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  1. Maybe this explains GNR covering BHS for so long. Chris prob asked for permission to cover their song.
  2. DJ was actually good for the band. Brought some much-needed charisma. Besides Axl, the pre-dj band was a bunch of stiffs on stage. He also brought back the era of playing the solos they way they were recorded on the record - no more of the improvised "play it how you want" crap that plagued the 01-06 era. Also, of all the 01-14 guitarists, he's probably the closest in style and tone to Slash. Oh and last thing, Axl's chemistry with DJ was BY FAR the best out of all the band members from 01-14. I feel like Axl considered DJ an actual friend/band member as opposed to a hired-hand like the
  3. Haha, if I need buying advice on those I'll just ask my gf.
  4. Anyone here have any experience with massage guns? I just started working out again about 2 months ago and am always sore as hell after (which means it's working!). I'm trying to find something other than food and rest to help speed things up. I've tried foam rollers, but they don't really do much for me. Saw this site and am thinking about getting the Ekrin B37: https://massagegunfight.com/massage-gun-buyers-guide/
  5. Gotta say, 0:48-1:13 is one of the coolest sections of any GNR song...even if the rest of the song does suck. That drumming is killer.
  6. Axl sounded great on that SCOM. The solo was pretty good, too.
  7. Really shows that Brain was GNR's best overall drummer. He has both the groove and the technical prowess needed for the GNR sound. Not saying Steven or Matt weren't right for their time, but just in general, Brain can play any era of GNR and it sounds good. Wish he was still our drummer.
  8. Cool. Will be fun to see. My predictions: Easy Brownstone Jungle CD DTJ LALD Shadow Wichita NR KOHD Patience Paradise
  9. Definitely agree on axl's singing in one in a million. Hard to choose a top 5 for "cool axl vocals" but that track is certainly up there.
  10. Was thinking about it the other day - if I had to pick my favorite moment or contribution from each member of GNR's entire lineup, what would that list look like? So here you go: AXL - the following from Don't Damn Me. Love the lyrics, love the voice Axl uses, love the melody, love the vocal effects - this part of the song is just great. I know you don't want to hear me crying An I know you don't want to hear me deny That your satisfaction lies in your illusions But your delusions are yours an not mine We take for granted that we know the whole story We judge a boo
  11. I really like Wichita, too. I especially like how they GNR-ified it once the drums kick in.
  12. What are your top and bottom 3 covers from Axl and/or GNR? The rules are they have to be covers that were never recorded in studio by the band (so no Spaghetti, LALD, etc.). Top 3 1) Free Fallin' 2) Salt of the Earth 3) The Seeker Worst 3 1) Black Hole Sun 2) We Will Rock You 3) Come Together I like the think that back in Axl's prime he could sing any rock genre song and make it better than the original. BHS is obviously him not in his prime, but the other two songs just don't do it for me for some reason. On paper you think
  13. Just listened to For Those About to Rock from 9/2 and it reminded me that Axl is 100% aware of when he's "got it" and when he doesn't. It's just evident in his body language, his eyes, the way he moves on stage, and of obviously in his voice. When he knows he's on point, he has that extra swagger. To me, this is 100% indication that he's not oblivious to how he sounds when he's all mickey. He knows. I just don't think there's anything he can do about it when he is mickey. It just is what it is. Look at some of the shows from 2006 (Rock Am Ring), 2010 (YCBM, O2 in
  14. I think among all the "new" songs that came out of the leaks, the real lost gem is Catcher in the Rye. I mean, as fans, how long have we all waited for a high quality version of Catcher with Brian May? Since the day the original leaked. While I love Ron's solo during the last verse, the album version is a muddled mess. The mix on this version is better and the layers are *somewhat* toned down, but best of all we get the May contributions. Not to mention that little synth breakdown before the solo is WAY better on this version than on the album version. The only thin
  15. Pretty much what everyone needs to know. Except, I'd argue it's more his middle register than is problematic. So, he's good low and real high, but not his mid-range. AC/DC was great because there is almost no mid-range. It's all high. Think about the songs he sucks on: Paradise SCOM YCBM Parts of Nightrain Second half of Estranged Rocket Queen The list goes on. The thing is, almost all GNR songs shift from low to mid to high during the same song, sometimes even mid verse. Take Estranged for example: When I find out all the reasons May
  16. Really want to hear a finished version of Nothing. Love Axl's vocal melody and the way he's singing in his natural voice. The song sounds like the love child of Patience/D'yer Mak'er/Rod Stewart. Some improvements would be the addition of guitars and real drums.
  17. To me it's the other way around. The verses are what make that song (the first especially. I think the lyrics could be better on the second). I like the way Axl sings on the chorus, but I don't like the melody or the lyrics.
  18. One of my favorite Axl performances what 2010 at the Rose Bar. Right at his 2010 peak. Perfect rasp and perfect tone at this gig. Just listen to the Mr. Brownstone from this show. Not a single crack, great control, and his tone is spot on. One of my biggest regrets was not seeing them in 2010.
  19. I think Devious Bastard definitely could have been one of the songs with Slash in mind. It's like a combination of UYI and Ain't Life Grand material.
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