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  1. hey Kris, how can i find your youtube channel?

    1. Zoot



      The show should be up in an hour or so. Depending on how long it takes to export.

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  2. I finally got my ticket for San Antonio....I am so f'n stoked!!!!! :headbang:

  3. Hi everyone!  I'm new here.  Sorry, I'm late!  I understand ya'll have been around for awhile.  In 1988 I went to a Guns n Roses concert, I was 20 years old!  I became an instant fan, the music blew me away!  I also met someone very special.  His name was Sean.  Fate brought us together thru our love of music.  We became engaged.  Unfortunately, Sean battled alcoholism & took his life.  I stopped listening to music for years after this.  It was just to painful.  Since the Not in this Lifetime tour, I started listening again.  It's still hard, because of all the great memories I have of going to Guns n Roses concerts with Sean & now without him.  

    1. Zoot


      I'm so sorry for your loss. I went through a phase myself where I couldn't listen to music that reminded me of somebody I lost so I completely understand how hard it can be. I'm glad you're listening again now!:hug: Welcome to the forum!

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