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  1. Thought I’d ask this here since I feel some may be knowledgeable about this and I just want to be prepared. So I’ve only been in the pit once before for a concert; it was for Guns back in 2017. I initially bought tickets in the 100 section for about $150 a year before but the morning of my show, I noticed that pit tickets were not only still available but decreased to $150 and thanks to a forum member here actually who gave me the tip of upgrading my ticket, I ended up getting pit tickets that morning still with the price of $150. I got front row, Axl waved at me twice; it was legit one
  2. I'm happy for everyone who's gotten/getting tickets! Cool to see some posters on here going to the Dallas show. That's the one I'm looking at as well. I was a bit annoyed when they took away the original Arlington date they had down so I'm happy to see they added it back (albeit in Dallas, which is close enough). I'll probably just wait until the day of to get something though. At the end of the day, Guns N' Roses is my favorite band of all-time and I'm fully aware there will come a time when all this touring will cease to exist so I'm going to enjoy seeing Axl as much as my bank a
  3. Might be unpopular, but I agree with this in a sense. At the end of the day, no one should judge how someone decides to spend their hard-earned money. That's up to them. It's entirely possible to simultaneously be disgruntled or upset with the direction (or lack thereof) of the band while also wanting to have a fun night out with your friends/family (especially after the year we've all just had). This is coming from someone who wants new music more than anyone. I'm all about people having a good time and if that means going out to see Guns N' Roses in 2021 then more power to them.
  4. This video is very loudly saying “no, Izzy and Steven will not be at these shows despite us using their likeness in the promotional shot last year.”
  5. Positive feedback and excitement for these 2016 Selects and it hasn’t even happened yet. Who would’ve thought giving us what we want (2016 shows) would cause such a reaction?!
  6. Can’t believe it’s been five years already. I remember it like it was yesterday. I wasn’t a member here yet but had been lurking for months; basically since it was announced DJ Ashba left the band. I don’t have the nostalgia of the old days, nor the nostalgia of the ChiDem era (2006, 2010 etc), so for me, this period of time is what I’ll always look back the most fondly on. Truly the best memories. Yesterday really was the perfect “excuse” to post some footage of the show for us, but instead they posted the exact same video they already shared literally five years ago.
  7. So I'm a bit of a younger fan of the band. I wasn't even alive when they were in their prime so I missed all the good stuff. I got into Guns in 2012 (a simply terrific time for the band, I know ), but didn't start lurking the forums until late 2015/early 2016. Obviously we all know there have been several periods of inactivity (on a public level at least), from this band in the past (ie Wilderness Years, the time after 01/02 and before 06/07) etc. So for those who have been around, how does this pandemic-era of inactivity from the band rank among the others? Is it as bad or as difficult t
  8. Here is another preview clip: https://okmagazine.com/p/reelz-documentary-guns-n-roses-axl-rose-self-destructive-frontman/ That reenactment was...something.
  9. Well this came out of nowhere. I for one think it's pretty fantastic that they tweeted this out.
  10. What I'm curious about since these holiday items are now up for sale, is if/when we're getting that announcement of the NITL blu-ray/pro-shot that Fernando said was supposedly coming out this year. Now, I'm not naive enough believe that's actually happening, but let's just say it is. If we do actually get it this year, I would assume they'd have to come out and announce it soon, no? To make the Christmas deadline and all since that'll be here before we know it. But again, it wouldn't shock me in the slightest if that was canned.
  11. Not specifically related to GN’R, but System Of A Down just released new music for the first time in 15 years. I’m happy for fans of SOAD, but man, as a diehard GN’R fan who wants new music from this band more than any other band, it’s yet another gut punch.
  12. This is the same establishment that uploaded a YouTube playlist labeled "Hammerstein 2006" and rather than having any video of, you know, performances from Hammerstein, it was a playlist of the studio version of the songs they played. They can be. I'm very wary about this because we've been through this song and dance before, but if they post something cryptic again tomorrow, that would be 3 days in a row, which we know for them is unprecedented. Maybe then, there might be validity to something, anything coming.
  13. Good for him. People can make jabs about the lack of new music as much as they want (this forum does it every day, and we have a right to do so), but in the grand scheme of things, new Guns N’ Roses music is incredibly irrelevant to the real problems this country and world are facing. Axl is an American citizen just like the average 9-5 person living in this country and has every right to voice his opinion. I for one am glad he has.
  14. This is most likely referring to the NITL blu-ray that will finally be coming. Remember, Fernando mentioned on reddit a few months ago that one of the pro-shots from the tour will be released this year. With the holidays around the corner, this is probably what we have to “stay ready” for.
  15. What’s bonkers to me (or I guess, not really), is that the band sent this company 18 FULL SHOWS from NITL to pick from. Meanwhile, here we are begging for just one song. All we know as Guns N’ Roses fans is pain.
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