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  1. Noel? Sheesh. I hadn't heard that. What a goon. Ashamed to admit I don't know who Ian Brown is. We will mask, distance and stay in to support their roadies then! Some of the first workers forced off the job by the pandemic, and they'll be some of the last to get back to work. They bring us the shows, keep our favorite artists safe, and track down needed yellow jackets - we owe it to the roadies
  2. 93 new daily cases reported here yesterday. That’s the highest number we’ve seen the entire pandemic. 50 school kids have tested positive since schools reopened. Many of those cases are traced to kid to kid transmission at school New measures announced later today. That will add to the other newer actions recently taken, such as increased restrictions on gathering sizes, ticketing those not wearing masks and a $5000/day fine for anyone whose supposed to be in quarantine (and it’s a cautious list of reasons to quarantine). For instance, if someone simply gets tested, they are
  3. I really doubt large shows will take place next summer in US. Us live music fans should be the most diligent at wearing masks, social distancing and staying home. That’s how we get back to seeing live shows ASAP.
  4. What is this amazing plant?? Look at that!! I wanna smack Alex in the balls. Looking forward to that pic! Happy fall! Summer went fast for me. Which seems unlikely given the circumstances. But it just zipped right by.
  5. "Destroyer?" Ha! That maybe describes Nandy there. I actually regret seeing her be so clearly dominant, as that is not the dynamic I imagine with her.
  6. "... people frankly deserve better than this basic, pathetic debate." - Lisa Nandy Nandy crushed that Imagine being so dizzy that youd post this video to somehow hope to cast Nandy in a poor light?
  7. Boring. You posted this at least once before. And you are wrong. Shes perfectly reasonable and also it doesnt in anyway look as though she is about to cry. Why would she legislate an emergent issue with this hysterical ol dummy in his tv studio?
  8. Dealers choice. Preferably in flats.
  9. First day of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, today. So that means its pumpkin spice season. But its 2020, so I guess that'll be pumpkin spiced enemas for everyone?
  10. Meh. A Canada 4. We've got Southern. Nandy please
  11. Post pics of Nandy or post no pictures at all
  12. Sometimes I think you are a compendium of rural Belgian folk sayings from a bygone era. Other times I think you are just making up odd phrases. This instance falls under the latter.
  13. You say this just minutes after referring to me as a most vile being... a "liberal."
  14. Howd the honeysuckle removal project go? Did they fight back? Please send pics of your new bed when you get the chance??! F'n beaurocratic nonsense!! Baking bread. Reorganizing fridge. Ive got a sandwich making caddy, a hot sauce lazy susan, put milk into a jar so that I can lay it flat on the small top shelf. Its all getting stream lined
  15. When you think about it, modern america was built upon brothers fighting brothers.
  16. Haha! Ma knows that Slave Leia corrupted her boy. New Hope Leia being rescued is pretty fantastic too. As The Maker, George Lucas, said "There's no bras in space." The mans a genius! I'll be back in 5... Mace Windu would have rounded up all the Brexit leaders. (then fall into a pit... and then return from that pit )
  17. Without politics and religion to talk about, whats even left? Boobies and Star Wars? The next Guns album? Well said, I lol'd
  18. True, they haven’t taken over yet. O’Tooles leadership is a step to the right and an appeal to that fringe - that fringe who hated Sheer. This worried me a bit. There were other more moderate and more experienced candidates in the running. imo O’Toole plays the troll/antagonism game. I saw him yell at both Rosie and Kapelos (of CBC) in separate interviews... out on the street! I later saw the broadcast of the Kapelos interview and he had been yelling to avoid answering a basic and reasonable question about his lack of experience in politics. He never did answer. Have you formed much
  19. His question wasn’t about political parties, but the right at large. Follow some wexit accounts on twitter and watch some revel media with levant and brexti and get back to me...
  20. Why is the side that drones on about 1A and 2A also the side that is terrified of having laws changed and improved upon?
  21. Pretty similar. With the trump effect our right is becoming more and more like yours by the tweet. There was the mid aughts shift to the right here as well, so some of the boomers who were conservatives at the time but drifted right still maintain a bit more class and ability to debate, but not much. Rex Murphy might be an example of that. Canada’s once proud tradition of Red Tories (socially progressive conservatives) is long gone. With some people whom in days passed might have taken on that mantle just leaving conservatism all together. Michael Corren is a more recent example of t
  22. Just a US/Canada relations thing from a podcast I was listening too.... Way back in the day when England was still an empire, the US drafted military plans to invade Canada. And during the same time, Canada decided to draft a contingency incase of a US invasion. They decided the best defence was a good offence. But I never knew the details... The US planned to gas Halifax from planes!! Sonsa’ biches! And Canada’s plan was to send a wrecking crew into US. Like a small commando team with one of every weapon and vehicle we had. Basically to make enough noise to make clear tha
  23. This is a dont-miss episode people! I thoroughly enjoyed that Guy Pratt interview! I know him as bassist with Pink Floyd, but his resume is long and impressive
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