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  1. The butterfly garden is bigger than I was picturing. I like the look you are going for! Youve got your work cut out for you! A "weathered look." That works Its like how my cooking is "Rustic." lol Im jealous that you are still gardening. lol I hope thats the end of this issue for Simone! DId Lily go into hiding at the sight of the travel case again? Thats great news that the creek project is going down! Tell me more about this monarch stuff? Whats a monarch waystation? You can reattach the cocoons elsewhere? Fully staffed! So you stayed on as lead? Or is that one
  2. You can likely leave out the parmesan cheese with all that funk already stewing in the pot .. Speaking of Trappist brews (we all know where their proprietary yeast comes from)
  3. Come again? When I get high, I like to really get there. Useless and in the fetal position is by bag
  4. Well, that infusion wouldnt have activated THC, so Id need to bake some cookies with the oil first... and then come post my observations Also, just as an amendment to an earlier post - fried rice is my go to for excess rice!!
  5. You could use a double boiler over the cooking pot of rice to use the heat to infuse coconut oil with cannabis! Great idea!
  6. The timer is so I dont have to be there to cook it. Convenience and ease of use. When I get an Insta Pot I might never cook over a stove again! Thats what I already said about the excess waste of using precooked rice packages. Also I have a camp stove that collects thermal energy. So I can cook rice over a real flame (not your pussy indoor natural gas flame ) and charge my phone at the same time by plugging it into the usb port on the thermal energy device. The green future is now
  7. The only difference is that I offer my vagina steaming services free of charge
  8. When Ive tried my hand at sushi rice I cooked it in a pot. And its definitely easy enough to cook it stove top. When I do a full rice maker, Ill have a few rice bowls for the week and then immediately turn the majority of it into a ham and corn casserole that I freeze in portions. Holds up to freezing well! I always plan to make some aranchinni (spelling? lol) but never have gotten around to it.
  9. I looked into a Drink Mate (The BDS friendly version of soda stream) and Im not convinced about its environmental claims. Less bottles coming into your house, but more CO cannisters getting tossed. I make bubbly drinks the old fashioned way, using water keifer grains or fresh whey to cause the carbonation. My best soda/pop yet was a mollases fed kefer water with sage and lemon rind. Rose hip and hibiscus as close second.
  10. Which is especially sad since, the way I cook proper rice is likely even quicker and more convenient (and less wateful) than these "instant rice" products. I have a timer on my rice maker so I toss the rice and water in when I have the 30 seconds that takes. Could take 30 more seconds to add flavours and seasoning. Then I set the timer for when it should start cooking. And then I scoop it onto my diner plate. easy peasy. I wanna get an Insta Pot too. Could do the same as above but in its second compartment I could set it to steam the veg along with it.
  11. Uncle Bens is for people who cant cook their own rice. When I hear someone expressing a passionate connection to the former logo, all I hear is a baby asking to be cooked for and spoon fed Especially shameful for someone whose enthusiastic about a cuisine thats as rice focoused as Japanese! Well, I also have a few packets of his rice in my zompoc stash. Bistro Style Mexican rice iirc. F'n tasty stuff! The black mans face terrifies me each time I come by it. I punched the little packet of rice right in the face one time, kinda a panic move
  12. And the scraping continues! lol Im glad the rotten parts are all fixed up! HAHA, I love the image of Marsha dancing and hollering on her new boardwalk! Tell her Im happy for her! Pauls family sound wise... Oh no - poor critters! At least the owl knows not to mess with Lily and Simone. Maybe the opposum kids separate form the parents at a young age and go claim their own territory? I hope... Oh Simone! I can picture it as Beaker goes wild for the scissors and when I cut fabric with them especially. Its wild how happy it makes him! Is it almost time for Simones follo
  13. Yep. I get even more distracted by his whole edgy thing he does too. He used to do it even more, where he takes a gothic kind of facial expression and brings his guitar pick to his mouth. Making it all dramatic when he strikes the next chord. Like a vampire or something lol. on the recent selects during coma when he has a break, he does the updated, less over the top version of this, where he croutches at the front of the stage gazing with a serious scowl at the mass of people. Like ‘ it’s about to get all evil up in here, be warned’ haha
  14. People shouldn’t rise up in outrage to oppose injustice, because I say that they said they should be cordial
  15. Your claim doesn't hold up to scrutiny if we use you as a case study. Also, I cant think of anything less rebellious nor anything more average and pedestrian than consuming plastic bottled water.
  16. Well, I'll just grow regular kale then. Im finally out of kale seeds, thank goodness! Oh, I can imagine itd be hard to give up the old beds. Sorry. I just hope they will be well cared for. I did a walk passed my garden. Glad you had cloud cover and work to do!! I thought you were enjoying paint scraping? The thrill is gone? Ive been trying to level up my solar power game, today. Im leaning towards leaving alone what I have already going. And getting some new, more involved and therefore more productive and usable systems. But even the simple rigs are more and more useful by
  17. You're so edgy. Umm... yep, Im aware that you have recycling programs. ???
  18. People with single use plastic bottles arguing about the one crisis...
  19. So long as the US has not entered into a civil war by next summer, then no, there still wont be tours. Because the pandemic.
  20. When Coke Classic went away and they brought in New Coke, that was wokeness to the extreme. They cancelled coke and dared to change a branding logo. What scum they are! (... like if your mind has been rotted by consuming right wing twitter that is )
  21. Wont Get Fooled Again, The Who Running Down a Dream, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  22. Man, now Im set on seeing a young sexy Luke! lol Would be neat for him and Ahsoka to talk about Anakin. About the communication, all we know for sure is that there is "in Universe propaganda shows" such as the original Clone Wars series, haha Sidenote, Ive been listening to a podcast called Star Wars Oxygen where a musician and a music enthusiast who both love the Wars explore the music of John Williams. Maybe youd already known of it, but its perfect for the musicians who love star wars. Also, they discuss how the music relates to narrative and know you write novels too. Just
  23. Incredible! How could I, of all people, not know about a type of kale? And y'know, I thought to mention that the first pic 'looked like kale' but I certainly didnt think it actually was. Well, I can grow these flower kales. That way I can stay true to my intent to produce as much food as possible. And it would prevent you from calling me Flower Boy They really are pretty.
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