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  1. I use the intro of Patience for my alarm
  2. For what it’s worth I think he sounds fine. We can’t expect vocalists to always sound like they were in their prime. Look at Sebastian Bach for instance he’s playing the whole Slave to the Grind album and for instance listen to Wasted Time. He doesn’t sound like how he sounded in 91 any more. Give Axl some credit. and honestly when we are singing GnR in the car we have some part Mickey too!!!
  3. Sounds so good! A song about lower education! Let’s go!!!!!
  4. Hard Skool is fucking fantastic! This sounds good! Now this is GNR! 15th time in a row right now for me! WOW!
  5. Absolutely in love with this litho it is absolutely fantastic. I will pay any amount for it lol
  6. Damn! Axl was sick! Look at GnR IG that is prob why hard school wasn’t played 🥺
  7. I agree. I don’t even think these items are made yet. I think they just have a mock up sample and then they actually get the items printed and made up. Nothing like the original Brockum tees. Today I’m wearing the Use Your Illusion tee that says making a fuckin fashion statement on the back. I’ll just wear these new merch to sleep in.
  8. I spent $175 total on them. Don’t really love the designs but figured why not I collect tons of GnR merch so I would feel terrible if I missed out.
  9. Nothing like any of the original UYI tour shirts but I ended up buying the hat, the tee, the long sleeve and the sweat shirt.
  10. Now our only hope is to check Spotify at midnight for hard skool!!!!
  11. Just hoping it won’t be the same set list for like the 8th show in a row. At least a different song during the Encore! I love Maddy but There Was a Time would be awesome again!
  12. No seriously I buy the AMIRI jeans and I try to buy all of the shirts he wears on stage. Now you have to make them your own get the images and make them on a t-shirt site
  13. Axl dresses so cool I try to wear the same stuff he does
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