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  1. So we have: February-March 2022: SMKC tour (US). June-December 2022: GnR tour (Europe, Latin America, Australia/NZ - maybe they'll add some dates in Canada and or Japan, too?). January-February 2023: SMKC tour (Europe). I guess GnR are planning to do another tour in the summer of 2023, and maybe Slash will do a few dates in South America in March/April 2023. I don't think the timing of a GnR album depends on when Slash's tour wraps up. Now GnR are on a tour break and also Slash's album is released, but there's no reason to not release anything until 2023, since GnR will be touring in the meantime. So I think summer 2022 makes sense - but, of course, it's GnR.
  2. Actually I have to correct myself on this one: Richard, Bumblefoot and Del James follow one of his accounts. Also Perla follows him
  3. Izzy says "How are you doing, buddy" and Axl says "Good" and smiles. I don't think there's anything strange or that Izzy is hardly acknowledged. Axl was walking into the stage and it's not that he and Izzy hadn't seen and talked to each other before that show. On stage at the shows they were warm with each other, Axl hugged him, etc. The Bumblefoot thing... I wonder who that guy was. Security, I guess? And Axl didn't even look at him (probably didn't even see him).
  4. Tommy Stinson is the only NuGnR member that Beta, Del James and Dizzy still follow on IG (and Beta often likes his posts). I think Brain doesn't have a personal IG account. Richard, Robin and Bumblefoot all follow each other. Frank is the only one from the current and former members who still follows Pitman. No one follows DJ Ashba. EDIT: Fortus, Bumblefoot and Del James follow one of his accounts.
  5. It's at #13 on the Mainstream Rock Airplay chart (same position as last week - that's the peak position in this chart so far): https://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-mainstream-rock-tracks and at #27 on the Rock & Alternative Airplay chart (from #26 last week): https://assets.billboard.com/charts/rock-airplay Also #22 in Hot Hard Rock Songs (from #15 last week and #2 the week before): https://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-hard-rock-songs * In the Billboard charts credits Axl, Slash, Duff and Dizzy are listed as songwriters: (Strange that it lists Axl as "W.B. Rose, Jr.") The song still hasn't appeared in any PRO repertories (ASCAP, GMR or SESAC), though.
  6. I don't recall anyone from the band or management ever saying that. That's something only some fans have been saying.
  7. Not yet, but I suppose it will be updated when the database is updated with more articles after 2010 and @SoulMonster includes them to the a-4-d.com history section. There is even an unreleased Slash song from the Snakepit 2 era titled "All Things Considered": Slash: It’s sort of a Cinderella story. I met all the guys at gigs. I met Rod Jackson and he put a lyric on a tape of mine, a song not on the album called ‘All Things Considered’. https://www.a-4-d.com/t5252-2000-12-25-classic-rock-mr-brownstone-slash
  8. Only in Slash interviews (and 6 times in an article about Slash by Alan Niven) https://www.a-4-d.com/t4337-the-phrase-all-things-considered-frequency-and-who-said-it#24420 EDIT: The phrase is also found 28 times in Slash's autobiography
  9. We don't know anything really, as there hasn't been anything as concrete as an announcement. We've had some clues, though, which point more towards an album existing than towards the opposite.
  10. Regardless of what the press release says, it's safe to assume that Slash and Duff will have a credit/share in the PROs (when the song is added), just like they have on Absurd
  11. So I guess the media could have taken the credits from Genius as well, even though it's not an official source and fans can edit them based only on assumptions.
  12. Thanks for clarifying. I'm curious about the writing credits in the description of your videos. For example, on your version of Hard Skool, all members of the 1999 lineup are credited as writers. Were those according to your best guess? Because it seems some media relied on your credits to their reports about the song, and then there was a press release from the band saying that it was written by Axl.
  13. Yes, fake. Doesn't appear in the ASCAP database search. Exactly. Actually Absurd took 3 or 4 weeks to appear. This one might take longer, because it probably won't even appear at all on ASCAP (none of Axl, Slash and Duff are on ASCAP and it's likely that there won't be any other writers credited).
  14. This is not the same show. It's the show on the previous night (Dec. 19, 1989), the pay per view one. Axl and Izzy were there for Salt Of The Earth at all three shows in Atlantic City, but Axl sang backing vocals on Mixed Emotions only on the third night (Dec. 20).
  15. I don't know if you're joking or not, but that did happen. Axl and Izzy had guested at all three Rolling Stones in Atlantic City (the second one was the pay-per-view one) and at the third show Axl also did backing vocals on Mixed Emotions.
  16. Great interview and great story about the CD title track. Josh is such a cool and interesting guy. I loved that his wife was chiming in
  17. The single/"EP" is just a limited type release for the niche market of diehard fans who also buy singles in physical form and it's available for purchase only on their store. It shouldn't be taken as a "proper" release, in my opinion.
  18. It just says "no results found". But based on the logic of ISRC codes assignment and on examples of other bands, it looks like these codes may have been reserved by Universal for future use. * This is the database, for anyone interested: https://isrcsearch.ifpi.org/#!/search
  19. It's also at #26 on the "Rock and Alternative Airplay" chart (from #37 last week). * For the sake of comparison, Shadow Of Your Love had reached #5 on Mainstream Rock Airplay and #18 on Rock and Alternative Airplay.
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