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  1. Yeah, that makes sense. Its pretty cool that some of y'all know the ins and outs of the Nation. Dont teach the Muricans though - with the rise of White Nationalism Im concerned that RNA would be a racists wet dream of a talking point (because they are dummies). Did you mostly learn through Wu Tang, or? I learned about the Zapatistas through rage agsint the machine.
  2. I hope your couch travels took you to exciting places. Thats a great idea for wheeling the coleus in and out of garage. Im still really sick as it turns out had my own little thanksgiving meal with herbs form the garden. I just want to curl up on a mossy rock deep in a summer time boreal forest with some sweet spring water trickling nearby... but the clinic is a little more of a waiting room, chemical smells and grumpy people
  3. Maybe worth noting, that while the Kurds are majority Muslim they also have adherents to a number of faiths. They have demonstrated an ability to respect and tolerate one another’s beliefs. Of the minority faiths Christianity is the largest. There’s cases of Christian Kurds and Muslim Kurds living together in same village. Kurds have also demonstrated the ability to progress in social values on their own accord, with women gaining more ‘rights’ and freedoms over last decades in many cases. one lever to debate trumps “Christian” base could be the plea for fellow christians. (Not that
  4. Yeah, he'd well deserve a nice clunky, gold Wu Tang pendent around the neck to attend the cricket in. Probably a stupid question, but did the Nation of Islam have any sort of representation in UK? Like, I know it wasnt even really even US wide. But did it inspire anything over there? The Panthers were a US party with operations out of Algeria and chapters in the UK. Did the Nation also appear in the UK?
  5. Dies sounds like proper Wu Tang!
  6. He didnt discover shit and neither did vikings or Cabot.
  7. Its thanksgiving here and I just about finished my harvest today. Sage for the bird and stuffing. Tarragon on the sweet potatoes. . I live on occupied territory and I'll be fucked to celebrate genocide and colonization, though. Columbus can get fucked. But the harvest is a magical time!!
  8. His fixation on you is very creepy to observe!
  9. I made it over to harvest my lavender. Now its just kale and perennials in there. The lavender was starting to flower so I left some of it in on the off chance it survives winter. Sat there with teeth chattering from the cold air and sickness, planing out next years bed Maybe that garage will always give you something to do? Im glad your kid will be home soon Where will you flee master gardener madness too?
  10. Yeah, I showed you - because you repealed a law agsint zoophilia in the 70s and only reinstated it well in the the 2000s! This guy must be German, yeah?
  11. Well if its any consolation to the Brits and their face sitting obsession the Norway stereotype here, as you know, is zoophilia. I guess all Europeans are super freaks?
  12. Yeah, its great to learn about UK on here! There was a time when I would complain about how everything turned into Brit-talk. Fast forward to today and I love it so much that I keep a folder with all the links posted to good UK food for if I ever get to visit. And I follow some Brit Youtubers as a result too I did see those rednecks! Fucking classic
  13. Which part? The act and its widespread popularity? The ban? The protest? Or its enduring legacy as the rightful image to be displayed on your flag?
  14. Brits made a fuss when your gov banned the sex act of "face sitting" in porn . This is a large part of your nations legacy where I live - 'I demand the right to have women sit on my face!!' https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2014/dec/12/face-sitting-protest-outside-parliament-against-new-porn-rules
  15. Also bad teeth, face sitting and eloquently stated resentments
  16. Well, action, you certainly have a unique way of processing information. And I havent any idea what you are taking about here?
  17. You Master Gardeners have all the good toys! Yeah, wasnt trying to shame y'all. Hopefully we can find suitable replacements soon! Im with you - these plants need our care especially at this time of year. All that hard work to care for them all season long to then just turn your back on them Like gardening can be a hobby, and yes lots of garnering stuff is tossed into the compost, but its wrong to view plants as disposable in the greatest sense of the word. Grrr. And that attitude doesn't respect all that you've put into it either. Sill no gardening for me. Beaker is happy to
  18. Well this is why hippies eat lots of granola and nuts - to keep energy up for the harder work of simple living and to keep blood sugar balanced so as to not get a case of the grumpies ~ Keep calm and call your MP to demand system change ~
  19. Greta will return to Canada! To the heart of the oil patches, Alberta. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/greta-thunberg-alberta-climate-change-swedish-1.5319889 Stooge Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta, suggests that this teenager visit known human rights abusers like China and Saudi Arabia. A thinly veiled threat on the heels of his comments that Russias imprisonment of Green Peace activists should be "Instructive" to law enforcement as well as his peers in Oil and Gas. pos. "CBC News reached out to the province to inquire whether Premier Jason Kenney or any ministers woul
  20. A Monday. I heard its likely during Monday Night Football?
  21. Is there any historical precedence in the Westminster Parliamentarian system where we just get Layla Moran, Nandy and that one other chick to just fight it all out with Pritti and Hartley-Brewer? Winner takes all. Maybe Cathouse style
  22. Everything was racist, so therefore he wasnt racist. Its about context. Which means that in the context of our times, now that we have 11 years to seriously curb emissions, Churchill would be an "environmental nutter." ^^ This may or may not make sense as Ive just woken from a feverish dream. You were all in it having posted in this thread and then fallen directly to sleep - and Dies does have a jheri curl!
  23. Ah, right. I’ve seen that but it didn’t come to mind. I thought it meant victory though. Giving the middle finger here is called “flipping the bird” so that’s maybe sent me down that other avenue.
  24. That means something different here
  25. I dont have worms!! Neat article, thanks Oh I see. Im putting some Bee Balm in next year. I can somewhat infer what a "brush hog" is but Ive not seen one. What is it? We have no venomous snakes in my direct vicinity but we do have a small feral population of Black Widow spiders. My neighbour got bit and was hospitalized. Nothing wrong with a good ol fax machine Okay I will go to Dr, thanks. Wont be till tuesday because tomorrow is a holiday and I dont want to log up emergency unless I really need it then I will go. Even my teeth hurt! Maybe theres something other t
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