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  1. 4 hours ago, Whiskey Rose said:

    You've got more cojones than me girl! I run and hide when Annabelle previews come on tv lol.

    I love horror movies, I just can't watch them anymore. So the Creation one is super creepy then?

    You made my night, thank you!:rofl-lol:

    Yes the new Annabelle is way better. You know the real doll is not that creepy right? All the opposite, the evil bitch is quite adorable looking.

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  2. 7 hours ago, Ratam said:

    Welcome!! Here have a nice place without hysterya nor agression very pacific 🙋🙌👏


    7 hours ago, MyPrettyTiedUpMichelle said:

    Thank you.  I'm out of likes, but if I could like your comment 10 times I would. ^^  I'm definitely not into conflict! 

    Peace and love y'all!!!👍🏻✌🏻

    Axl agrees. 



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  3. 1 hour ago, Kris_1989 said:

    The tweet to Mygnrfoum was definitely strange.

    At first I thought it was because of this thread but now I'm not so sure. Active forum members seem to have a hard time finding this thread so I'm not sure how Izzy would find it. Maybe it was Ronin's posts that led to the thank you? Ronin was posting quite a few threads about Izzy's writing contributions at that time so that could've been it.

    And we were busy explaining to Tori what :jerkoff: was in this thread... So I don't think it was for us. :rofl-lol:

    I'm still suspicious that he's somehow found this thread, though. Remember when I jokingly mouthed off and said; if Izzy ever unfollowed John Oliver I could no longer be a fan? and then a couple hours later Izzy unfollowed him? :rofl-lol: That can't be a coincidence, right?

    Our Supreme @SerenityScorp sent him the link remember? OMG :rofl-lol:

    Where is she? MIA too. 

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  4. I doubt Susan's insecure maybe just annoyed as fuck everytime people keep talking or posting about past gf, groupies, nasty stories from back in the day...I guess it comes with the territory but I don't blame her and can understand her. 

    As for the pics, she doesn't come here so I see no problem, if there is one the mods will let me know. 

    Worse things are posted daily and nothing happens. :shrugs:

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