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  1. 'Hand me that shirt. Hand me that shirt. Get that guy outta here, yeah that guy. Gone!'
  2. If I'd have to pay this much (for so long) I'd hire a hitman. Problem solved.
  3. I think that I may have a brilliant idea for Fernando, but I don't know if it's wise to share it with him. I was thinking about telling him that releasing an album would be something that GnR fans would like, and that they could heavily capitalize on that.
  4. I agree, Population Override is also one of his best albums.
  5. Buckethead has many great ballady albums. I'd suggest Electric Tears, Colma & A Diamond in the Rough.
  6. Hardskool & Oh my God have been on many setlists listed as Alternate. They never played it, don't believe this leg would have been any different.
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