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  1. Seems a bit ambitious to do stadiums without anything fresh under their belt. Stadium dates would make sense if there was new music coming up. But then it would make sense to at least announce the new single/album BEFORE announcing the tour to give greater ticket sale boost... This band never seems to make any sense and still I am surprised.
  2. Yeah, if they think they have to do it big way and have an impact they might have to do a reality check. The UYI days are long gone. Chinese could have been huge had it been released 8 years sooner. At best they have nothing more to gain than respect from their current fans - they won't have a huge impact at the current pop zeitgeist - so they should accept that, relax and just release anything. Or quit. Or admit that they are in just for the easy money. But continuing the tour for fifth (!) year, with no big changers and honeydicking people to spend money with vague statements - that's bullsh
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