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  1. I think I have a good perspective as I saw NILT 6 times, including night one in Vegas and the amazing Apollo show in NYC. Here is my takeaway from the show. I’m not going to even mention the setlist because I already know that is a hot topic. And yes, I now don’t care or at least just am not hoping for new music. Whenever it happens it happens, but I am now over it too. The tour merch did not have the NITL badge. It said Tour 2020. Snoop Dogg was the most exciting opener I have seen, even more then then Lenny Kravits at Met Life Stadium. I am not a musician, but the
  2. I am almost at your point. I am going to the show in 12 hours, I have really good seats. If they play the same NITL set list I have seen 5 times already, I will still enjoy the show, but than I officially will graduate to your point of view. I won't get mad anymore, I just won't give a shit anymore either. Weirdly I enjoy seeing them so much live, that similar set lists don't bother me much. would I love a new song, or another deep cut put in ? Sure, but I also realize 97% of the audience is seeing them for the first time this tour and the band wants to give them the best possible show. T
  3. I thought this would be an interesting thread since all I read is how negative everyone feels about the lack of new music. Let just say the AFD 5 never broke up. Lets say they released 5, 6 or 7 more albums worth of content. What if they always did interviews ? What if Axl never started a riot and was as nice and punctual as a Dave Grohl? What do you think their status as a band is now ? If you really start to think about it, they might have fallen into a slightly above average Hard Rock band that has about 4 albums too much. I doubt they would have the legendary status t
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