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  1. Meeting someone once is very different from having a close relationship though. Maybe they were just acquaintances rather than good friends?
  2. Yeah, I checked the band's Instagram and they confirmed it's Niko. Apparently he also recorded and mixed the song as well. Not bad for a 17/18 year old kid.
  3. Pretty sure it's London's friend Niko Tsangaris who's the lead guitarist. He's very talented.
  4. It's in honour of his friend Robert Evans I love this. It's beautiful. I'm happy Slash continues to do what he loves most.
  5. Maybe he wasn't expecting so much attention or scrutiny from mentioning the new album. It is the last thing many GnR fans wanted to hear. For me personally I'm always happy to know new SMKC is on the way.
  6. It's a good thing Guns isn't a relevant band anymore because Axl would be eaten alive in Twitter stan wars. Those kids are brutal. What I've seen said about him on here is tame in comparison. There's absolutely nothing wrong with expecting better/more from your favorite artists when it comes to performing or recording good music.
  7. Yeah, it's been that way for a while. But I think he dyes it on the road because it's only seen when he's been at home for a long period
  8. Hit the nail on the head about losing the coolness factor. A lot of my people like myself were completely turned off. I didn't pay attention to anything GnR after that until I heard Slash was returning to the band.
  9. It's a movie from 1970. I have no idea why he's recording this though
  10. Keeping it all positive today. This is the best selects video they've released so far. Slash killed it as usual. I finally heard Melissa in the background. Axl sounded great.
  11. I would at least wait until the beginning of the new year and see how things look. Is new music really coming?, etc before buying ticket
  12. This was not good. At least it's about a good topic and supports a great cause.
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