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  1. Im listening to the Canadian History is Boring podcast and its hosted by a Welshman. So full circle back to sheep.
  2. The good news is that Beaker let me sleep in until 9! The bad news is that hes been such a dependable 7:30 alarm clock that I have an appointment at 9:30... which was five minutes ago!! Ill just say "Sorry... pandemic." And that usually makes anything ok. I can imagine paint scraping being a nice time. Ive been reading about how to do wax surfaces on wooden pieces. Something Id like to try. Im hoping to have a hosta or two on my balcony next year. As long as I can reclaim it for the spiders. Yikes, that sting sounds nasty! Yours wasnt that bad, was it?
  3. Murican right wing is largely just a troll - it’s merely antagonism. One wonders if the individuals themselves are still in touch with their own thoughts and actual personality. Or if the game is now indivisible from their identity.
  4. Sounds like your getting the team to shape up! Very god point about the Extension Centres hand holding. Very cool of you to harvest and make the cider. The remaining beans in my garden still arent ready. Time is ticking away. That confused borage finally found the sun and is taking off in growth. Better late than never
  5. Oh right, Guy Friendly, should've got that. Im glad to hear it. Kevin had it coming! You didnt even ask his opinion and he basically gave instruction! Its good to remind people of the bylaw and process. Youre herding kittens! Thats kind of you to help Paul out with his apples. I know you said youd rather skip it all together. Im wired on the coffee!!!! Might have to dive into some Second Set tapes! Any word on the next Shakedown Stream?
  6. Was everyone giving me tasks? Just tell anyone youd like to read my post to come read my post
  7. Right, good point. She probably doesnt know. Which is maybe one of those in-universe things that doesnt always make sense to me - there doesnt seem to be any galactic news media. Like the fact that the people who led the fight to take down the Empire, the Jedi's, having been almost wiped out during the wars seems like something everyone would know about. But youre right, in Universe that doesnt usually seem to be the case. (Which begs the question: how does one foment a galactic rebellion without news coverage of the Galactic senate and the militarism of the Empire?) Oh, so t
  8. Good news about Simone and your bro. I hope they both keep improving. Thts great you can get it repaired, it really is a beautiful piece that kinda brings the patio together. I dont follow about "guy friendly?" I can picture the butterfly shaped garden popping more and that would be really cool! Kids would dig it too. I guess Ill have to think about putting my garden to bed. Unlike how I literally just think about starting my indoor garden, lol. Did you manage to get the paint chips cleaned up?
  9. I tired responding to you earlier but there was a glitch that wouldnt let me write here. Anyways, I love your wooden structure. I hope you can keep using it! Hopefully wont be long before you can charge up stuff like that on the solar banks at the garden. Its gonna be so good! How is Simone and your brother?
  10. Had to google "Spearmint Rhino" what a bizarre name. Anyways, I think I should mention that Ive crossed paths with some gals who once firebombed a place that made and distributed porn that depicted assaults. They are some cool ladies! And also, a really good friend of mine is a sex worker. Shes poor. She 'couldnt' hold down a 9-5 and works, alone, from anywhere her phone works. Shes happy. Its putting her through school... and she even works from the classroom. It a good gig. If Im understanding correctly, the post-third wavers you are speaking about are people with economic advantag
  11. Theres a great documentary, produced by Rashida Jones, called Girls Wanted. Its no Netflix. It exposes some of the ways that teenaged girls and young women are manipulated into the industry. And how little control and autonomy they have once they enter the industry. Its very eye opening. You should check it out.
  12. Please be safe even when no one else is. Can you get an N 95 there yet? I no longer need to be power washed! lol Ooops! Haha, could happen to anyone. Those paint chips are gonna be a hassle, maybe even into next year. That sucks! Do you, or more likely Caleb, have a shop-vac? Id replace that mulch too. Ive been assembling some kit for my pack back. Added a first aid kit, some food and water, masks, sanitizer, whistle, etc. Then I killed yet another spider - I think they are hatching lately. This little one was almost transparent.
  13. Im not sure if I follow, Gracii? What is the issue third wave feminism identified and suggested sex work as the remedy too?
  14. Arzoff - that’s right! Thanks I didn’t know that Axl alleges management prevented Robin from rejoining!
  15. I bet that could work with some dilluted fertilizer. Or once I get the worm farm going, maybe worm tea. Cool! I dont think I can bear watchign another two week marathon plant sale with purchases happening at midnight! So I cant even imgine what that would be for you to actually do it! Oh, while Im gald you mentioned that about chives, my garlic chives have seed heads. I dont want any more of them. Thinking about getting rid of the one I do have - it doesnt taste great and is woody by early june. You love you some power washer time! The surge is so bad here that my covid vol
  16. Buildings are more easily rebuilt than a democracy is.
  17. Okay, listening to podcast and they point out that there is no more Jedis other than Luke at the end of ROTJ. Im confused. lol Does it not seem more than clear that Armorers telling Mando to take Baby Yoda to the Jedi? Or is she speaking specifically to Yodas race?
  18. Yeah, our Smarties are similar to M&Ms! I think what yous call Smarties is what we call Rockets - those little, kinda powdery, sour candies I first heard the term covidiot from you and I had a much needed laugh - thank you for that! Yeah, it was great to hear it addressed at that level! I mean, sometimes our mayor does press conferences wearing his Wu Tang shirt, so there's leadership to take pride in here! lol (Wu Tang and the Mayor hit it off backstage at the Blues Festival a few years back. So when the pandemic happened and threatened some local charities survival a cannabis e
  19. Ill be curious to know about this jar lettuce! Might need to try it out! Ive got lettuce seeds and jars! I know that Tom Sawyer reference!! hehe Its badass how busy you are. Yeah its pretty neat about the clydsdale! Im all set to sow my indoor garden today! Ive got some spinach seeds. I have it in mind that they wouldnt grow inside without some more heavy duty lighting. Any thoughts? Im doing, Comfrey, Lambs ear, Thyme, Holy Basil, Anise Hyssop, Dill, Sage, Lovage, Stiniging Nettle, Maybe Lettuce in a jar, and of course chives for my boss. And when my Orta arrives
  20. The main criticism of populism is that there’s not much of an ideological foundation. It’s basically any popular suspicion or rejection of ‘the elite’ and the wealthy. And it exists across the political spectrum. Chavez and Morales ran as populist socialists. In NA the rise of the current wave of populism - both right and left - might be traceable to the Occupy movement, which was liberal with socialist leanings. You see, there are diffferent forms of both populism and socialism. So you’d need more info from whomever you heard make the claim you’ve commented on. Trump is a
  21. Cool! How'd the lettuce thing work? Im guessing its like the 'regrow carrots and scallion' trick maybe? Where the root ends are held in the water, ususally using toothpicks to hold them in place? Stuff like that is so fun! Sounds great for the kids! Glad you had a good time! Ive cleaned up and organized my grow room and decided on what Ill be planting.
  22. Ugh, the sound attenuation issues on Meegans video was painful to hear.
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