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  1. Ferrer Frank not so good. That guy belongs better in a band like White Stripes, the strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs
  2. Bro I just came across your post, but seriously do you compare Chinese democracy with exile on main Street?? CD is shit no wonder why Axl didn't want to realeas it. Exile was not so popular upon realease but years later it become a landmark album not only for the Rolling Stones but for rock roll in general, Chinese democracy 13 years later doesn't grow up in fans hearts and let's be honest still sounds mediocre, to me is a record that I Iisten once in 2 years full album that makes 6 times that I listen to it from it's November 2008 release, Exile on main Street I listen once a month, and I do
  3. The Paris one is my favourite from all the intros for November rain during UYI world tour, it feels like I travel to another dimension
  4. Every time I read the title of this thread I always feel that Susan(and I don't know why her parents gave her such name I guess Susanne would've been a better choice) anyway, Susan vocally speaking is the exact feminine part of Mr. Duff Rose Mckagan aka punk as fuck, pardon fucked as duff!
  5. It happened to me also in Holland 2006 I showed him a slash t-shirt (I still have it today) and Axl told me during patience solo you're a fuckin idiot!
  6. I m kinda bored with this pseudonames... The boss the king, queen, princess fuck that shit Before Michael Jackson became the king it was Elvis a king, and Prince the beautiful artist well was a prince indeed and Ozzy Osbourne is the prince of darkness, Axl was never called the boss and I'm glad if he wil punch some dickhead's face if he's calling him that way nowadays.
  7. They did GNR Lies too back in 99 and if u don't wanna pay above 100 $ for each CD u can download them from the Russian tracker
  8. For me the first time I heard it, I didn't need any info on it it was clearly Frank on drums (this weird dude that really after all this years doesn't fit in Guns N'Roses) and Slash just playing the old solo with another quitar (a Les Paul of course) that's it. Question solved
  9. None of us know.... Classic Ron wood
  10. To quote Axl... We re Goin try to sing this song that even Ronnie doesn't know...
  11. Are u the the real Mc coy dance artist from the 90's?
  12. I do remember mr. Brownstone had an opening intro from the Rolling Stones *not fade away, even Axl sang the opening lirycs of the song, must be a concert out there from 87' if I remember correctly
  13. The piano mixer looks pretty beat up, I wonder why Axl needs a piano mixer when he is a spontaneous excellent player, I remember all the piano intros to november rain were somehow a bit different night after night during illusion tour except the last minute when everyone knew that the song was about to begin
  14. This is the first time Slash talks about this publicly. Good for him that he remember this!
  15. At ritz 91 paradise city was played I think the 6 or 7th song or let's say in the middle of the set, 14 years with the extended solo could be a nice surprise if they will close with that
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