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  1. How does it come, that Slash posted it on his ig (in reference to this crew member) hours before the official band account/channel does ? Has Slash the hands on some pro shot material ? it looks a bit like: "oh, look what Slash has done, let's copy and paste !" Or is it just the normal GnR mess when it comes to do things in the right order ? Either way, good to have it !
  2. in the very very limited thinking of TB, everyone is persona non grata who doesn't bring them income in the first place, like You Tube channels, podcasts, forums etc. all this is meaningless to them, probably they are even afraid, that the people who run such things, could somehow enrich themselves on the name GnR, what in fact isn't the matter at all. TB (especially Ferando) is a money driven cunt, more so after the reunion, every support, from fans for fans, which is FREE, disturbs his little manager brain. i could be wrong, but it feels like that e.g. Frank, Melissa, 4tus aren't "allowed" t
  3. since when is the length decisive really nice select btw !
  4. i don't think we'll get any closer to a recent pic of Axl if it's recent at all https://www.instagram.com/p/CQ6qiqch2vL/?utm_medium=copy_link
  5. Yes really, it is so frustrating that these 2 musicians are making music instead of being fed up that it's happening in the "wrong band", it might be a good time to broaden your musical horizons.
  6. I fear the heaviest they go is a 30min extended version of KOHD jk i'd love to hear PTU & Don't Damn Me !
  7. if "one" hopes for some changes, shouldn't "one" have attended at least 1 show beforehand ?
  8. "Why this is happening?".... We are on a GnR"FAN"forum, right? All the entitled critism about Axls voice, TB, lack of new music, etc. doesn't necessarily mean, that nobody on here won't go to a show ever again. Wouldn't it be a bit ridiculous for a FANforum, if there weren't at least a few, who are excited about seeing them live again btw ^ this !
  9. They just added a new date to the 2022 EU tour schedule, seems like there will be more shows to come than announced a few days back https://www.instagram.com/p/CN6tGmDMybH/?igshid=hqfy94gr28cc
  10. where btw is the proof that Axl has any kind of serious mental health issues these days ? that's only some peoples guessings when there's nothing else to talk about, or no other excuse for the lack of new music.
  11. nearly unbelievable to say, after some of the other selects that we had to endure, but there's really nothing to complain about this one ! Once in a while they do things right
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