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  1. Wonder will we get the update today as MCD stated.
  2. Update from MCD Guns N’ Roses Marlay Park Update:We are still working on European 2021 dates. It will be another week before finalising. We appreciate your patience & apologies for any inconvenience caused - hold on to your tickets and thank you for your support. Best wishes, MCD Productions.
  3. I remember Pink covering jungle back in 2004
  4. So if its reschedule, you dont get a choice in getting a refund? Only if its cancelled all together? Which Pearl Jam show were you going to? Ive tickets for london and Zurich but happy to hold on for the rescheduled shows.
  5. Why not? Surely even if they rescheduled and the date doesn't suit, you can get a refund?
  6. Looks like this show is gone too https://www.irishtimes.com/news/politics/coronavirus-gatherings-of-over-5000-people-to-be-banned-until-september-1.4234326
  7. Yes and the pearl jam fans were complaining that $103 for any seat in the house was too expensive.
  8. I love Chinese Democracy and There was a time would easily make my top 5 gnr songs, after estranged, locomotive, pc, jungle
  9. Ive been to a few shows in Marlay park although the last one was Metallica in 2009. Stage was located in front of the trees at the yellow tent, which is a much better location than the stage in this photo as the ground falls in that location. Also evening sunshine (if there is such a thing in Ireland) for those in GA may be annoying.
  10. Didnt doubt thay. Very surprised that they have both sections available so soon again.
  11. its being billed as the - LARGER-THAN-LIFE GLOBAL STADIUM TOUR
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