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  1. I do not find this funny, no! Check oot Brass Eye if ya want a good laugh pal. Outrageous!
  2. Haven't purchased a CD in years so no to the original question! Will stream and listen though. At least once. Part of me hopes the live tracks are from the Live Era album... with 99 vocals so Pele gets some reprieve!
  3. I will be honest with you Pele... if GNR never release another album, it will have the following impact on my life: sweet fuck all! If course I'd listen to it if they did. But reading interviews with band members talking about something that may or may not happen (and I am likely more in the latter camp given previous release history) is not something I am likely to extract much humour from. May I suggest Monty Python for that!
  4. This is an odd thing to find 'peace' with. Though if you were truly 'at peace' the discussion point would not even enter your psyche. By virtue of your post frequency and content consistency, one can reasonably deduce you are not in any way accepting of the outcome otherwise you would have let go and stopped caring. How anybody can extract any enjoyment from watching people, whom you don't know, 'squirm' on an internet forum is beyond my reasoning. Time to get a new hobby I'd say! Some hobby suggestions: Extreme ironing Horizontal horticulture. Knavel fluff collecting. Drunk dressage. Cricket.
  5. Just had a listen there. Slash's guitar work really stands out (which is a stupid statement given it his solo material). Chorus is catchy. Middle section is great. Would likely make a decent GNR track to be honest. But as we know...
  6. Whooooa, I'm not offended! Incorrect conclusion there. Merely enquiring as to why the hell anybody would care about this stuff and whether I was missing something. In all honesty I couldn't think of a single GNR related topic that would generate enough interest to form a coherent convo and/ot debate! There is just so little to talk about. Though I'll throw in this... the acoustic guitar version of November Rain randomly came on my stream today, and whilst I've heard it before, I hadn't actually appreciated it. I can't stand the official version with all fake orchestra bullshit and cheesy bollocks. But to my utter bloody surprise today... I actually really enjoyed it! So that was something new.
  7. The version on Chinese Democracy is virtually unlistenable compared to the leak. I remember hellishly disappointed when I heard the final version. Everything about it boiled my piss. Specifically the sound of the drums.
  8. Blooooooody hell folks, this is fanboy paralysis by analysis! Why would any of you even care about this shit?! Or am I completely missing something here?!
  9. Said it a few times, but I quite like HS though mid-section is just weird to me, and what the fuck is with all that 'hey hey heys'!? I mean c'mon! But other than that as a song, I think it's decent enough. I mean it ain't gonna be one of their greatest hits but it's okay. And that's possibly the problem... it's just okay. It sounds like GNR, but almost like GNR by numbers. All the components are there... and yet it just lacks something. As discussed earlier in this thread as well, the mix and master is borderline criminal!!
  10. I don't think that's the problem. I think most people find it a weird way of producing music by having 20 year old drum and vocal tracks being overdubbed with new track from musicians who never had anything to do with the original recordings. It doesn't sound natural to my ears and then there is the whole mixing dilema! Personally, I have hee haw issue with the band re-recording old CD-era tracks if that's the best they've got (and all evidence suggests that is the case), but I would personally prefer if they just re-recorded afresh.
  11. Slow down there, horsey! 😀😃😄😁 Never suggested you should care about what other people think. If you want to dissect what I mean though... GNR have, in part, 'lost' many fans due to their lack of releases, emphasised by the fact that my pals (who would go to a concert if nearby and are generally fans of the 87-93 era) had no idea these songs have even been released as there was little fanfare with it. Fact is, it Metallica or another of their peers release something, the world knows about it and there is airplay. Less so for GNR.
  12. By which point, nobody will give a shit! And given the distinct lack of press coverage GNR gets today... that is likely generally the case now too. Having played Hard Skool and Absurd to a few fellow rockers over the past few weeks, the reaction at best has been... meh! Absurd is actually dreadful so I get that. But Hard Skool I didn't mind. Was disappointed to hear one pal review it as... "GNR by numbers; all the elements are there... it's just missing something!"
  13. Oh come on, please. As you well know, it is much more productive and organic to record an album digitally, over multiple decades, in multiple different studios, with multiple different players all contributing multiple different parts, utilising multiple different vocal takes from the glorious year of 1999. That is how music should be made.
  14. Wait a minute, are you seriously suggesting the 1988-93 period was the classic era of this band? You are aware of the legendary 2001/02 shows upon which it is widely understood that Axl Rose was at the peak of artistic powers, having shyed from the world for 7 years, having recorded a career's worth of vocals in 1999, and having replaced every band member bar The Diz! You are aware, right!!!?!
  15. Well until this album shows up... anybody got any more good ISRC stories to share?! Still overwhelmed at my post first on page 500! That's 500 pages of utter pure speculative nonsense on something has never happened!
  16. The mixing and mastering on both Absurd and (mainly) Hard Skool is fucking terrible! Yet again just sounds like a Pro-Tools experiment. Fine for demos but for actual releases I would expect a more organic style recording.
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