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  1. Totally feel ya on that one, Uzi! im in the process of making my garage my music room by insulating the garage door, putting in heat and air and getting my lithos you to surround my vintage audio set up. you gotta take whatever real estate you can get when ya get to a certain point in life!
  2. Can’t wait to see the pics of your faves hanging up, Uzi. Rocco, that’s crazy the similarity! having visited Mexico City and those pyramids (no way I can spell it), I’d love to get one of these
  3. Guarantee the NFL wouldn’t allow that one with the play on their logo
  4. I’ve got a buddy there (he’s in heaven, loves GnR AND Loves Snoop Dogg). He snagged me one. They were only allowing one per person. any idea on the artist? While it’s a “Pretty” litho, not necessarily unique. Was hoping for a more close tie to the Super Bowl...then again, I know the Super Bowl is so protective of their brand that I imagine they weren’t allowed to
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