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  1. Well this came out of nowhere. I for one think it's pretty fantastic that they tweeted this out.
  2. What I'm curious about since these holiday items are now up for sale, is if/when we're getting that announcement of the NITL blu-ray/pro-shot that Fernando said was supposedly coming out this year. Now, I'm not naive enough believe that's actually happening, but let's just say it is. If we do actually get it this year, I would assume they'd have to come out and announce it soon, no? To make the Christmas deadline and all since that'll be here before we know it. But again, it wouldn't shock me in the slightest if that was canned.
  3. Not specifically related to GN’R, but System Of A Down just released new music for the first time in 15 years. I’m happy for fans of SOAD, but man, as a diehard GN’R fan who wants new music from this band more than any other band, it’s yet another gut punch.
  4. This is the same establishment that uploaded a YouTube playlist labeled "Hammerstein 2006" and rather than having any video of, you know, performances from Hammerstein, it was a playlist of the studio version of the songs they played. They can be. I'm very wary about this because we've been through this song and dance before, but if they post something cryptic again tomorrow, that would be 3 days in a row, which we know for them is unprecedented. Maybe then, there might be validity to something, anything coming.
  5. Good for him. People can make jabs about the lack of new music as much as they want (this forum does it every day, and we have a right to do so), but in the grand scheme of things, new Guns N’ Roses music is incredibly irrelevant to the real problems this country and world are facing. Axl is an American citizen just like the average 9-5 person living in this country and has every right to voice his opinion. I for one am glad he has.
  6. This is most likely referring to the NITL blu-ray that will finally be coming. Remember, Fernando mentioned on reddit a few months ago that one of the pro-shots from the tour will be released this year. With the holidays around the corner, this is probably what we have to “stay ready” for.
  7. What’s bonkers to me (or I guess, not really), is that the band sent this company 18 FULL SHOWS from NITL to pick from. Meanwhile, here we are begging for just one song. All we know as Guns N’ Roses fans is pain.
  8. Ah, I must have missed that. Thanks for the correction.
  9. Well, you’re going to have to take one of those out, to make room for “original pinball music by Slash!”
  10. There are 21 tracks on this machine compared to the 9 (I believe) that were on the first one. That’s obviously quite a lot more. I’m curious to know the track listing. I’m sure there will be a few CD songs on there.
  11. As a huge AC/DC fan (with and without Axl), I'm very excited and can't wait to see what's in store. I love GN'R, they're my favorite band ever (unfortunately ), and I try to give them as many passes as possible, but it really is telling when dinosaurs like AC/DC seem to have their shit figured out in the current age. I didn't follow the journey to the release of Chinese Democracy as I was younger and hadn't become a fan yet. For someone who has - is this time period leading up to this supposed album "worse" than what it was waiting for Chinese?
  12. Wow...so I now have Coma and Out Ta Get Me in pro-shot from my first ever Guns N’ Roses show. That was really great. I’m content.
  13. Houston 2016 was my first ever Guns N' Roses show, so it's very near and dear to my heart. Not afraid to admit I'm very excited to finally see some of it in pro-shot.
  14. Basically this. In other words, it’s not Guns N’ Roses doing, and I doubt they even know about it.
  15. Do you know what the footage was? I’d be curious to know.
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