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  1. From Prince, Bowie, Axl and Freddie to this legend https://www.facebook.com/LordSatanachiaFans/ the page is an obvious p!sstake but I can't decide whether he's so bad he's good or if it just has to be looked at like a car crash. None more drunk
  2. Didn't Axl drive over the only copy of 'Legend of the Red Panda' because he was angry with Ashba for giving the title away ? (then kicked Ashba out of the band)
  3. https://www.nme.com/news/music/dominic-cummings-compared-to-axl-rose-after-late-press-conference-appearance-2675510
  4. people waited for years for CD and when the album came out some people didn't even buy it, just added my 2 cents on the way to 200 pages
  5. In This Moment - Mother I thought it was decent
  6. why can't it be a band not a solo album? same as Adler's Appetite sounds cringey...give it a band name, the music might be the same but imagine if VR was called Weiland and the GnR band
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