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  1. That's good you have a date to look forward to. Atgames said they'll send an email when my machine is ready and then I have 48 hours to pay or they go to the next order. Could be next week or could be march.
  2. Yea man, I play pac man on my SF cab constantly so for me it'll be a good pick. I split my family room in half to add a bedroom for my son downstairs so I'm limited on space with the AtGames pinball on the way. When he moves out I'll make it into an arcade room. I put in my preorder for the pinball day one so hopefully it's soon. Not sure if you've been following what they're doing but supposedly they're working on some type of bridge piece to run your pc on the pinball cab. I got a new gaming pc and set it up with vpx so I'll be good to go getting GnR pinball rolling asap 🤘
  3. Even though this is the third version they're putting out I'm thinking about getting the new Pac man. I just think it's timeless and looks like they nailed it this time.
  4. The democrats started this a long time ago. I know it's easy for liberals to dismiss and forget but Trump supporters won't. I'm not at all supporting what happened at the Capitol but try to understand why it happened before you only focus on what happened. MAGA has been under attack for four years and it all came to a head last week. 75 million people voted for Trump and impeaching him to prevent another crack at it in 2024 is only going to make things worse.
  5. You're missing my point. I never said either side was right. My point was your selective outrage is hypocritical. And yes, Democrat leaders encouraged the blm riots. They even helped fund their bail to get them back out. One of those despicable dems is going to be your vp soon too.
  6. Don't worry... Being a dick ain't so bad 😂
  7. Ok sure. And if BLM didn't decide to hold rallies in several cities across the country they wouldn't have been destroyed, burned , or looted. Many of those local businesses wouldn't have been destroyed if BLM didn't have rallies in those areas. But they were mostly peaceful though right? So hypocritical.
  8. Thank you. Considering all the sworn affidavits were dismissed as bullshit by liberals I think I'll gladly dismiss any and all affidavits against Trump. Fair is fair right?
  9. Did you get all jacked up over sworn affidavits by witnesses of voter fraud? I'll answer for you. It's a no. Btw calling Trump supporters nazis is about as weak as calling all Trump supporters racists.
  10. First of all he didn't tell them to do it. Second of all they weren't Nazis. Thirdly if you think this wasn't allowed to happen by our own government to start another impeachment to prevent Trump from pursuing a second term in 2024 you really underestimate the lengths they would go to keep Trump out for good. And by they I'm not just referring to democrats.
  11. If you love censorship because someone has a different opinion or different beliefs this is great news. Not surprised at all this makes you happy.
  12. For some reason the Greatest Hits release a few months back really turned me off to the band. The fact that they're re releasing what was essentially a re release in 2004 (we all owned everything on GH) tells me there's nothing left from them creatively. RIP GnR
  13. If Grogu is out it's going to ruin the show for my two daughters. I agree with you though. They hit a home run with baby Yoda but there needs to be more to the story than that.
  14. Just to add a little to the conversation about Special Edition vs. original theatrical releases. I remember reading years ago that any release of the original trilogy in it's initial form gets a 50/50 split with George Lucas's ex wife. So by making special editions she gets none of it. And that's why it's never sold as "original theatrical release" but rather thrown in as bonus material. Sort of a loophole around the ex getting money for royalties. Not sure how the Disney aquisition may have affected anything though. When they first released the original trilogy on dvd (before BD) they h
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