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  1. The single/"EP" is just a limited type release for the niche market of diehard fans who also buy singles in physical form and it's available for purchase only on their store. It shouldn't be taken as a "proper" release, in my opinion.
  2. It just says "no results found". But based on the logic of ISRC codes assignment and on examples of other bands, it looks like these codes may have been reserved by Universal for future use. * This is the database, for anyone interested: https://isrcsearch.ifpi.org/#!/search
  3. It's also at #26 on the "Rock and Alternative Airplay" chart (from #37 last week). * For the sake of comparison, Shadow Of Your Love had reached #5 on Mainstream Rock Airplay and #18 on Rock and Alternative Airplay.
  4. I got you. But what do you think about the codes in the sequence between Absurd and Hard Skool that appear to be unassigned/blank? The issue we're dealing with here is not the gap itself, but the fact that the in-between codes are missing.
  5. Thank you for your response. But, like I said in another post, it seems it's different in the case of indie bands with no label, where the ISRC code is assigned by the digital distributor when the music is submitted to them. But in the case of bands that are with a label, the labels assign the codes before the music is handed for distribution, like in the example of AC/DC: the codes were assigned in 2019, the singles and album were released in 2020, the code for the first single ended in ...43 and and the code for the second one ended in ...41.
  6. The two ABBA singles (that were released together as a dual single): I Still Have Faith In You SE6XG2100101 Don't Shut Me Down SE6XG2100104 * Bullet For My Valentine: Knives GMUM722102481 (release date 6/18/2021) Shatter GMUM722102487 (release date 9/10/2021) Rainbow Veins GMUM722102486 (release date 10/1/2021) There are gaps in both cases.
  7. Yes, and the Iron Maiden ISRC codes order is the album order, too. It doesn't seem to always be the case, though. On CD, for example, the album order is different.
  8. Yes, this has been pointed out - although other people said that HS started like that live, so it's not from a previous song. But regardless, the ISRC codes don't seem to have anything to do with when a song is uploaded to digital platforms. For example, AC/DC's first single, Shot In The Dark, was released in October 2020 and its ISRC code is USSM11914743. The ISRC of the second single, Realize, is USSM11914741 and it was released a month later. Maybe it's different in the case of indie bands that self-release their work and the ISRC codes are assigned by the digital distributor, but in the case of bands that are with a label, the labels seem to assign ISRC's before the music is handed for distribution.
  9. I'm not questioning what you say, but just for clarification: 1. Are you referring to the ISRC code or the UPC product release code? Because the ISRC codes seem to be assigned before a song/album is handed for distribution and they are not related to the release date. 2. When you say, "when I uploaded a complete album all the tracks correlate one after the other, if for example that album had a single that was uploaded months prior it will use that original ISRC," what do you mean exactly? That the single had, for example, an ISRC code ending in ...12 and the album tracks ended in ...13, ...14, and so on? Because if so, that's exactly what we've been talking about. Or do you mean that the songs you uploaded as an album had all the same code, which was the code of the single? In this case, it's the UPC code. 3. How do you explain the blank spots between Absurd and Hard Skool?
  10. The ISRC codes for the songs on the AC/DC album are assigned sequentially from 14741 to 14753, and there are 14 blank codes before 14741. Based on this and on the example of CD, It seems it's a standard practice to reserve around 25 spots for a single album.
  11. ^^ And Iron Maiden: Iron Maiden Stratego 2021 5:00 GBCHB2100002 Iron Maiden Senjutsu 2021 8:20 GBCHB2100001 Iron Maiden Death Of The Celts 2021 10:20 GBCHB2100008 Iron Maiden The Writing On The Wall 2021 6:14 GBCHB2100003 Iron Maiden Lost In A Lost World 2021 9:32 GBCHB2100004 Iron Maiden Days Of Future Past 2021 4:04 GBCHB2100005 Iron Maiden The Time Machine 2021 7:09 GBCHB2100006 Iron Maiden Darkest Hour 2021 7:20 GBCHB2100007 Iron Maiden Hell On Earth 2021 11:19 GBCHB2100010 Iron Maiden The Parchment 2021 12:39 GBCHB2100009
  12. The ISRC database is of different nature than ASCAP etc., though, and the codes are not assigned in the same way. Here is AC/DC's latest album in the ISRC database: AC/DC Demon Fire 2020 3:30 USSM11914747 AC/DC Kick You When You're Down 2020 3:10 USSM11914745 AC/DC Wild Reputation 2020 2:54 USSM11914748 AC/DC Rejection 2020 4:06 USSM11914742 AC/DC No Man's Land 2020 3:39 USSM11914749 AC/DC Code Red 2020 3:31 USSM11914752 AC/DC Shot In The Dark 2020 3:05 USSM11914743 AC/DC Money Shot 2020 3:05 USSM11914751 AC/DC Through The Mists Of Time 2020 3:32 USSM11914744 AC/DC Systems Down 2020 3:12 USSM11914750 AC/DC Realize 2020 3:37 USSM11914741 AC/DC Shot In The Dark 2020 0:30 USSM12006204 AC/DC Witch's Spell 2020 3:42 USSM11914746
  13. That's the million dollar question. I'm looking forward to his response and hoping he'll shed some light on this. Given that the current members, as well as most of the former ones, don't talk, Josh, Tommy and Matt are the only ones who we could get this information from.
