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  1. Is that you? I always thought that pic is Patti Smith
  2. Well it was summer of 93 just before I finished my 8th grade when I saw November Rain on MTV I was blown away... crazy enough my grandma shut the TV down when that guy throws himself into wedding cake so I did not know what band was playing, next morning was a 3 from 1 hits on FM radio and I found out that it was Guns N'Roses I fell in love right then and there and never stop even this day in 2021 I listen GNR daily, but my question is who was the members that get you attention the most? To mention that soon after I saw videos from appetite Era on MTV weekend and I got to see the previous GNR incarnations at that time, anyways for me was Axl & Slash who caught the most attention! Let me know who was your favorite 2 members as a duo?
  3. Larry mullen right, but when you think about U2 u think imediatly about Bono so Larry Mullen goes out of ecuation instead that guy The Edge stays for that famous fall out from the stage, so I stand my above case most of the famous bands are best known for 2 founding members or at least 1
  4. I don't know too many drummers(if) who formed one of the most successful rock bands of all time I begin a later example with our beloving mother fu©$€r redneck from Indiana Axl rose, and the list goes on, The Rolling Stones, the Beatles, the who,the doors, led Zeppelin, deep purple, black Sabbath, kiss, Aerosmith, judas priest, iron maiden... Most of these bands were formed by either combination of lead singer/quitarist or keyboard player..etc. so yeah in my point of view Lars deserves the credit for maintaining the Metallica legacy, not neccesarly being the best drummer but he was there all over the place, specially interviews where no other member could talk not being interrupted by Lars, that's metal!
  5. This can be some of the most ugly GNR related posters ever, I'd rather buy a picture of Izzy Stradlin passed out on a couch somewhere in the 80's America than this!
  6. Do you know where can we watch this outside us?
  7. I was thinking it is made in Israel since you said it was shipped from there, but judging by the Universal logo found close to matrix numbers looks pretty legit 👌
  8. Don't know why but according to discogs, the one made in Israel it's unofficial and most unofficial stuff on discogs are bootlegs, tough for the UK listings they have the same pics.Myself I plan to buy the russian Spaghetti incident which is pressed in a vinyl plant (Melodia, Antrop sublabel) which is maybe half century old vinyl facility, but it's considered bootleg.
  9. "That's where I got my high voice"after repetitive listening to the song Love Hurts by Nazareth. I'm sure I ve read this in an interview he gave In late 80's.
  10. Yeah I was thinking it was a trick, but given Prince body flexibility I assume he could came back by himself, a lot of Jimi Hendrix style in that solo
  11. We were playing three nights at the Tokyo dome,” remembers Duff. “I kinda figured out how much I was making from those shows – and it was a lot. Anyway, I’d bought a Corvette a couple of years before, which had always been my dream car. It was great. A convertible black Corvette. Beautiful. So after this show in Tokyo, Gilby was wandering around in this shirt that I really liked. I said, ‘Tell your wife to go to my house in LA and get the keys to my Corvette. I’ll trade it for your shirt.’ He said, ‘You’re fucking kidding me!’ This car was worth over $30,000! But I didn’t care, I just bought another one straight away. Do I still have the shirt? I do. It’s a nice shirt.”
  12. Prince being pushed back on stage was a stunt right?
  13. lucky Gilby he got the Corvette from Duff in exchange of a t-shirt while in Japan in 92
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