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  1. Men who write "OMG" are hetero as fuck.
  2. He looks like an Easter Egg after he takes his blazer off. And did he wear knee pads?
  3. Haha, yes from Canada. But Ive always heard good things about your weed too. IIRC people I know who visited your coffee shops, before we had legal weed, appreciated your hash. Because it was always sketchy to buy hash from gangs - who knew what they'd mixed into it. Ive enjoyed many Dutch strains that are grown too. But yeah, we do have some really good stuff here!! And the quality and regulations are awesome! I have an 80% THC 'live rosin.' Its like a knocked up hash that uses no chemicals to extract the potent "terpenes." And i know the growing methods, harvesting methods, etc. I love i
  4. Right, because your vapid inability to respond to my post should compel me to waste more time engaging you and your idiotic canned talking point. (and now, given the childish way your lot sees political debate, youll make an ego appeal that I havent responded and youve therefore proven your stupid point. See this post^^)
  5. That doesnt speak to what I posted.
  6. Transatlanticism, Death Cab For Cutie
  7. I know nothing about video games. Id like to get into video games, exclusively to serve my Star Wars fandom. I'm especially interested in narrative-heavy, character driven games. I have a largely outdated smart tv. Any suggestions for a console and games would be much appreciated! Cheers
  8. Yes, because the measures taken should be reflective of the needs of the US population.
  9. One of the main flaws in your post is the bizarre assertion that only leftist oppose “neo nazis” the other flaw - which you seem to get correct, and then suddenly pivot to an incorrect position is that, yes, a company has its values and is free to want to exclude and distance itself from right wing scum.
  10. Nice. I share that same preference. Here, our legal weed is sold in stores but a lot of it is sold from the online store run by the province. So the pandemic has made them waive delivery fees and encourage producers to reduce prices (because of economic uncertainty and low employment). This will ensure that the black market doesnt fill the need for cheaper weed. So Im getting all the best stuff for dirt cheap In fact it worth mentioning, I get the premium brand The Good Organic Dutchman.
  11. Very cool that he made those! It looks great! Perfect layout and design! I like the darker mulch look. Im glad it went so smoothly working together. He looks too old for your daughter. Maybe she want someone younger.... You MGs should be a sitcom, but maybe a comic strip! Sucks about your heater... wuss j/k. how soon can Craig look at it? That lion statue is cool! Thanks for the pics - looking stellar! @ZoSoRose mentioning growing cucumbers has given me the inspiration to make some crinkle cut bread and butter pickles!
  12. To have the apparently-mostly- white-teachers that this school has hired become more inclusive of all the other cultures, they should have our Prime Minstrel teach them the lyrics to the one song he ALSO once dressed up in black face to perform at a talent show, ”come me tally man and tally me bananas / day light come and me wanna go home”
  13. Those apple juicing machines look so cool! Did he make those?! Makes easy work. Thanks for sending the planter pics - you hadn’t yet. Looking really sharp! I like the design. They have a nice place, too. Im still sick and I can’t even remember if I went to the garden on my walk! Oh dear! Have fun!!
  14. I hear motorboats have proven to be a sound investment for MAGAs.
  15. Yes and no. I'd personally like a band to be professional enough to not employ a manager who slags off fans online.
  16. Very cool! Have you had the chance to already think what you might wanna grow?
  17. Well said. This is why they shouldnt over think it and be so scared of releasing something new. Just give us that GNR that is so universally loved And, indeed, folks are often taken aback that I - a hippy, punk, whatever - am a huge fan. But then they are always fans as well. Huh, maybe one of the few cultural touchstones that unites the masses still
  18. Nice! Im enjoying Rebels so much more than I did at first glance too (Which seems like ages ago already to me, somehow). Im not sure which of the two series is my current fav. I dont tend to watch animated shows that arent Star Wars for whatever reason. I think Rebels animation - though perhaps not as celebrated as Clone Wars - is easier for me to get into, if that makes any sense. Oh, thanks for info! I think I should just stop reading anything that's not canon, until I get a handle of the canon. I get myself all confused! lol I didnt think Trek fans were allowed to refer
  19. Have you ever seen me speak well of liberals?
  20. @action I forgot to say good luck to your son! Thats a cool father son project (even if its playing Darth Sidious raises Vader ).
  21. Ants have taken over my borage and laid their eggs. Never seen that one before.
  22. Once again youve missed the point () Im not intersted in your confused thoughts at all. The confused logic that has you use google to to verify how good google is. I certaily cant be held accountable for your presumptions on how serious I think it is, either. Get a fucking clue, please.
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