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  1. I hate to complicate things further, but this Canuck is addicted to Banh Mi and as such is into China Town frequently (even though Banh mi is Vietnamese). And there are a lot of Buddhist centres that have swastikas in their carved and/or painted entrance ways. Never just a big ol swastika, mind. They are often part of a larger, ornate thing. And are usually on an angle, compared to the NAZIs one. TBH Ive never really thought twice about it. I also was given a copy of the Falun Gong book that has a swastika on the inside flap. ("blame it on the Falun Gong..") They are out in front of
  2. With pandemic brain, all this India talk is just making me pine for Indian lunch buffet. Will I ever get to have Indian lunch buffet ever again? Also, no one has strong feelings about if Spread Eagle Bay should change its name? Or Ass Rock?
  3. I kinda think that the pandemic and attendant lock downs have giving more people the opportunity to reflect on the world. And its a fast paced world that is headed towards exponential changes. Cancel cultures been around for minute (cancelling, 2013, cancel culture 2017) but is only now being widely discussed. Its the perfect storm - Its a topic one may have missed in their busy lives that also touches on fears of the changes in todays society. But like, lets cancel fossil fuels! Id certainly expect to see examples of it in this thread if it were more 'real.' Instead we see p
  4. Its so Guns that they posted a cover song. And even more Guns that its a cover that they havent even done a studio recording of, lol
  5. I agree with you, but isnt that sad that hes not brimming with ideas and creative projects? Calling up Slash with a new vocal idea? THinking of ideas for the new staging, etc? But yeah, as it is there is no need for him to be engaged with his own band.
  6. No more scraping! Yay! You need to turn the pressure washer onto yourself after all that work Well deserved treat - I like the stone wash too! Planting with an auger is so bad ass!! Have you talked to Susan at all? How are things? HAHAHA! Well... I mean you dont hear too many non-republicans saying the virus will just go away after the election! Is he gonna be calling you to visit him at his window? lol My buddys out picking up my package from the post office - I think its my new cowboy hat!! Too bad its early fall, but Im still gonna wear it... even inside lol
  7. No, I understand that they are anarchists because you, DHS and a misreading of the dictionary says they are
  8. 'They are anarchist! Because they identify as Marxist! Why are you ignoring facts!' Hysterical
  9. So... not anarchist. Back to red baiting. Its like shooting fish in a barrel with you lot. Your ignorance is mind boggling. But in todays world ignorance keeps you aligned with the many. I wish it had educated you on what a decentralized movement is
  10. Love the shirt!! Vintage look. Is that the one you pre ordered - I thought that other one looked different, for some reason? I sure hope to get to homestead, off grid, one day! Power an electric car and everything! Turns out its really fun building a sustainable future Nice, glad you got the waystation seen too! The climbing beans have strangled the echanecea. Actually the beans are so tangled into everything that I think all the garden might come out with one strong pull!
  11. iirc Duff and family also have a home in LA? "That's a question for management" as Frank would say! lol
  12. Or Axl and Slash work together on polishing up live recordings...
  13. Well... its nice to know that the right finally got the memo that red baiting is dead. However, there is still nothing beyond DHS propaganda, Trump propaganda or the inability to correctly use a dictionary that suggests an anarchist ideological foundation. Also it remains a decentralized movement whether or not you and the libs can understand what that means. I guess you might want to do some reading up yourself!
  14. Cool - a waystation! I want to make one! Youve still got a very full plate!! Lily, no! I hope she just needed something she ate to get out. Yikes cat puke on the carpet though! Lol i think I’m starting to get there with upping my solar game. The beginner rigs are all DC power and USB. Meaning they can’t power most appliances that plug into our AC sockets. That’s what I have now. But I’m settling in on some options with inverters to get AC currents to appropriate wattage. I need the simple “plug and play” designs to start. So I can afford an AC rig that can run 7 hours at fu
  15. Other town names in Canada, - Dildo, Newfoundland And Labrador - Punkeydoodles Corner, Ontario - Balls Falls, Ontario - Spread Eagle Bay, NEwfoundland And Labrador others locations in the same region include, Conception Bay, Ass Rock, Ass Hill and Tickle Cove - Stoner, British Columbia That last ones perfect. But I won’t name names
  16. I dont think so - not necessarily. I neither think its a sure bet that it would be subpar. And also the bands youve listed have had many other well received albums. AC/DC has any number including Razors Edge, Stones has Tattoo You and Vodoo Lounge - heck there pandemic song was well received just months ago! Metallica fans were pleased with Hardwired and they even keep numerous tracks form it in their set lists. Also Bowie had his Heathen and Reality 'creative resurgence.' People are loving the new Ozzy. And imho its fairly subpar and derivative. But people just love hearing new Ozzy.
  17. Sure doesnt make sense to me. Our leaders are scolding us left and right as further restrictions are implemented.
  18. For me, things like cementing ones legacy in 4 albums is all well and good from the perspective of legacy. But for the hardcore fan base it seems irrelevant. Of course we want more music even if future people wont celebrate it the same. We can still love it! But the fact is, that they could also have more huge songs and releases that would be part of the legacy, not forgotten. Take Pink Floyd, they'd have at least a minor legacy had they stopped when Syd Barret left in the late 60s. And then they did indeed have a 4 legendary album run (Dark Side - The Wall). But after that, and afte
  19. I am not feeling these. To me they sound like a poor mans Maggie Rogers. Its not even like SP without guitars, its more like Metric without the guitars. Yeah, heres hoping that theres more the the record.
  20. I wonder if Axl ever thinks about Guns, without it being brought up to him by someone else?
  21. I imagine those laundry folks have come across some unspeakable things! I love that he was a drill sergeant! And the hair?! Very cool. This is promising news for those of us with our pandemic hairdos lol I love a walk at night, hadnt taken one for a while until the pandemic. Whats your dogs name? I started doing streches at home too and sometimes I wear a posture correcter with all this increased sitting. I think I can relate about your pause in painting. We are in second wave here so Im, personally, back to lockdown. And all the stuff I was busy with and excited about last lockdown
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