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  1. I agree on State Of Grace, altough the chorus has huge potential. But i can definitely hear Slash and Duff doing Hard School, Perhaps and Atlas. Instrumentals like Quick Song, Oklahoma, Monster Of Soul, Tonto etc. could all work in my opinion. Then there are supposedly the tracks from '96, a full unreleased Velvet Revolver album, god knows what other tracks Axl's band finished since 2001 (The General) and who knows, some new songs(they rehearsed some unknown jams in 2017). Let's face it, the material is there. It's just a matter of making a cohesive record out of them. But i fear that the only
  2. True, but you pay for the same concert isn't it. And most of the time the sound in those stadiums is very bad. So i am very happy to pay 50 euros less for a better venue .
  3. The prices for Germany are absolutely ridiculous. I was considering going to the Olympiastadium since there is no gig in Belgium next year but i quickly changed my mind seeing those prices. A floorticket costs 50 (!) Euros more than for example the Lisbon gig. I bought me some tickets for Firenze Rocks instead. 85 Euros and 3-4 extra bands + a nice vacation in Tuscany.
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