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  1. That's good you have a date to look forward to. Atgames said they'll send an email when my machine is ready and then I have 48 hours to pay or they go to the next order. Could be next week or could be march.
  2. Yea man, I play pac man on my SF cab constantly so for me it'll be a good pick. I split my family room in half to add a bedroom for my son downstairs so I'm limited on space with the AtGames pinball on the way. When he moves out I'll make it into an arcade room. I put in my preorder for the pinball day one so hopefully it's soon. Not sure if you've been following what they're doing but supposedly they're working on some type of bridge piece to run your pc on the pinball cab. I got a new gaming pc and set it up with vpx so I'll be good to go getting GnR pinball rolling asap 🤘
  3. Even though this is the third version they're putting out I'm thinking about getting the new Pac man. I just think it's timeless and looks like they nailed it this time.
  4. For some reason the Greatest Hits release a few months back really turned me off to the band. The fact that they're re releasing what was essentially a re release in 2004 (we all owned everything on GH) tells me there's nothing left from them creatively. RIP GnR
  5. If Grogu is out it's going to ruin the show for my two daughters. I agree with you though. They hit a home run with baby Yoda but there needs to be more to the story than that.
  6. Just to add a little to the conversation about Special Edition vs. original theatrical releases. I remember reading years ago that any release of the original trilogy in it's initial form gets a 50/50 split with George Lucas's ex wife. So by making special editions she gets none of it. And that's why it's never sold as "original theatrical release" but rather thrown in as bonus material. Sort of a loophole around the ex getting money for royalties. Not sure how the Disney aquisition may have affected anything though. When they first released the original trilogy on dvd (before BD) they h
  7. I can tell you this. I've been in about 500 houses since this all started. I have to ask a number of covid related questions before going in. Before last month I had two people tell me they had it months prior so I went in and did my job. The past month I've had a dozen people tell me they currently have it. Three of those twelve were going to let me in before I had a chance to ask. Many people barely speak English and some may be lying or might not know they have it. I had a landlord translate for me one day last week for his tennant and the guy said nobody was sick. Two minutes later
  8. I'm the one with a respirator on all day not the customer. I'm the one exposing myself every day to this virus. People are being careless. I saw a customer last week who told me he has the virus in and out of his home three times. I saw another covid positive customer go into the corner liquor store. Saturday a customer rushed me because he was having a party later in the day. I'm out here dealing with this "new normal" and you don't have the first clue about it piss ant.
  9. Ok so riddle me this... You meet a nice girl and the two of you hit it off. Before you get her into bed she tells you she had taken part in the initial covid vaccine tests. She tells you she had tested positive for HIV but not to worry because it was just a false positive. Would you close the deal or would you run for the hills?
  10. If someone was told they tested positive for HIV they would be severely damaged emotionally. You'd just shrug it off though right?
  11. You're really dense this morning. I said people that are jumping at the first opportunity to take the vaccine aren't doing it for the greater good. They're taking it because they want to protect themselves from getting it. Read nice and slow before you go into one of your little piss ant rants again.
  12. It's horrific that people had to go through it but they did.
  13. I know the order of administering the vaccine you moron. I'm in one of the first waves to get it if I choose to take it. I'm right after the healthcare workers. I'm declining to get it. Why does that bother you? Why are you so angry?
  14. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2020/12/11/world/australia/uq-coronavirus-vaccine-false-positive.amp.html So I heard about this a few days ago and Googled it. It came up as one of the most common search results. Today it's gone from common searches. Why would big tech remove it? Why would this fact be suppressed?
  15. You're real tough behind your keyboard huh?
  16. I'm not saying I'll never take it but I'll at least wait and see the long term effects before jumping to get it now. If I was 80 years old or a life long smoker I'd feel different but like I said there's a risk/reward factor for me personally. Just look at what happened in Australia. They scrapped 50 million doses because people were testing positive for HIV. They say they're false positives but I wonder what's in these vaccines that we still don't know just yet.
  17. Aside from our views on politics Dazey and I might have more in common than you think.
  18. I don't smoke, occasionally drink, eat a clean strict diet, and exercise every morning. I've got a 99.99% chance of surviving if I even get the virus. I go to work and back home. At work I wear a respirator all day as my PPE. I haven't gone out to dinner, haven't gone to any indoor gatherings, haven't had anyone over my house this whole time. And I'm ok with it all. Does it mean I'm selfish because I don't want to jump to get this vaccine? People want this vaccine so they can get back to their normal lives. They want it to protect themselves. Saying we should take it to protect others
  19. The weak will be getting the vaccine and will be protected. The selfish imo are the ones rushing to be first in line to get it. Why not think of others who might need it more than yourself?
  20. I'm 42, in great shape, and never smoked. I'll pass on taking the vaccine. Any chance I would have taken it went to zero after what happened in Australia.
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