  14. If it was the same as the album version of ITW in the movie, then it's the same ISRC code. Shackler's Revenge is the only song that there's no assigned ISRC for "Version 2", but there is an ISRC for "stereoversion".
  15. I looked for the 8 codes in the gap between 42892 (Chinese Democracy) and 42902 (I.R.S) and they were never assigned - they are blank. It seems that more spots in the range were reserved (maybe for different versions/mixes), but never used. Also regarding CD, I see that ISRC codes were assigned to different versions of the songs ("Version 2") in 2009. There are also assigned versions in 2008 that say "Do Not Use": https://isrcsearch.ifpi.org/#!/search?artistName=Guns N' Roses&recordingYear=2008&tab=advanced&showReleases&start=0&number=100
  16. From here: https://www.ifpi.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/ISRC_Handbook.pdf 4.4 How to assign ISRC An ISRC should be assigned when all creative processes are complete and a decision is taken to release a recording or hold it for later unchanged use. [...] A.6 WHEN SHOULD A NEW ISRC BE ASSIGNED? The International Standard states that ISRC shall be assigned “before the full mastering process for the recording is completed”. This needs to be understood in the broader context of “mastering” which includes the preparation of physical masters and files which need to contain the ISRC before manufacturing and distribution. ISRC will normally be assigned after the recording has gone through the final creative processes which are also termed “mastering” –application of equalisation and compression to optimise the sound.Practicalities of project management may require ISRC to be provisionally assigned in anticipation of a completed mix. Allowing an ISRC to be associated with a recording as it completes its substantive production stages is acceptable and can have benefits for the continuity of other information such as data about performer line-up and other contributors. Such assignment of ISRC becomes secure only upon completion of a final mix, since full details of title, contributors to that mix, duration etc., may not be fully known prior to this point.Users should check on recommendations from Digital Data Exchange (DDEX) which is working on recommendations for the identification of projects in the studio. [...] A recording that is releasable (i.e. it is mixed and mastered) but is not in fact released may be assigned an ISRC.The ISRC shall be associated with the recording as it stored and, in order to avoid multiple ISRC assignment it shall be used in future exploitation of that recording, i.e. if that recording is later released.
  17. It's definitely the most solid clue we've had so far that an album exists. It doesn't necessarily mean that a release is imminent, though. It's possible that an album has been sent for pressing alongside the singles. In this case, the fact that the 7'' is being released in June 2022 means that the vinyl version of the album won't be ready for release earlier than that. Of course they could put it out digitally earlier, but, taking also Slash's album into account, I don't think that a digital album release months before the physical one is very likely. Maybe a third single in April/May and album in June. Either way, there's no doubt that it's the closest we've ever been to an album since 2008.
  18. Susan had posted on IG a recent picture of her and Stephanie Seymour holding hands (it was from a gala or something). As expected, there were comments about Axl and Stephanie, and Beta reacted to them saying they didn't know what they were talking about etc. Then she deleted the comments but stopped following Susan. But I think they're cool now.
  19. Even 23 (including the 12 blank codes between Hard Skool and the next release) is not far-fetched. It could include live bonus tracks like the "b-sides" on the HS CD and vinyl.
  20. I suppose three of the reserved/assigned codes (if that's the case) are for the live versions of Absurd, You're Crazy and Don't Cry that are included in the HS physical releases.
  21. I had a quick look at the ISRC Handbook It is strongly recommended that Designation Codes [=the last five digits] should be assigned sequentially within the range provided, and care should be taken to ensure that the same Designation Codes are never re-used within one calendar year. https://www.ifpi.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/ISRC_Handbook.pdf I think there may really be something here, ie. that an album exists. Of course, it doesn't mean much regarding a release date.
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