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  1. This I love, it was inscribed on the inner band of my ex ‘s wedding band, it was to be played at our big wedding for first dance. Things fell apart and cancer took her pops. I listen when I’m drunk AF and think of what that time in my life meant. No worries tho I’m married to a wonderful woman who loves my bi polar crazy self , 5 years on now
  2. I have mixed feelings on locking the forum. A forum I went to for years, ( a third eye blind forum) like almost 15 years closed and I was crushed. Then again if the band is secretive or provide nothing what can we talk about? Other stuff right? Lol but is that the spirit of the forum? We are talking about other stuff because maybe we are forced to in a sense and we hang around hoping for activity. And then we just start to lash out sincerely Gary Busy a joke from a post I left a bit back lol
  3. You guys realize we are going on about who Is the best at butchering a song. We know we know no one is good as Izzy I slur like no other stradlin. It’s like if you have a phenomenal first lay with a mega hot porn star and the whole candy store is open boys. Then when you get to the second one it’s still good but man the technique of the first chick! You chaps follow?
  4. I’m going with a no, GnR have been a joke since not in this lifetime became the always and forever tour lol, seriously though I think an album will come out but in about 5-6 years when one of them dies. Honestly I’d rather see the 2000 lineup again at this point
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