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  1. GN'R died in the mid 90's NuGuns died when Buckethead left. Since then it's simply been the Axl Rose touring band in one form or another. If the current line-up ever release a record, we can reassess things.
  2. KISS are a tremendous live band and always have been. I went to see them last year, so nowhere near in their pomp and it was fucking amazing! Cracking night out. Anyone who hasn't seen them really should try to catch them on their farewell tour..... if Covid ever fucks off, of course.
  3. Tool are an extremely slothful band when it comes to releasing albums.... Axl makes them seem as prolific as Frank Zappa!
  4. Like going in against Mike Tyson, blindfolded with one arm tied behind your back, having that useless plank in charge of negotiations. Absolutely fucking pathetic.
  5. I think what they did with ADKOT in terms of reworking old songs was a really smart move. Why toil over writing a full album of material from scratch, when you know you have a bunch of unreleased gems tucked away in the vault, that just need a bit of polish? Material from when they were young and hungry with everything to prove. I remember reading somewhere that the album was around half old, half new songs. Anyway, the energy on that record is astounding, really and, as mentioned, Eddie plays like a demon throughout. It's not a perfect record like 1984 or Fair Warning were, I agree, there's o
  6. Percy is quality. Everything he does is absolutely top-notch.
  7. 30 years and counting waiting for The Sisters of Mercy to release a new album.... GN'R fans are fucking amateurs at this game.
  8. Fair Warning and 1984 beat VH1 for me but not by much, the debut was obviously the more groundbreaking of the three. Due respect given to the Sammy era as well, 5150 would come in 4th in my list behind that holy trinity of DLR albums. Also, A Different Kind of Truth is far better than a reunion album has any right to be, It's great that the brothers got back together with Dave and they went out on a massive high... everyone loves a happy ending.
  9. You'd be thinking 'fuck! that must've been some concussion, I'm seeing Diamond Dave holding that defibrillator!'
  10. Have a little look into Dave's life outside of music, mountain climbing, painter/cartoonist, paramedic. Lives life full throttle and is an intelligent, hyperactive, ultra-creative, interesting character.
  11. Been on PS4 during the current gen due to the far superior exclusives, although I did pick up an Xbone recently as I got one really cheap. Other way round last gen, 360 throughout and then picked a PS3 up towards the end of its lifespan to play The Last of Us and a few others. Definitely looks like I'll be jumping back to Xbox again, as the Series X looks really impressive to me. Hellblade 2, S.T.AL.K.E.R. 2 and Scorn are three that immediately pique my interest and the recent acquisition of Bethesda just makes it an even easier decision.
  12. Imagine how boring GN'R would become if Axl farted an album out every few years like Bono? It's his resolute refusal to release anything new that keeps the fans interested.
  13. So, Krankie has unleashed the full force of the fun police on the Land of the Jock. She and Hancock's Half Hour make a perfect pair of little authoritarian shithouses.
  14. You should check them out, really good stuff. They've been putting tunes out all throughout lockdown, keeping people's spirits up. They've also already knocked out a decent album. Vic is a fantastic guitarist with a rather awesome tone.
  15. Hopefully that's true.... also, in the case of Michael Anthony too. I know there had been a few rumours of a reunion involving Mikey in recent years,,, possibly as a result of Wolfie going on to do his own thing. It would be nice to think they were all on good terms towards the end.
  16. A recycled Have a Drink on Me riff - check A nice, catchy lyric in "A shot in the dark beats a walk in the park" - check Business as usual from the 'DC.... and you wouldn't want it any other way. It doesn't excite me the way an AXL/DC single would have but it's great to have them back all the same. Brian's vocal sounds really good too.
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