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  1. There is one for sale on the Dutch site marktplaats.nl (don’t know exactly which version). I am not interested as I am one of the people in the “nah... CD is not really GNR” camp, but of course that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to share the link here. https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/cd-s-en-dvd-s/vinyl-hardrock-en-metal/m1637245197-guns-n-roses-chinese-democracy.html?previousPage=lr The site has a copy of Spaghetti Incident - orange vinyl as well (have that one already) https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/cd-s-en-dvd-s/vinyl-rock/m1634491355-guns-n-roses-the-spaghetti-incide
  2. That they have reversed the picture is terrible. I will have that four times then: the black and gold splattered were delivered today at the local post office, the picture disc is on its way from the UK and a colleague of mine received the Walmart edition in the US and will ship it to Europe. Yep, I know, many will call me crazy but like to collect these items, plus it is the pandemic and I am bored 😂
  3. I will try this as well. Did you contact Live Nation, Eventim or Ticketmaster?
  4. I have sort of accepted that the German government has passed law that enables the promotors to give vouchers rather refunds, assuming that it will benefit the many people employed who would otherwise lose their jobs. For me it is okay as I do not need the money immediately and the cash would have been gone by now anyway if the show would have taken place. I can just wait for next year. But of course, appreciate everyone’s opinion if they want their money back. So aside from whether you want a refund or a voucher, what really frustrates me in this digital age is: (i) that Eventi
  5. A translation of the FAQ of Eventim.de: === Can I have the organizer voucher paid out in cash? Not right now. However, if you do not redeem your organizer voucher by December 31, 2021, you, as the voucher holder, can have the value of the voucher paid out by the organizer afterwards. === So looks like you will get the money back, although it will take a veeeeery long time. I assume it is not Eventim only, but will also apply to ticketmaster.de
  6. I did today 😂 But yeah, I think you are right, I am in the very minority
  7. I am not fully against vouchers. I appreciate that some organisations would go bankrupt if all money of cancelled events / travels needs to be refunded and that they have arrangements with governments regarding vouchers, these are unprecedented times. I am not sure whether Ticketmaster / Livenation / Eventim would go bankrupt, although a lot of people will probably state that they have enough money, are cash grabbers etcetera. If they have the arrangements with the local governments, these will then agree that it will be crucial for the live music industry to have voucher arrangements, so mayb
  8. Yep, it is a joke. Maybe it is different if you purchased a mobile ticket, but that was not possible for the Netherlands. But still, they should just process this proactively and automatically, they have all the info of their customers
  9. Well, I took the bait and just purchased a FOS1 for Munich. Even though Eventim.de has a very cumbersome voucher process for the ticket for the Aerosmith gig (you need to fill in the barcode of your ticket, then retrieve a PDF and send that with the original ticket back to them (maybe that is different in you do live in Germany but I am from the Netherlands), how old-fashioned) so I could not use a voucher code yet (and GNR Hamburg was purchased through TM), I could not resist purchasing a ticket for a show in a stadium with GNR history due to the Estranged video and it will probably be the on
  10. The two shows that I had tickets for (Pinkpop festival and Hamburg) are both gone. But there are still some gaps in the schedule. Hopefully they can add one or two shows in between (please do Nijmegen)...
  11. I found the orange vinyl TSI in a local record store in Amsterdam last year, paid €50. Quite lucky...
  12. Some gold splatter here as well on a Dutch webshop: https://www.platomania.nl/album/8733078/greatest-hits-splatterd-/guns-n-roses Want the Walmart edition as well but looks like I can get it only with some $45 shipping costs to the Netherlands :-(
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