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  1. I don't get this band .... This was the worst versión of the tour! Axl sounds so rough
  2. I can't believe i'm not allowed to ask for links ... Who are defending You?? 😂 Clowns
  3. At this point now i think he just doesn't care enough.. if he really wanted to release something he would already do that. I mean you are Axl Rose, You have Slash n Duff back and all the money in the world. Even with the pandemic you had all the time in the world to do it. I don't know i love Axl more than any other musician but hate it more too.. look acdc , brian's back and within 5 months they got a new álbum coming .. i think there are No excuses anymore. And there's another thing no one is talking about.... When touring comes back , after all this time... What can we expect from Axl
  4. Hell no!!! The drummer was Matt Sorum! How can You Say is the same with Frank?!
  5. ACDC teasing new music right now. Everyone but GNR make new music 🤯😭
  6. I know the topic is WTJ but we should do all the intros! Axl was great always. One of My favourites OTGTM Ritz 88 we wanna dedicate this song to The people to tell You how to live, ppl to tell You how to dress, ppl to tell You how to talk, what You can Say what You can't, i personally don't need that shit in My life. Those ppl makes me think that somebody.. somebody out there.. is OUT TA GET ME Kickass!!!
  7. For me is just the singer of Guns N Roses. Yeah i know it's under the GNR name but that's not enough. Just 1 member , a whole different band and sound. I like some songs though but not GNR and i wouldn't mind if they don't play anything from it. Nice gesture of Slash and Duff learning them and from Axl doing Slither, but i don't mind that either. Seriously wouldn't You rather them playing deep cuts or old songs instead of the Chinese ones? Besides the greatest songs of the record TWAT and IRS don't get played
  8. Who fucking cares about Chinese's songs?! I really don't care how he plays them. I'd be totally fine if there wasn't any Chinese song on the setlist. I know is an Axl personal stand but it doesn't make any diference if they play ir or not. Instead i rather listen their old songs or new ones. Stop this shitty talk about Slash's take on Chinese
  9. We all know what's wrong with this band and everything but i least i want to enjoy what we got. I was born in 94 and spent almost all of My life with Axl hating Slash. I never thought a reunion would happen. Everything could be better? Of course! But not so long ago this was a dream. Hoy many times did you watch OUT TA GET ME?!? 5928374936 times 😂
  10. With your eyes closed if i tell You Out ta get me was from 87-90 You would believe me. Amazing!
  11. It's beautiful! Nothing beats the original. But Chris is definetly the last great rock singer! Without a doubt he's #1 since 00's . I love Guns and I love Chris so this is a win win situation People in this forum are such unhappy and boring. I love gnr but this forum always makes me hate people. You don't like nothing! What's wrong with your lifes? Get help
  12. Have You Heard Audioslave?? Even the blandest song rocks more than entire Chinese democracy
  13. Today on other episode of "How i want this band to be" Episode 84726648 METALLICA working on new álbum in quarantine https://loudwire.com/metallica-writing-music-quarantine-new-album/
  14. Exactly! At river i don't remember if he said something more than hello
  15. La Plata was so much better! Axl sang his ass off under the rain
  16. I still found surreal seeing Slash here... When he starts Chinese .. i mean that was unthinkeable not long ago. And yes i agree with the man DTJ rocks! I've been listening all week
  17. Black leather is great and I think Axl can nail that one
  18. Unpopular opinion: I hate Frank's sound so much!
  19. I always forget about that one! Off course i went to YouTube right away after reading this and boy! Axl is incredible on it! Things like that is what makes me love this man
  20. For me 3 songs are not enough for a band like this! They have the money to pay for anything or anyone to do a decent job.
  21. If Guns N Roses can't release something decent.... At this point i think You can't defend or justify this band anymore! I'm glad what we had since the reunion but it could be better
  22. Why is not fair?! They've been touring since 2016 , 4 years already! And it took a world pandemic to release something and just 13 minutes! But we are talking about a man who took 20 years yo release an álbum.....
  23. The easy comparation is Metallica. I know there are things we don't like about them but on this subject they are exactly what at least i want from a band.
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