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  1. 'Hand me that shirt. Hand me that shirt. Get that guy outta here, yeah that guy. Gone!'
  2. If I'd have to pay this much (for so long) I'd hire a hitman. Problem solved.
  3. I think that I may have a brilliant idea for Fernando, but I don't know if it's wise to share it with him. I was thinking about telling him that releasing an album would be something that GnR fans would like, and that they could heavily capitalize on that.
  4. I agree, Population Override is also one of his best albums.
  5. Buckethead has many great ballady albums. I'd suggest Electric Tears, Colma & A Diamond in the Rough.
  6. Hardskool & Oh my God have been on many setlists listed as Alternate. They never played it, don't believe this leg would have been any different.
  7. No, they meant it financially speaking. They don't know how to release an album for maximum profit. They are looking at copy and pasting a bunch of powerchords from Paul Huge Tobias' sessions and Axl's old vocal lines, drowned in a lot of over the top random layers of random Pitman noises. Slash wil re-record some lead on top of it. At the end of the day, it won't be released becquse they won't be able to figure out 'how to release an album'.
  8. Axl told the source that he is trying to figure out how he could make the most profit, without putting too much time and effort in it. It comes down to a few business decisions that they will have to make, which may take a few years (probably around 3 tot 25 years).
  9. A reliable (insider) source told me that Axl is trying to figure out how to release an album.
  10. Gnr 21st of June for Pinkpop festival has been confirmed. I hope i dont get banned for sharing links https://www.ad.nl/show/pinkpop-sleept-rocksensatie-guns-n-roses-binnen-als-derde-headliner~a35af069/
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