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  1. Like everybody else, I'm only here for the legendary 2002 VMA rehearsal tape! I know how I like my bread buttered!!!!! 🤪 That was the real GNR. I genuinely would not be surprised anymore if some folk around here believed that though!!!
  2. But you actually know what was. It was a fucking car crash!
  3. Why!? It's a rehearsal tape from a shocking performance which was rightly ridiculed throughout the media and the fanbase! I think the only rehearsal I've watched was the Led Zep O2 gig. It was good. But so was the main gig!
  4. Aye, just getting started so they are! GNR's best years are ahead of them for sure!
  5. Agree on second point completely. Thought State of Grace was a decent track.
  6. You really think that VMA rehearsal tape is going to be that good?!
  7. Silkworms has rightly never been released! Pure nonsense. I actually love Oh My God as a track. Likely one of my fave GNR songs. But sounds fuck all like Appetite. Street Of Dreams could've been on the Illusions.
  8. Ditto. Folks creaming their pants about a rehearsal tape from a disastrous performance... WTF?! Problem is... GNR ain't all that technical a band. The material is awesome but it's hardly Dream Theatre or Tool.
  9. I thought it was a universally accepted truth around these parts that if GNR released a double, triple, quadruple, or quintuple album now it would be a proper box office smash, bucking the trend, selling millions, providing a plethora of hits, and rejuvenating concert set lists for many a year to come?!
  10. Well as it happens, I know a few people who were big toy truck and laundry bag fans when the GNR musical juggernaut walked into their lives!
  11. Give over. Axl released an album in 2008. Some fans are never happy! 🙃😉😊😁😅🤣
  12. Aye, same. Fuck that nowadays. Beginning of the reunion though was different. Conversely I likely would still travel a decent distance to see AC/DC one last time. Would 100% travel for Tool and will do when they get back out there.
  13. They've been back together for 5 years, had multiple tour legs, and released hee haw! I get your point, however I hold little hope.
  14. The 2002 look was utterly awful aye. 2006 was better for sure.
  15. You kinda have a point here like! The cornrows really were awful looking on him. And really uncool!
  16. Cornrows on white folk are generally a bad idea. But on a ginger... terrible idea. Fashion wise though, aye you're likely right. It was downhill fast after that. The porn star look was pretty bad. Then came yellow rain jackets, fedoras, excess bling, bad haircuts, skinny jeans, pixie boots, and the return of the checked shirt.
  17. Axl, pal... what the actual fuck was going through your head when you thought Scraped was a good idea!?
  18. Hopefully they can find a way to play KOHD for another 5 minutes. Possibly bring back Ricky Fortus's James Bond theme solo too.
  19. What's with your wardrobe? Who told you the fedora hat with headband was a good look? Silkworms... why? Cornrows... more why? What was the most difficult aspect of playing with AC/DC? What's with the single fingerless glove? I thought you hated Michael Jackson?
  20. I think Chinese Democracy is likely the best of the GNR solo albums. Though the Slash one is pretty good too. Ain't Life Grand has its moments as well.
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