NME that owes me some rent money... for livin' inside my ass! Just playin' around. " [Axl at London Arena, Aug. 2002, reacting to an NME critic who had written that he looked "as big as a house"] "My name is Fat Bastard and these are the Yes Men." [Axl, introducing the band at Target Center, Minneapolis, Oct. 2002] (He was probably responding to comments he had read on fan forums ) "Is Conan here tonight? Okay, you know, Conan is Mr.
  21. According to Matt Sorum (see my post above), it didn't have lyrics then. Apparently Axl wrote them later, and yes, they're clearly about Slash
  22. Oh, I see. I didn't realise they had actually tried him out. It's hard to blame anything of what happened at that time on him, though. From a quick search I did in articles and interviews it seems that they liked him.
  23. In addition to @SoulMonster's link, the "Jackie Chan" song is mentioned in Matt Sorum's (not yet officially released) book as a track Axl had and the band was working on (there were no vocals yet), which Rick Rubin, who was very briefly involved, liked.
  24. Goldstein never managed the Stone Roses. There were only discussions and negotiations.
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