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  1. You're right if it's the case you'll meet them randomly during their normal/privat life is going on. If it's on tour, before or after a show, you might consider it as a small part of what the job as a celebrity entails, or at least as some kind of appreciated "fanservice".
  2. It's the simple fact, that TB are "using" their own kids to make money out of the GnR brand, the book has NOTHING to do with the band or their history, but it's promoted as IF the kids are part of it. That's only my pov, as you say, to each their own.
  3. It's truly TBs master piece of shit, worse than every toytruck.
  4. ...some new fans, who ask less stupid questions.
  5. The real embarrassment is to put out material like this. Who ever does the video and audio editing on these selects, needs to be kicked in the...*insert random bodyparts*... You could, if you care, and put some effort into your job (@Fernando) do sooo much more on live material by doing a proper sound mixing job. Especially if there are month long gaps in between the uploads.
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIERKfenwQM/?igshid=1e209y0bph733 seems like there are new selects in 2 hours on YT
  7. Doesn't it say "Fn sale" not "Fn tickets" Never mind, not so Fn important
  8. as always they are late to the party, many other bands are selling branded masks since month... i don't even get that hype, it's a health item and not some fashion piece
  9. Since i love both, Tom and Slash, i like it, nothing groundbreaking, but a nice and catchy tune EVERYTHING is, and will be, better than THAT
  10. non of the poll options. for me every smkc record works the same, i really like it when released, easily find my favorit tracks, after listening and enjoying it for some time, it ends up on the shelve. idk, maybe because listening to Myles doesn't excite me for to long, don't get me wrong i don't hate him (like others do on here) but sometimes i wish Slash would split up the vocals between him and Todd Kerns, who at least live, does a vocally really great job.
  11. nitpicking thanks for the advice. "original band members, counted from the first successful release, aka AfD and the start of their career" better?
  12. ^THIS almost scandalous that the founding band members got back together, aren't it.
  13. a signal for what? same useless content, like the ones with dizzy and duff the days before.
  14. That's really sweet, "you as a new fan" would find it nice to hear something new and different in the future ! ...and now try to walk in our shoes, maybe that answeres your inital question and thread title, if we should stop to demand for new music.
  15. From a completely professional business sight, we are the clients, so why should we stop asking for what we really want? It's a give and take, like in every other business, clients usually don't care about the personal wellbeing of the business owner. Where there's no demand, there's no supply (except useless merch) ...and yes, i know: professional business and GnR (+TB) = a contradiction in itself
  16. "a bit obsessed with weight" aka brainless ignorance
  17. You posted that now in at least 3 threads, and now go and have a listen to the locomotiv upload. If THIS (the horrible mixing and the voice effects) is what Fernando does "by reviewing" the videos, congrats, tell him to stop it.
  18. i think it's a one of standalone thing, only because of its rarity in the setlist, and the fact that the show was exactly on this day, a year ago. it's not even on their YT chanel now.
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