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  1. The piano mixer looks pretty beat up, I wonder why Axl needs a piano mixer when he is a spontaneous excellent player, I remember all the piano intros to november rain were somehow a bit different night after night during illusion tour except the last minute when everyone knew that the song was about to begin
  2. This is the first time Slash talks about this publicly. Good for him that he remember this!
  3. At ritz 91 paradise city was played I think the 6 or 7th song or let's say in the middle of the set, 14 years with the extended solo could be a nice surprise if they will close with that
  4. And I'm not hitting on you but we can chat in private any time you want, so pm me if you feel so
  5. Because some people think is wrong I personally think not, and yes it was a silent building, no lights, no dogs nothing, maybe I can do better next time!
  6. Man I don't want acces, I just said I will go by his house I will ring the bell and that's it, no hard feelings, comprende?
  7. I bet you're jealous of my intention but I swear I got 100 %positive thinking, you sound like a cop who's willing to bust my ass!
  8. Yeah could be, but this is what fans do, we like our musicians so why not pay them a visit, Jimmy page open the doors for his fans some years ago, Angus seems to be a nice person, I bet he will open if he is home
  9. Bro I'm not going to stab him! And his house is a building so no one goes inside unless he open the doors
  10. This and this, we should be greatful that we still see them perform for us, they didn't want our money, they have enough on their own, any time I get back home from a GNR concert I am in pure bliss and happiness for 1 month, not even my woman could get me that high, but we as fans we should respect them for performing our beloved songs night after night, who knows how this will last?but for this moment is still GNR, and they still have it, look at us in front rows, I bet u can see any of me or any of you down there
  11. I have to disagree with you regarding GNR sound, I wouldn't change a thing, this is how you hear the band live, I saw the many times from 2006 to 2018 and this is how they want us to hear them! In one word RAWGNR! OR Rock nfuckin roll or gnfnr
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