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  1. 1992 Vienna/AUT 7 shows 2017/18 AUT, GER 4x , CZ, PL
  2. Where's the doubt ? Just for comparison, look at his watch...
  3. that's a completely odd and unnecessary tweet. what's the Fn message?
  4. it's really nice to see, that Lars hasn't a bad word to say, even if the whole "best friends" and "love each other" talk is a bit over the top imo
  5. the theme from Love Story, i guess it's neither GnR nor SMKC
  6. thank you @Gambit83 for clearing up the doubts about the book and joel miller himself. I got the book soon after its release, and now that we know that all stories are legit, i'll enjoy the read much more.
  7. tiktok for real...but hey, definitely corresponds to his level anyway. to reach out to TB with crazy ideas is some other peoples cup of tea on here
  8. ok, nice for what it's worth, but would have been a smarter move to put out some new selects today on the "release anniversary day" with only UYI tracks
  9. it's called "cut-out" and was used back in the days to mark discounted items https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cut-out_(recording_industry)
  10. i admire especially this one, this was such an amazing tour in 2020
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