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  1. It leaked a couple years later. Nothing epic, just live and backstage footage from the 2006 tour.
  2. Yes she was. Dave worked with the band in 1997 while Duff was still in the band. The next year Axl got arrested at the airport after visiting Sharon Maynard(Yoda) and her husband. The 'dark lord' stuff fits right in that wacky episode isn't it.
  3. Nothing special. The band rehearsing the medley i guess. But for some reason it's very wanted among some fans.
  4. Well i was looking for a Madagascar performance from 2002 on a popular video-sharing platform and it happend to be there.
  5. Has anyone seen the new vma rehearsal clip of Paradise City? It has been posted 4 days ago. Haven't seen it before. Could that be what Rick is talking about? The possible leak of the whole tape?
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